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Some useful tips for first-time cannabis users

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Some useful tips for first-time cannabis users

As with any discovery, consuming cannabis for the first time could give you new and surprising sensations that you have to learn to tame. It may seem surprising, but it is a reality, it is necessary to apply some basic rules of safety when a person wants to experiment with cannabis. In this article, we give you the best advice to make your first steps in the cannabis world pleasant and not the opposite.

Any new experience creates a share of doubts, anxiety in front of the unknown, all this is completely natural, normal and especially human. This is why we feel it is important to give you some advice that will put you in the best conditions during your First use of cannabis, whether recreational or therapeutic.

It is important to ask yourself a certain number of pertinent questions, in order to make sure that you are in the best dispositions to spend pleasant moments. Otherwise, you run the risk of having moments that will leave you with bad memories, often wrongly, because of some Key factors not properly  considered.

1) Is this the ideal moment of your life to discover cannabis?

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It is fundamental to feel good about yourself in order to achieve this kind of experience, Especially for recreational use. For therapeutic use, it is different and more difficult, because you will naturally be concerned about your altered health.

So let's go back to a possible playful cannabis experiment. If you feel that You are in a difficult period of your life, or You are concerned about problems of different nature, it is then preferable to put this again until later. It’s the same if you feeling very tired or are not eating well at the moment. It is important to have a good general balance so that the sensations are positive. Cannabis plays the role of emotional amplifier in any normally constituted person, no more no less. If you have important things to do during the day, in public, institutional, professional environments or with serious connotation, it is rather advisable to avoid any cannabis taking. Your state of cannabis intoxication, let's call a spade a spade, by having red eyes and a modified and slowed down perception of reality, will not help you in your different steps, on the contrary.

You will only reinforce the stigmatization and the negative opinion of the most resistant to the cannabis plant. It would be like drinking alcohol before performing the same actions, you would give a negative perception to the people you would meet, and rightly so.  As they say in life, everything has to be done at the right time.

2) Am I in the best place for my first appointment with cannabis?

A situation in which it is strongly discouraged  to use cannabis is when you find yourself in an unfamiliar, anxiety -provoking environment, such as a  not-so-pleasant place where you don't feel fully at ease, with strangers. If this is the case, it is better to differ your experience.

This is a situation that usually occurs in adolescents or young subjects, who do not take into account what seem to be details but are not. The psychoactivity generated by THC is, remember, a new sensation for these neo-consumers, who might be unpleasantly surprised by the effects felt within a badly suitable environment.

This is called the " Set and Settings »In English, or the importance of the state of mind and the environment surrounding For this kind of experience. This is an underlying aspect of which the youngest and the most inexperienced are not aware most.

3) the possibility of not feeling any effect

The level of intensity of the effects produced by cannabis depends directly on your Biochemical composition. We are not all equal when it comes to this, and rigorous and profound scientific studies have yet to be carried out in this respect.

That's why the effects felt can vary greatly from one person to another, and it is even possible that a person does not feel any sensation when he/she consumes cannabis for the first time. This may sound strange, but it's not. Many more people than we think encounter this situation frequently. But beware, in most cases the effects are felt on subsequent intakes.

4) Avoid taking several drugs at a time

We highly recommendAvoid mixing different drugs together under any circumstances, as this could be a real harmful cocktail for your body. On your first experience, it could be such a bad experience that you would not want to do it again, to the point of (wrongly) disgusting yourself with cannabis. However, this is what happens to many people, blaming cannabis directly, when it is rather their own ignorance and misuse that are mainly responsible for this bad reaction.

Also, mixing alcohol and cannabis should be avoided at all costs. A very common bad experience is to drink a lot of alcohol and then use cannabis. The result will be fatal in most cases, i.e. you will feel nauseous, vomit and want to go to bed quickly. And this doesn't just happen to beginners, as regular cannabis users also suffer from this. If you have the same experience with "hard" drugs or medications it will be even worse. Don't do it at all.

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5) Variable distortion of reality

Alcohol and cannabis consumption, leads to modification of the perception of reality. This is a fact not to be neglected, because all your usual sensations will seem strange to you and this is normal. Your 5 senses will demonstrate a very different feeling, whether it is visual, auditory, taste, olfactory or touch. The perception of Spatio-temporal benchmarks is also modified, this is an aspect to be taken into consideration.
During a first cannabis taking, we could have the impression of rediscover a place that we already know well, and the notion of time Who passes might seem much longer than usual. All this is obviously to be put into perspective, because it depends on the tolerance of each consumer, on his condition At that time, quality as well as amount Absorbed cannabis.

Other temporary phenomena that also occur in a good number of subjects, are theRed eyes appearance, but also the short -term memory loss. The exaltation of our senses by cannabis is expressed by the discovery of new and very pleasant sensations when we listen to music, watch a good movie, taste a delicious dish or make love with our partner, for example.
The cannabis plant offers the possibility of positively increase all these sensations in human beings. However, in order to remain completely objective, it is also necessary to specify that if all the indicators of the period are not favorable, then the resulting experience will logically be negative. For all these reasons, it is important to listen to your body and your mind before carrying out this type of experience, no matter what the psychotropic drug is.

6) The felt effects do not meet your expectations

You may see your friends react positively to cannabis, but this does not mean that you will feel the same effect. As mentioned earlier, each user has a different biochemistry that reacts differently.

This is to be taken into consideration, regardless of your general condition of the moment. It may be your naturalness. It is quite possible that the effects of cannabis are not beneficial for you by producing a certain Physical lethargy, but nothing more cerebral.
Other people may meet a Anxiety -free, paranoid state or even dementia For the most acute forms. In this case, it is best to stop using cannabis or any other psychotropic drug immediately. The origin of the problem may be due to a temporary condition or may reveal a deeper malaise in the person concerned.

In some cases, this is a situation alerting to the need to consult a healthcare professional specializing in the matter. This could be a concrete underlying symptom of a Psychological/psychiatric disorder Obvious, not yet detected from this person. This is a context that must be faced by being particularly reactive, at the risk of observing this in a lasting way in the user.
Another useful tip for everyone wishing to try cannabis for the first time is to practice  microdosing in order not to be surprised by the intensity of the effects. Using this method, you can always increase the amount of cannabis consumed gradually.

7) Enjoying by starting slowly

No matter what method of administration you have chosen to take your first steps in the world of cannabis, the key is to do everything possible to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

If you wish ingest A cannabis pastry for example, start by eating a small piece and Wait at least 45 minutes to 1 hour, in order to let the effects appear progressively and eventually consider a new intake. The most common mistake is to take one dose too close to the first one, and then to have a strong effect by accumulation.

When making a " spacecake Or cannabis cake,  you should also be careful not to overdose it, as the intensity of the effect could be high even with a small amount taken. It is the concentration of active ingredients that would be a problem in this case. Ingested cannabis always has a longer assimilation time than smoked cannabis.

"Sugar is a great help to regain one's mind and strength"

Joint and Space Cake

When we inhale cannabis, the arrival of the effects is more rapidly, just wait Between 5 and 15 min on average. We give here exactly the same advice as for the ingestion, go slowly by smoking and by leaving the necessary time between each catch so that the effects are felt. An excellent way to start gently, can be to use a  spray.
At the same time, it is important to have a sweetened drink and a few cookies of your choice on hand, in case you feel a dip or don't feel well. Sugar is a great help to regain your spirits and strength in these moments.
We advise you to avoid at all costs, to consume cannabis with an empty stomach. It is a state that can promote the fall in blood pressure, which is caused by hypoglycemia and or hypotension orthostatic Where postural. These phenomena can cause a feeling of heavy fatigue, even going as far as the person concerned.

8) Learn to listen to yourself to find out what is good for yourself

A concept that is not the best but is human in itself is to want to "do what your friends do". When we are young, we are often vulnerable, ignorant, open to the discovery of new experiences and our ego, still poorly constructed, pushes the vast majority of us to actions that are not ultimately those that will bring us happiness ,Well-being or the sensations that correspond to us the most. In most cases, we follow the movement ...
It is therefore for these same reasons thatIt is fundamental for everyone to know how to observe and analyze the different cannabic experiences lived, in order to define for yourself what things bring you the greatest pleasure. This will allow you to get to know you better and to know what is good for you. It is important, for example, to determine if you are a big fan of Sativa or Indica, or both depending on the moment.

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You may also have a preference for vaping over smoking or ingesting cannabis. Everyone is also free to enjoy cannabis at the time that suits them best. Depending on the profile, it is quite possible that someone may enjoy consuming cannabis in the morning, because his character, his own faculties or his schedule allow it (creative artist for example).
On the other hand, another person may have a responsible job, requiring extreme concentration during the day, and will appreciate the mass effect ofA good indica In the evening to relax. Each person is different And therefore has needs that are of the same order.