André Schneider : un Chef spécialisé dans la cuisine au cannabis, nous présente son délicieux « healthy smoothie B-45 »

André Schneider: a chef specializing in cannabis cuisine, presents his delicious "Healthy Smoothie B-45" to us

23/10/23Lu en 6mn

In recent news, it is increasingly common to see chefs of a new kind, knowing how to perfectly associate gourmet cuisine with the benefits of the diversity of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are contained in the cannabis plant. Have you ever heard by André Schneider ? The most Germanic of you may already know him, because he has recently been illustrated through a multitude of articles or RCulinary cannabis cutters, published in the famous specialized German newspaper Hanf Magazin.

Discover by our side, the atypical course of such a sympathetic cannabic chief, as accessible and talented in addition!

The atypical course of chef André Schneider in cannabic cuisine

 André is an unconditional globetrotter, which has expanded its culinary experience thanks to many fruitful encounters as well as the cultural wealth accumulated during many trips around the world, especially in the Caribbean, in different parts of Asia and also in Africa, between others. After several years spent experimenting with life in general, he finalized his professional training at the dawn of his 30th anniversary.

But we must not be mistaken, this slightly late takeoff marked the start of an exceptional career, which allowed him to acquire an extraordinary experience in cannabis cuisine, but also in modern gourmet cuisine.

His first job first parachuted it in Spain, and more precisely on the island of Mallorca, where he had the opportunity to be able to cook to cook to cook The legendary artist and musical producer Dieter Bohlen. Subsequently, the taste for travel and exoticism led him to the Caribbean, more concretely on the island of Dominique. It was from that moment that he started his deep immersion in the local culture by approaching the Rastafari community.

It is also from that moment that his approach to cannabis has become partly more spiritual. It is even stronger than that, it was a real click that allowed him to define his future vision of culinary art with cannabis and which is based on the centers of interest that make his person: cannabis, cuisine , travel, humanity, benevolence, aromatic and medicinal plants.

Following a fairly long period spent in the Caribbean, André returned to Germany but his desire to travel being too strong, he quickly jumped on a plane for Asia. He first settled in Hanoi at Vietnam for 3 years, he then visited countries bordering this region of the world, such as Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. It was during this period that André began to introduce cannabis cooking with craze to his friends and many expatriates.

During 2016, he returned to his native Germany, after numerous enriching experiences "on the field", before returning to Viet Nam in 2017, where he will meet his wife and will finally start his family. It is from 2018 that André experienced a significant development in his professional career, when a well -known German cannabic media, Hanf Magazin, offers to write articles, and more precisely recipes and menus in order to to democratize cannabis cooking to the public.

 In 2019, a new audiovisual project led him north of Vietnam, because he decided to make a documentary on Sativa L. cannabis on the Sino-Vietnamese border, stressing the importance of the latter for local populations. One of André's most beautiful getaway, is certainly his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019, where he worked as a cannabis consultant for several months.

 In 2021, André wrote a sumptuous kitchen book entitled "Highcuisine by Andre Schneider", which is a great masterpiece for all cannabis cooking enthusiasts. This book allows everyone to develop delicious cannabis recipes made by the chef in person. Following this period, André works in freelance, by organizing private dinners, giving specialized cooking lessons, writing cannabic cooking recipes or even participating in the development of meals during events like there Mary Jane Expo in Berlin. Recently, he also participated in different professional fairs in the four corners of the globe, more precisely in Mexico, Italy, Spain and Berlin.

Nowadays, André Schneider represents the dynamic avant-garde trend in the field of cannabis cooking, by symbiotically combining traditional gastronomic cuisine, with all the complex potential of the many active and synergetic principles that come from the plant Cannabis (cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids). His fine and delicate cuisine, directly testifies to his deep culinary experience acquired over his travels, punctuated by his numerous aromatic discoveries and by the great humanity of this extraordinary chief.

Smoothie B-45 energizing to start fall on the right foot

 At the start of this fall, it is fundamental to eat in order to effectively strengthen our immune system and ultimately be better preparing to face the winter period that submits our body to the test. To do this, André suggested a fabulous recipe for energizing smoothie, developed from the now famous B-45. Smoothie B-45 is a real "energy shoot" for your organism, rich in fruit, vitamins, minerals and active ingredients of B-45. Thanks to the latter, start the fall on the right foot and fill up with vitality! 

Smoothie B-45 preparation for 4 people:

  • 1 to 2 fresh spinach handles
  • Fresh pineapple in pieces
  • 1 ripe half-fatty
  • 1 apple (any variety)
  • 1 ripe half banana
  • 4 tablespoons (50g) grilled hemp seeds
  • 150ml of coconut water (or non -dairy milk of your choice)


For cannabis MCT oil B-45:

4 ml of cannabis MCT oil B-45 (ratio 10: 1 ml/g)

Preparation tips :

  1. Preparation of TCM oil from cannabis B-45:

In a slow infusion process, infuse MCT coconut oil with B-45 cannabis flowers. This process guarantees correct infusion and activation of cannabinoids. MCT oil is used as support oil due to its easy digestibility.

  1. Smoothie assembly B-45:

Place the following ingredients in a blender: spinach, pineapple pieces, ripe mango, apple, ripe bananas and grilled hemp seeds.
Pour 150 ml of coconut water (or the non -dairy milk of your choice).
Add 4 ml (120 mg of THC) with prepared B-45 cannabis oil.

  1. Perfect mix:

Mix all the ingredients until you obtain a smooth and creamy consistency.
If you want a colder and thicker smoothie, add 200 ml of crushed ice and mix briefly again.

  1. Taste, savor and experience:

Your smoothie B-45 is now ready to taste. Pour it into glasses and savor its invigorating benefits and flavors.

Do not hesitate to enhance or personalize this recipe by adding other ingredients according to your tastes and nutritional preferences.

This smoothie B-45 is not only a treat for your taste buds, it is also a concentrate of nutrition. The spinach provides folic acid and fibers, vitamin C pineapple and digestive enzymes, while bananas bring softness, smoothness and a beautiful, final fruity roundness. The apples bring additional nutrients and roasted hemp seeds offer a refined hazelnut taste. Cannabis B-45 MCT oil adds a unique touch with its stimulating effects and distinctive terpenic profile.

In addition, the mango contained in the smoothie is known to intensify and prolong the effects of cannabis, which makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy its benefits.

While fall is already there, start your day with this B-45 energizing smoothie, and you will finally be ready to effectively face the winter period, with a sustained momentum to cope with the many challenges of the day. Easy to prepare and delicious to taste, take full advantage of the many benefits of the B-45 energizing smoothie, for a back to school full of vitality!