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What are feminized seeds?

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What are feminized seeds? Feminized seeds are genetically modified cannabis seeds to produce only female plants. Cannabis buds are rich in cannabinoids such as CBD and THC develop only in female plants. As such, they are the ideal choice for cannabis growers who want to guarantee productive yields from each seed they sew.

Feminized seeds generally produce photoperiod plants. They flourish according to the light cycle. Outdoor cannabis plants flourish towards the end of summer, while indoor plants are kept in a vegetative state until the cultivator induces flowering by reducing lighting hours. Feminized seeds do not require any additional culture technique because they grow under the same conditions as ordinary cannabis plants.

Who should buy feminized seeds?

Nowadays, most high -quality feminized seeds on the market produce plants rich in CBD and THC. As THC is the main psychotropic component of marijuana, all types of cannabis users will appreciate the powerful effect. Recreational users will appreciate the euphoric, relaxing, lapidentor exhilarating brought by feminized varieties. People who use marijuana for holistic purposes can also choose feminized varieties for their pronounced effects. They could see that the THC Remove all the symptoms they face or simply improve their mood and help them relax in intense situations. So what are feminized seeds?

Cannabis feminized seeds

Why cultivate cannabis from feminized seeds?

So what are feminized seeds and why could cultivators choose them?

There are many advantages for a farmer who wants to start his garden with feminized seeds. The use of feminized seeds to cultivate cannabis plants guarantees that there are only female plants, which eliminates unnecessary work to maintain male plants to throw them later. In addition, producers do not have to monitor plants at the pre-flour stadium to find out if they are female or male. The cultivation of only female cannabis plants saves time, resources and space.

Obtain feminized seeds from a deemed seed bank guarantees that plants are completely free from hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodite plants contain male and female flowers. Male flowers pollinate Female flowers producing seeds with seeds and, therefore, lower yields. Silent Seeds is the best seed bank in Switzerland.

Since most of the cannabis regulations limit the number of cannabis plants, cultivators who cultivate a small area of ​​culture draw the best party. The feminized seeds guarantee that each plant will be female and will produce cannabis giving higher yields. With an increasingly productive space, producers harvest More flowers for their purchase. The feminized seeds also produce plants with a maximum power, flavor and aroma.

What are feminized seeds: production methods

Cannabis feminized seeds

There are some reliable techniques to handle the cannabis plant to produce only female seeds. They include:

Stress or rode

The selectors insist that cannabis female plants develop seed flowers by nutrition, photoperiod, pH and temperature. Some people delay harvest (from 2 to 3 weeks) to force plants to develop pollinating flowers. Rodelization benefits that a female plant will try to self-pollinate When she is not fertilized and approaches the end of her life cycle. In case of success, the female plant will grow some seeds because this technique produces less pollen. These autogamous seeds will contain the two sets of genes of the same female plant; Thus, both parents will be females and all the resulting seeds will be females.

The main advantage of this method is that it is completely natural and requires no chemical additives. However, this method can lead to genetic weakness which could be transmitted to the seeds. It can also produce hermaphrodite plants.

Colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate

Although the above method works to some extent, most cultivators prefer silver thiosulfate solutions or a solution of colloidal money. This technique makes it possible to control the gender of a plant without any genetic modification or DIY. The two substances work mainly in the same way.

The selectors can apply a solution of colloidal silver thiosulfate or silver mixed with distilled water on the female cannabis plants until they start to produce pollen. Silver inhibits female flowering hormones in cannabis plants, which means that the male flowering hormone dominates. The plant will produce pollen as it matures. When this happens, the breeders collect pollen and apply it on the flower females. Because both parents are females, all the resulting seeds are also females. Most breeders prefer this technique because it is an incredibly reliable and easy way to maintain the stability of future offspring.

What are feminized seeds?

Cannabis feminized seeds

The response to "What are feminized seeds?" Is simple. Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds developed specifically to produce only female floral cannabis plants.

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