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Everything you need to know about feminized cannabis seeds

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Cannabis is a plant that has existed for centuries and is used both for recreational and medicinal purposes. Nowadays, the cultivation of feminized cannabis seeds becomes more and more popular as people are interested in the effects of this plant.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about feminized cannabis seeds. We will talk about what feminized seeds are, how they work, the advantages of using them and how to cultivate them. So read the rest to find out more!

What are the feminized cannabis seeds?

feminized cannabis seeds

The feminized seeds designate cannabis plants that have been developed to produce only female strains. These cannabis plants have been modified to create only female plants with buds.

The flowers of the female cannabis plant are appreciated for their terpenes and cannabinoids, which are produced in the flowers. THE THC is responsible for the "high" or psychoactive effect that users feel. However, others cannabinoids Excreted by female plants are also considered useful in the treatment of several diseases.

Male plants, on the other hand, produce pods that can pollinate female plants and cause significant losses in terms of yield. Therefore, those who cultivated seeds in a traditional way, had to identify as soon as possible what type of plant developed, in order to get rid of males.

The invention of feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990s revolutionized the sector. Feminized cannabis seeds are designed to generate only female plants with almost perfect reliability. This evolution made the cultivation of cannabis much easier and less expensive by removing uncertainty.

Difference between self -foliab and feminized seeds

Before moving to the main differences between these two types of cannabis seeds, let us recall the definition Autofloration seeds.

What is an autoflowering plant?

Cannabis seeds with flowering so -called “auto” are a popular choice for beginner cultivators because they flourish on their own, are easier to cultivate, smaller, and faster to harvest than feminized seeds.

They are not dependent on a rigorous cycle of light. In other words, they do not depend on the photoperiod to flower. They are more resistant to temperature variations, parasites and mold. This makes it an excellent entry point for novices interested in the production of cannabis.

The feminized seeds vs self -foliage seeds

The feminized seeds vs self -foliage seeds

There are several differences between feminized seeds and those that are autofleurizing. These differences also depend on the type of culture, namely inside (indoor) or outside (outdoor).

Light cycles and harvest

For many cultivators, the duration of the growth cycle is crucial. Autoflooons are ideal for producing several harvests per year throughout the year. If you want several harvests per season, autoflooons may be your choice. The typical duration of a self -foliage, from seed to harvest, is 8 to 12 weeks.

Feminized cannabis seeds are generally ready to be harvested after 12 to 20 weeks from the seed, and they do not start to flower before receiving 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day, unlike the autoflooons, which usually flourish 2 to 4 weeks after planting.

If you cultivate feminized seeds outside, you will have to change your lighting program or wait for the fall to make sure the plant receives enough light to flourish. Autoflooons, on the other hand, are not affected by this; They therefore offer much more convenience and simplicity for those who want a rapid and simple approach to the culture of these seeds.

Thanks to feminized seeds, you can opt for a longer vegetative period. You will therefore have longer plants. 

Differences in size

The cannabis plants produced from feminized seeds are robust and can reach up to 4 meters high, while the autofloorae plants remain very small, reaching a maximum of 60 to 80 centimeters high.

If you cultivate inside, you have control over the light period that your feminized plants receive. The latter have a longer vegetative period. Ideally, they must be exposed at 18 hours of sun throughout the vegetative period. With this 18 -hour light cycle and 6 hours of sleep, your plants will only push. It is only when you change the timer of your culture lamps to switch to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, the floral phase begins.

The feminized plants thus allows you, thanks to this property, to select the best plants to become mothers and then make crops from cuttings according to their qualities (speed, strength, resistance, perfume).

How to cultivate cannabis flowers feminized

If you grow cannabis indoors, you will need to manually adjust the day/night cycles. Cultivators often do this when plants have reached sufficient size (about half of the desired height). To better explain, at the start of their flowering period, plants tend to extend at the start of their flowering phase. For this reason, they need adequate and suitable culture space to develop well.

To start the flowering of feminized cannabis indoors, cultivators must change their lights for a 12 -hour light program and 12 hours of darkness. Fall conditions will be stimulated in a longer night, which will bloom plants.

Outside, feminized cannabis should be planted in an ideal climate and the optimal period of the year. As the hours of sunshine vary throughout the year, according to the needs of your plants, you will have to develop a specific plan to make them bloom. To respond to this request, you will usually have to plant them in the spring (after frost) and harvest them in autumn.

feminized cannabis flower

How long does the cultivation of feminized cannabis take?

If you want to grow cannabis outdoors or inside, the duration of the culture will be determined by the type and variety of cannabis. Certain stumps, like Indica, flourish quickly and have short periods of flowering of only 6-7 weeks. Other types, such as haze, take twice as much time (12 weeks) to mature.

What is temperature and humidity?

In general, feminized cannabis develops in temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot (about 21 ° C). Any extreme temperature will stop growth and additional problems. Cultivate in an environment where you have total temperature control if you do not live in a favorable climate. If necessary, install a heating/cooling system.

The adequate humidity for cannabis plants is different depending on their development stage. Sowing and growing cannabis plants prefer a more humid atmosphere, a humidity rate of around 70%. When your cannabis plants are flowering, lowering humidity relative to 40-50% can help prevent mold.

PH level

When you water your cannabis cultivated in the ground, keep in mind that the pH level From your water/nutrient solution must be between 6 and 7. Even if nutrients are provided, your plants do not absorb them since the PH level is incorrect. A few drops of a solution raising or lowering the pH can be used to adjust the pH level of your water.

What are the best families of variety of feminized cannabis plants

There are thousands of feminized hybrids, but the majority of them come from a small number of families. Each of them has distinct characteristics which can give you indications on its origin and their effects. Here are our most popular:

Moby Dick: It is a variety of cannabis recognized for its abundant production ranging from 650 g/m2 if you grow inside and 1500 g/plant outside. The Moby Dick is a sativa dominance hybrid, with lemony, spicy aromas, and cedar notes. The Sativa psychoactive effect is quickly felt because it is very powerful and poignant. If you like to feel the sativa effects, opt for the iconic Moby Dick!

Critical+ 2.0: It is a feminized cannabis seed with Dominance Indica with a spectacular production potential. Critical+ 2.0 is a collection seed that will not disappoint you when you cultivate it, offering production that goes up to 700 g/m2 inside, and 1300 g/plant outdoors. In terms of aromas, you will feel taste, intense, deep and complex sensations, with a perfume mixing notes of pine, lemon, and spices. We strongly recommend that you try Critical+ 2.0!

Critical Jack: Here is another feminized collection seed that will still be talked about a lot. You surely suspect it, this seed is also not shy in productivity with 625 m/m2 indoors and at least 1200 g/plant outside. It is a sativa dominance hybrid characterized by large solid and heavy flowers. The Critical Jack will remind you of the complexity of the Haze line with an aromatic mixture of cedar, incense, pine and spices with fine notes of lemony taste. If you want to feel a poignant fusion of flavors in your mouth, opt for Critical Jack!

Original Amnesia: It is a seed of collection feminized with sativa dominance already well known in the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam in the early 2000s. With a level of production also very abundant and outdoors, this plant will be very generous to the one that takes great care. You will find fresh and delicate aromas of citrus, haze, cedar, incense and spices. If you are looking for powerful, euphoric and energizing effects, original Amnesia is there to serve you! 

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We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you will be very successful with your new garden!