Our mission: the production of 2.0 collection cannabis seeds

Such as the legend of the phoenix

Silent Seeds is a collection cannabis seed bank. Our brand was born in 2021, but established itself as a pioneer in the industry a long time ago already. Here we are back to make you discover the new chapter of our cannabic adventure.

As the fire bird, the trials of the past did not destroy us, but on the contrary allow us to come back to your steps stronger than ever.

20 YEARSExperience

The unique crosses we are creators have reached record rates as a percentage of cannabinoids. In addition, the stability of our genetics is the result of a knowledge cultivated by our teams of enthusiasts for more than 20 years.

We are also known for developing a multitude of cannabis varieties whose terpenic profiles still delight today many of you. Their flavors and their effects have been studied and worked with care to deliver new products that will make you travel. Get ready for takeoff!

The mission of Silent Seeds is to offer you an unforgettable journey in the 21st century cannabic world.

New chapter

Always pushed by the desire to surpass us and offer you collection seeds of premium quality, we have made the innovation of our genetic reserve a priority. And it is with great pleasure that we present our new range of exotic feminised collection seeds.

Our singularity is the result of the alliance of technical know-how and our experience in the field of cannabis. We have done the undeniable advantages of many industry players.

The mission of Silent Seeds is to offer you an unforgettable journey in the 21st century cannabic world. This plant, belonging to the family of Cannabaceae, still contains many secrets, despite its presence in our civilization for millennia. Moreover, the key research currently being carried out shows us how it can revolutionize our daily life.

We are looking forward to discovering our new catalog, as well as our latest creations. Thank you for taking the time to read these few lines, and you wish a pleasant moment in the fascinating world of collection cannabis seeds.