Comment choisir un pot pour cultiver du cannabis ?

How to choose a pot to grow cannabis?

03/08/22Lu en 6mn
  • The choice of pot to cultivate cannabis can seem to be an obvious aspect at first, but there are subtleties that you have to know how to perceive and which will have all their importance for the smooth running of things in the coming weeks.
  • It is important to choose the proper model, size and color of the pots you will use for the cultivation of cannabis.
  • Even if it is a subject that seems to have no secrets for most cultivators, we explain to you during this article, how to choose a pot to cultivate cannabis. 

Choosing the right pot to cultivate cannabis is a more complex subject than it seems, because there is a set of key criteria to which a certain consideration must be given in order to optimize all the potential of your harvest. A Self -Flowering Variety has structural particularities which are different from those of the photoperiodic varieties available in the form of feminized seeds, for example. They therefore have each of the different needs in this sense.

There are a multitude of variable criteria, depending on if you want to cultivate indoors, outdoors, the configuration of your culture space, the method used or even the desired purpose. It is true that the choice of your mixture of soil, or the soil and fertilizer is fundamental, but not only, because the pot will be used to develop the plant of our dreams for whole weeks. It is therefore preferable to integrate it into a habitat which will give it an optimal and comfortable potential.

There are so many different types of containers that it can be interesting to be guided. The capacity (in liters) contained is an important criterion, as is the number of holes for drainage, or the color of the latter can be an element to which a certain consideration must be given according to the intensity of the sun of certain regions of the world.

In the rest of the article below, we explain to you through several different cannabis cultivation simulations, what is the type and size of the pot that is best in order to ultimately obtain the best possible results in terms of quality and quantity. 

The best pots for a cannabis culture in a culture tent (1m2)

To well start a culture from cannabis seeds feminized in a space equivalent to 1m2, it is first of all necessary to achieve germination using an adapted method. Following the realization of this stage, that is to say after a period of between 2 and 10 days maximum, you will have to place your young sowing in individual pots with a capacity of 3 to 4 L during growth. We most often recommend a duration of 3 weeks for this vegetative period, for most Photoperiodic varieties.

Regarding the flowering stage, we recommend square pots of 7L or 11L, depending on whether you want to put a more or less important number in your culture space. The square shape of the pot, optimizes each CM2 indoors. The free space in this new type of pot will give your plants a good momentum, since they can enjoy a substrate whose capacity is twice as large.

This available margin, lets us envisage the best expectations both for the development of roots and that of the plant for the weeks of flowering to come. You can finally place either 8 to 10 plants in 7 -liter jars, or 5 to 6 plants in 11 -liter jars in your culture space of 1 m2 (equivalent to a culture cabinet of 100x100x200cm), according to your choice.

If you have larger ambitions, you can also opt for a 1.20m culture tent2 (120x120x200cm), it is a format that tends to become widespread with passionate cultivators, because it offers superior production capacity. You can put 10 to 12 plants in 7 -liter pots, or 7 to 8 plants in 11 -liter jars, within such a configuration.

It is also possible that you are limited by the dimensions of your space, which is why a 0.80 m culture cabinet2 (80x80x160 cm) could be suitable. You can fairly easily place a dozen cannabis plants inside, in 4 -liter jars.

However, it will be essential to know how to choose seeds of a variety whose size is limited during the flowering period. You can also choose an auto variety or a CBD plant, but it will be necessary to analyze the characteristics well to make sure. 

The best pot to cultivate an outdoor cannabis seed, or on a terrace 

We advise potential cultivators of outdoor cannabis varieties, whether in the open air of a garden or terrace, preferably carry their choice either on white pots rather than black, in order to limit The effects of the intensity of the sun on the substrate contained in the pot.

Depending on the geographic area where you are, the intensity of the sun varies, there are areas of the globe where the temperatures are very high (more than 40 C °), the use of black materials under such conditions, would increase heat more in the soil and would be a disaster for almost all types of cannabis varieties.

As far as possible and also your financial means, we recommend that you preferably use geotextile pots with a capacity of at least 20 to 30 liters to cultivate outdoors because they offer many advantages. This type of pot offers excellent oxygenation to your soil, which is important for the acceleration of the different metabolisms of the plant, as for the microbial life of the soil, for all those who cultivate using an organic method .

They also limit the concentration of excessive heat in the soil. At the same time, these are excellent conditions for the development and preservation of the root system of each plant. Such a capacity will allow you to obtain a good final return.

It is also possible that some cultivators wish to cultivate several plants at the same time, while wishing to maintain a certain confidentiality with their nearby environment. Three possibilities are available to the latter, the first being either to choose cannabis seeds feminized of a Dominance variety of Indica whose size is contained, or then make their choice on high -quality and productive self -foliage varieties as Moby Dick Auto, Critical+2.0 Auto, Critical Jack Auto or L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto.

We also advise you to set up mulching on the surface of your soil, in order to limit the evaporation of water and moderate the temperature in the soil and to adapt the thickness of this device to the heat present in the region where you cultivate. This will also protect microbial life present underground in the substrate.

You will logically be careful to bring a quantity of light, water containing fertilizers rich in complete nutrients, proportional to climatic conditions, while ensuring the air circulating around the plants on the site. To cultivate in a very confidential way, we recommend reducing the choice of the size of the pot, by opting for a model of only 4 liters maximum. It is possible that the roots suffer a little by finding itself slightly cramped after a while, but at least you will reach the goal you set for yourself. 

The perfect pots for a cultivation of self -foliage seeds in a 1 m culture wardrobe

To set up a cultivation of cannabis plants from self -foliage seeds on an area of ​​1 m2, we advise you to choose your choice preferably in white or geotextile plastic, having a capacity between 7 and 11 liters, which you will use throughout the cycle, without having to repot at any time. It will be the one and only container used during the entire cycle for each plant.

The different size of these pots represents the two best options that present themselves to you in this sense, in terms of the total quantity of plants that you can have in a culture tent of this dimension, as of the final yield that you can obtain thanks to each plant.

You can put between 8 and 9 plants within such a surface, while maintaining comfortable working conditions. We believe that this is the best compromise for cultivating interior self -foliage plants.

The best pots for the cultivation of the self -furring cannabis plant outdoors

Regarding the development of this type of plants on your terrace or your garden, or simply outdoors, we advise to wear your choice on pots of a fairly large size, varying between 15 and 30 liters, depending on the final dimension of desired plants.

If their holiday resort will be your balcony, then opt for a pot size close to 7 to 11 liters. It is a perfectly suitable format, in order to obtain a good production while effectively controlling the growth of each plant. You will just have to know how to bring the right amount of soil without complaining inside, because this type of plant needs a well -ventilated substrate, in order to have the soil to accelerate their growth or development, like the whole Metabolisms to ultimately avoid any problem.

Of course, it will be necessary to properly adjust the watering, bringing them both the amount of water, fertilizer as well as all the nutrients corresponding to the evolution of each stage of the plant.