L. A Vanilla Cake FREE

Structural development

L.A.VANILLA Cake is a cannabis plant whose great general qualities are clearly up to its evocative name. By cultivating L.A.Vanilla Cake collection cannabis seeds, you will get plants: - vigorous; - Robust; - slender; - Well proportionate. In short, they breathe the genetic line of a big pedigree! Its leaves have a particular appearance, with a rounded and angular side at a time. We observe an average distance between the nodes, which makes it possible to optimize the floral development on the whole structure. Lavanilla Cake is a hybrid of cannabis that has the particularity of producing a great density of resin trichomes to the beautiful purple color and delicious perfume of a creamy, gourmet and sweet pastry pie, on all small leaves bordering flowers.


L.A.VANILLA Cake is an exceptional cannabis cultivar for the most demanding collectors. However, the seed of Cannabis Lavanilla Cake will also make the greatest happiness of any legal commercial producer, thanks to the density and quantity of its flowers, which are compact as real stones and that we find in abundance on the Integrators of the parts of the plant (up to 600 g / m2 indoors and up to 1500 g / outdoor plant). L.A.VANILLA Cake is a premium production option, combining quality as an optimum performance!

Odors and flavors

L.A.VANILLA Cake is a variety of cannabis that can be enjoyed as a cannabic dessert. Its aromatic profile is deliciously vanilla, sweet, creamy, earthy, floral. At tasting, it is simply masterful. The collection cannabis seeds L.A.VANILLA Cake offer the possibility of obtaining a hybrid quite remarkable, belonging to a new era where the complexity and the high quality premium go hand in hand. Some phenotypes express a bouquet so complex, that we can identify an aromatic distortion going on lemon marting notes in vanilla, delicious and long in the mouth!



Digne heiress of the highest varieties available in American clinics, L.A.VANILLA Cake produces a very powerful effect. Most phenotypes demonstrate a THC content most often understood between 20 and 25%, the sensations are well at the rendezvous! The collection cannabis seed L.A.VANILLA Cake produces a fairly complex effect, which is first cerebral, then physical, all with high power and durable.

Culture tips

L.A.VANILLA Cake is a hybrid of cannabis producing plants that require a fairly rich fertilization of nutrients, to offer you the best results. During culture, Lavanilla Cake collection cannabis seeds will see their production capacity optimized using size methods such as SOG (Sea of ​​Green), Screen (Screen of Green), FIM (Fuck I Missed), SuperCropping or lollypopping. It will also be necessary to limit its growth period to 3 weeks maximum indoor.


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