Fleur de cannabis thc Starfire OG
Starfire OG
Fleur de cannabis thc Starfire OG

Structural development

Starfire OG is a cannabis strain with a vegetative structure in the purest OG style. Indeed, Starfire OG cannabis seeds produce plants that are: - slender and vigorous; - with a fairly large distance between the nodes; - with fairly large leaves, - with wide, long, deep green leaflets. Like most versions of OG Kush, it is best to support the plant's vegetative structure with stakes, in order to support the heavy weight of the flowers on the various branches. Light enters well to all parts of the Starfire OG cannabis plant, resulting in homogeneous flower development.


Starfire OG is a cannabis hybrid capable of delivering a very high level of production. To achieve this, the grower needs to apply a few simple recommendations.
With some special care, the Starfire OG collection cannabis seed will produce compact, golf-ball shaped flowers with swollen calyxes. This is a characteristic of the OG genetic line. This plant also shows a high density.
Starfire OG is a cannabis cultivar that will make the days of any avid collector, but also of any legal commercial producer, ensuring an abundant harvest (up to 650 g/m2 indoors and up to 1500 g/plant outdoors) and premium quality.

Aromas and flavours

When cultivated, Starfire OG collection cannabis seeds produce floral buds with a contrasting aroma profile, strongly marked by fresh notes of lemon, petrol and pinene.
Starfire OG is a tasty organoleptic experience, which will offer you beautiful cannabic emotions. Starfire OG is a cannabis variety whose scent and taste qualities fill your mouth with delight, and which has a long finish that sticks to the palate like a grand cru. Quite simply, a treat! ‘Stycky Flav’

Starfire OG


Starfire OG is a cannabis plant that exemplifies a very high potency level (between 24 and 28% THC), as with most OG Kush hybrids. Therefore, it is easy to understand that Starfire OG is a collectible cannabis seed for thrill-seekers who don't mind taking a few jolts when going into orbit. Starfire OG is a cannabis strain that demonstrates a complex sensation, as it is a combination of a very pleasurable elevating high in the first moments, which then evolves into a deep and recuperative physical relaxation.

Growing tips

Starfire OG is a cannabis cultivar that can offer stunning results to anyone who follows a few simple and useful tips. In order to fully exploit the potential and premium quality of Starfire OG cannabis seeds, it is first necessary to limit her growing period to 3 weeks maximum indoors. This way you can control the height of the plant. In addition, fertilisation should be moderate, as with most OG Kush versions, as this is a sensitive genetic line in this sense. The use of cultivation methods such as SOG (Sea of Green), SCROG (Screen Of Green), FIM (Fuck I Missed), Supercropping or Lollypopping, is essential for a high yield.

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