B-45 by Booba

Structural development

B-45 By BOOBA is a cannabis plant whose unique qualities will not go unnoticed. When growing collectable cannabis seeds B-45 By BOOBA, in a completely legal environment, it is possible to obtain fairly slender plants, of incomparable vigor, also with foolproof robustness. During the development process, all the structural qualities observed quickly proved to be the most convincing. Its lush, deep green leaves, quite wide and long, showing its intrinsic Indica imprint, also with a low to medium distance between its nodes. B-45 By BOOBA is a cannabis hybrid with expressions that are as precise and salient as the lyrics to which the famous "Duc de Boulogne" has accustomed us. An unprecedented energy emanates from this premium genetics. When one perceives the early and numerous appearance of resin trichomes, such as the signature of the verbal power and the level required by this outstanding artist of the current international rap scene. It scores at all levels, without compromise, 

wait for the rest…


B-45 By BOOBA is a rare and prodigious cannabis cultivar, intended not only for the many fans of this "caliber" of international rap to which it is partly dedicated, but also for all the most demanding collectors and fine connoisseurs around the world. In other words, no bluff between us, to get straight to the point, B-45 By BOOBA is a collectable cannabis seed whose structural habit, and as mentioned in the previous section, reflects an incredible production potential. Just look at the density and quantity of flowers it develops in abundance, which are large and compact and found on all parts of the plant (up to 600 g/m2 indoors and up to 1600 g/plant outdoors). The B-45 By BOOBA cannabis strain is undoubtedly a reliable and viable production option for any legal cannabis producer worthy of its name, regardless of where you are located on the globe. 

Smells and flavors

B-45 By BOOBA is a cannabis plant that will make you discover a sensory experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced so far. Its aromatic profile will immerse you in a universe of a new era, expressing and blending deliciously fruity, creamy, silky, rich, beautifully delicate, slightly earthy and floral nuances. The B-45 By BOOBA collectable cannabis seeds will make you feel all the finesse of the taste blend of caviar lemon and Valencia orange, accompanied by gourmet pastry notes, which seduced the sharp taste buds of the Artist in person, and which will delight the most expert palates among you. During the development of this project, BOOBA clearly set the scene for us, this collaboration had to be much more than a simple figuration on its part on our packaging. We understood the message directly, by expressing the combination of our mutual talents in the creation of a cannabis that lives up to our common ambitions. The result is an explosion of long-lasting flavors, with a structured and refined level of intensity, which appeals to the finest gourmets of this unique plant!

65% Indicate.


Regarding this part, the collectable cannabis seed B-45 By BOOBA scrupulously respects a specification well defined initially by the main protagonist involved in this large-scale project. BOOBA doesn't usually cut corners, which is no secret to everyone, so he had no desire to obtain a cannabis hybrid with watered down sensations, intended for the sensitive souls. Again, the rule was clear, we had to create a cannabis cultivar causing a beautiful “monteyy” (elevations) and demonstrating a level of at least 30% of THCeyyy (THC) !! We have therefore made every effort on our side to achieve this indisputable objective, and the least we can say is that B-45 By BOOBA will transcend you into another planet. The collectable cannabis seeds B-45 By BOOBA will let you experience a fairly brutal journey aboard the famous American B-45 Tornado type bomber that is so dear to the "Duc", with powerful and long-lasting physical and mental effects. Please fasten your seat belt, because you will have to be ready to take the Gs on the acceleration and a breathtaking climb in altitude. We are warning you, A man forewarned is as good as two

Cultivation tips

B-45 By BOOBA is a cannabis plant within everyone's reach, which requires a fertilization rich enough in nutrients, in order to give you the best results. During cultivation, the collectable cannabis seed B-45 By BOOBA will have its production capacity optimized using pruning methods such as SOG (Sea of Green), SCROG (Screen of Green), FIM (Fuck I Missed) , Supercropping or Lollypopping. It is also recommended to limit its growth period to a maximum of 3 weeks indoors. It is a cannabis strain that demonstrates a fairly good ability to resist disease and pests, hence its versatility to be grown in most parts of the world.


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