Açai Jelly by Sherbinskis
Açai Jelly by Sherbinskis
Açai Jelly by Sherbinskis

Structural development

Açai Jelly is a variety of cannabis whose foliar mass takes early a beautiful purple/purple coloring as soon as the temperature of the environment where it develops, decreases only a few degrees. The cannabis seeds Açai Jelly produce vigorous plants, which give off beautiful energy from the start but whose size is however moderate, because the distance is average between the nodes and the leaves have the shape and the size that we know well Within the Gelato line.

This means that they are quite large and that their leaflets are elongated. Açai Jelly is a cannabis hybrid which requires a certain preparation of the structure of the plant during growth, in order to optimize all its genetic potential, as is the case with the majority of the varieties of modern cannabis of the latter years.

Once this step is properly done, it is the paradise of wonders that opens up to you, because the rest is an animated festival which is first of all visual, thanks to its magnificent colors, then which then evolves on the plane And taste thanks to the diversity and richness of perfumes and flavors that emerges from this sumptuous first -class cannabis cultivar.


The cannabis seed Açai Jelly is able to offer you excellent production of extreme quality flowers, whose coloring is attractive to the eye, as is its fairly elongated shape and its size which is quite large. To top it all, the heads of Açai Jelly are covered with a beautiful and dense coat of trichomes of resin, which is the most beautiful effect both in the eyes of enthusiasts or connoisseurs, as for the legal cultivators who will find in It is an option of distinctive culture and the highest quality, which will ensure good economic profitability.

Açai Jelly has the chance to have all the best associated qualities that the public is looking for today in the breasts of modern cannabis seeds. The best of California now at your door ...

Odors and flavors

Açai Jelly presents the most interesting features concerning this part, because it is the perfect marriage between the aromatic profile of Açai Berry Gelato and Bacio Gelato. The cannabis plant Açai Jelly is full of balance in this sense, because we naturally find the generous, deep and complex floral notes, as well as those of glossy dessert Gourmet cookie from the original Gelato, with the jammed side of Açai Berry Gelato , which is at the crossroads between the red fruits and the cocoa. You will have understood, that we once again offer you a real cannabic delicacy, which will meet all your requirements.

Açai Jelly is a magnificent representation of the great work done upstream by Sherbinskis, because it is a real ocean of sweet, sweet and exotic perfumes which is now available in the form of feminized cannabis seeds of the highest quality. All this lets us easily understand, that Açai Jelly is also your first choice partner to obtain the most delicious cannabis concentrates! Those who love the sauce, will be able to have fun, because there is really something for everyone.

Açai Jelly by Sherbinskis


Açai Jelly belongs to these cannabis hybrids which firmly mark the spirits when we consume them the first time, that is to say that after having tried it, we remember it forever. Açai Jelly seduces with its aromatic tendency, but also by the charm it exerts on your senses and more particularly in terms of your body and your mind, you will live a real osmosis with the world around you at that time.

Açai Jelly brings you inexplicable, but very pleasant happiness, with a clever mental and physical mixture, which will transport you for a long time following tasting. Treat yourself to the best for you, and pleasantly stimulate your sensory activity, with Açai Jelly you open the doors of paradise.

Culture tips

The cannabis seed Açai Jelly is aimed at cultivators of all levels, from the moment when they have a certain mastery of size techniques, defoliation and pinching to be carried out during growth (FIM, Supercropping, LST, Lollypopping etc. ).

Açai Jelly cannabis plants demonstrate optimal indoor results, provided you limit the vegetative period to 3 weeks maximum. You will also have to be vigilant during flowering, because Açai Jelly requires moderate fertilization to express its best lines and in order to offer you a highest quality harvest.

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