Quelle graine de cannabis choisir ?

Which cannabis seed to choose?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

Cultivate your own grass of cannabis From seeds has many advantages. Nowadays, most cannabis growers will have no trouble finding a selection of cannabis seeds of high quality among which to choose. 

Indeed, many seed companies are now aimed at all kinds of customers, from medicinal cannabis consumers to old -fashioned ganja lovers. They offer whatever use following your purchase, many varieties. So if you want to cultivate cannabis, how do you go about finding good seeds? In this article, you will find all the necessary information to choose cannabis seeds.

What should be considered before the purchase of cannabis seeds?

When it comes to choosing the seeds for the cultivation of cannabis, there are various factors to keep in mind. This is essentially what you need, what you want and what you have (space, energy, etc.). Indeed, you will have a wide range of seeds: Cannabis seeds with self -foliage, Feminized cannabis seeds (female), Outdoor cannabis seeds and more. But before that, you must review your specific needs and the conditions in which you want to germinate your cannabis seed. So take into account the following criteria.

Determine how and where your seed will grow up 

Before buying your seeds, there are some quick ways to restrict your choices. First of all, you should seriously think of thinking about how you cultivate your bad grass and in which place. It comes back to know if you will do a Indoor culture Or if you cultivate outside? Then what is the climate? Do you opt for hydroelectricity or the soil? Do you have experience in training cannabis plants Or their culture? 

Answers to these questions can make all the difference between a successful purchase and an inconvenience choice. Obviously, the space you have, that you cultivated inside or outside, will also largely determine the specimen that you select.

Make a list of wishes for what you are looking for in a variety 

This part is a little more fun to consider; What does the cannabis of your dreams ? Do you want a strain to help you find relief from certain symptoms such as that of Seed B-45, or to serve as inspiration for certain fun moments to come (Seed Amnesia))? Do you enjoy an energizing buzz, or do you prefer to relax on the sofa? And then there is also the flavor to consider. Are the fruity varieties your thing, or do you prefer something more humid and spicy? You can make a "list of wishes" to know what to look for when choosing your seeds. This step very often swept away from the back of the hand, is very crucial. Because once the germination process Built, you will no longer be able to modify the final result.

Take the time to check the seed descriptions

A business from seeds deemed will always provide useful information on its cannabis seeds So that you know exactly what you get. In this way, you have an idea on: 

  • The effects and flavor that a variety will have;
  • Ease or difficulty cultivating it;
  • The yields you can expect and how long it will take before harvest. 

It is therefore advisable to contact professionals that you can find online or nearby in shops if possibly the legalization of cannabis is favorable in your region.

Your control list for the selection of cannabis seeds 

Once you have in mind the basic factors of your choice, then comes the step to browse the various decision factors. Depending on whether you want a seed plantation with the same tastes as the Seed B-45 or the Seed Amnesia, you can also do an in -depth search. But below, you will find a complete control list of the variables to take into account when you buy your seeds.

Cannabis Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Which one to choose?

The first thing you will probably want to look when choosing a strain is the effect it has. To do this, it is essential to identify the three main types of cannabis seeds: indica, THE sativas and the hybrid. Here is for you, a brief overview of their different effects and growth profiles. Keep in mind that most modern cultivars are a kind of hybrid, combining the effects of different strains in different relationships.

  • Indica cannabis
  • Among experienced consumers, indications are mainly appreciated at night. Indeed, they produce a pleasant and physically relaxing effect which described by the experts is written: High. Strong indications can indeed be so relaxing that they catalyze what is called " haze », A state of quasi-immobility following the aforementioned physical sedation. During growth, the Indicas normally remain fairly stocky, rarely exceeding a meter in height and having short-level shorts. Most of Indica plants, however, are also short and behave well indoors, whether or not you start with automatic flowering seeds.

  • Sativa cannabis
  • Then there are the sativas associated with the weed, there beuh. These brain and energy strains are known to produce a remarkable buzzing of the head which is euphoric and edifying. Some sativas are even qualified as " psychedelic To indicate their effect on cognition. Indeed, they have a high concentration in THC

    These strains are obviously not ideal if you want to relax or fall asleep, but they are a Excellent smoke Before hikes, creative projects and social enterprises. Pure sativas are able to reach massive heights of more than 3 meters and appear like high and majestic trees. In summary, sativas, are more or less giant plants characterized by a long period of flowering. Starting with Sativa seeds With automatic flowering, it is easier to cultivate these cunning plants indoors.

  • Hybrids
  • The hybrids are in a simple way a strain bearing the two genes, namely those of sativas and those of indica. You must therefore according to the expected results measure the dominance of the indica in relation to sativa and vice versa during your purchase. For example, you can find strains made up of 70% indica and 30% sativa, which are called predominantly indica hybrids

    These strains probably still induce a deep and physically relaxing effect thanks to the strong influence Indica, but the Sativa effects help to balance the experience. The same rule applies to other genetic ratios. Hybrids appear throughout the spectrum in terms of growth; Some are compact, other thorny, but they very rarely exceed 2 meters in length.

    It is also necessary to keep in mind that it is not only the genotype (genetics) which plays a role in the selection of strains. Chemotype, also called chemical makeup, is also a factor to consider. THE THC and the CBD, not to mention the terpenes, in the end play a huge role in the profile of the final effects of a strain.

    Medical or recreational cannabis: what does that mean for you?

    Nowadays, many people consume cannabis not (only) to enjoy a good high, but for medicinal purposes. Some use cannabis To treat pain, other dose grass to relieve anxiety or fall asleep. The disease you are looking for to appease plays a role in selecting your strain. After all, some medicinal strains, such as those rich in CBD and weak in THC, do not catalyze a high at all, offering rather therapeutic advantages. Other medicinal strains contain high levels of THC in order to treat the symptoms of specific conditions, such as loss of appetite for example. For the most part, medicinal strains tend to have a good dose of CBD with a slight concentration of THC

    In the end, the connotation of Therapeutic cannabis up to you. Recreational cannabis is even easier to describe. This is the bad grass that you simply take for your own pleasure. If a large high is what is most important to you, you will probably want an indica or a powerful hybrid which contains mainly THC. Otherwise, this is the sativa you need.

    Types of cannabis seeds to buy

    You can order cannabis seeds Online with seed banks, but this can become confusing with all the different types of seeds available. When you cultivate cannabis, the type of seed you choose is also of great importance. Three types of seeds are available to you.

    • Regular seeds;
    • Feminized photoperiod seeds; And 
    • Floral auto seeds.

    So what variety of cannabis seeds do you want to cultivate?

  • Regular seeds 
  • THE cannabis seeds regular can be transformed into a female or male plant. They are no longer as popular as before, although experienced producers swear by them saying that they produce the best results. The drawback with regular seeds is that the average producer will have to quickly identify males and throw them to prevent females to pollinize. Again, if you cultivate cannabis, you will obviously need male plants.

  • Feminized photoperiod seeds
  • Since it is the females that produce Buds rich in resin, this is the choice that most producers make. If you cultivate inside that is to say a indoor, you will control the growth stages of cannabis plants feminized of photoperiod with a timer for your growth light. 

    At the vegetative stage, you grow them under 18 to 24 hours of light, then you start flowering by activating the timer at 12 noon, 12 hours of rest. The photoperiod essentially indicates that plants only flourish once the exposure to light is sufficiently reduced to imitate the natural change of seasons. This means that feminized photoperiod plants cultivated inside can technically be kept in the vegetative stage as long as you wish if they are given enough light.

  • Autoflorizing seeds
  • Contrary to cannabis Of photoperiod, the self-exploring bad grass begins to flower by itself after about 4 weeks. The exact time can vary, but cars still flourish depending on time, not exposure to light. THE Autoflored seeds are also feminized, so that they will not produce males. But unlike photoperiod plants, interior producers are not responsible for changing the light cycle to initiate flowering. Producers can simply leave self -firms under 18 to 24 hours of light throughout the growth cycle. 

    This makes them an excellent option for new producers who have not yet learned the strings of the Indoor culture. In addition, autoflooons offer a much faster seed harvesting time, maturing much faster than certain photoperiod stumps. Many autoflooons are also very compact, which makes them ideal for small indoor shoots. Their drawbacks are in the form of a reduction in yield potential as well as a reduction in power.

    So what type of seed is best for you? If you practice a Indoor culture under a light of culture, you will probably want feminized cannabis seeds, whether it is a photoperiod or a self -foliage. If your space is limited or if you want to germinate your seeds without worrying about turning off your lights, authorized cannabis seeds are undoubtedly the best choice. And of course, the selectors who seek to create new varieties of cannabis should fill up on regular seeds for their experiences.