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When to collect cannabis autoflowering?

04/07/22Lu en 6mn

If you cultivate self-foliage cannabis, you are probably wondering when you have to harvest it. The good news is that the “Autos” flowering cannabis plants are ready to be harvested earlier than ordinary cannabis plants, but you should still know the factors that signal the time of harvest. 

In this blog article, whether you are an amateur or expert, we will tell you everything you need to know about harvesting cannabis plants. Continue to read to find out more!

What is a self-firal cannabis seed?

Autoflooir cannabis seeds

A self -foliably cannabis seed Or Autoflirissant indicates that this variety of cannabis will flower in almost any light as soon as it is planted. Therefore, these plants do not need the 12/12 light cycle to start to flower and can develop in 24 hours of light, from seed to harvest. This property is exclusive to the Ruderalis plant, a wild strain Sativa Cultivated in difficult conditions, which flows automatically, and matures in 8 to 11 weeks in most climates and development circumstances.

Today we can find Plant harsh in the whole world. These rustic plants are well equipped to withstand infections and parasites that abound in their environment. They fight to flower as soon as possible and produce flowers and seeds faster than any other sativa plant or Indica.

A long time ago, the harsh grass, in itself, was not particularly attractive. It generates low yields, with a low concentration of THC. Nowadays, cars can now satisfy the most demanding consumers: recreational users will no longer find it difficult to find autoflooons rich in THC.

Modern self -foliage varieties compete with the feminized varieties to photoperiod (and some even surpass them) in terms of power, yield and aroma.

How do you know if it's time to harvest your self -firal cannabis?

Cannabis Autofloration

You arrived at the stadium where you see your plants gain height after several weeks of waiting. First of all, congratulations! You have done the hardest, and above all, you did well!

For many cultivators, the most exciting and satisfactory aspect of the production of cannabis is the moment of harvest. After having observed for months the development of your plants, sowing with completely flowery plants, it is almost time to take out the scissors and start drying and refining your cannabis.

In general, between 50 and 70 days after germination, most autoflooons are ready to be harvested. However, determining the moment of harvest is not as simple as that.

You can find the ideal floral composition. However, it is essential to be patient and not to rush. To make sure that your flowers are really ready, you must be aware and on the lookout for various indicators and signs, both in terms of micro and macro.

Let us now see how to recognize if your cannabis plants self -foliage are ready to be harvested.

Check the trichomes of your plants

THE trichomes From your cannabis plant will tell you if it is ready to be harvested. Trichomes are tiny crystals that produce cannabinoids and large quantities by resin production. The trichomes look like small mushrooms with a small head under a magnifying glass.

The trichomes of the heads of your plants develop and ripen, changing color, going from clear, milky, then to amber brown. You can observe them closely using a magnifying glass or a small hand microscope. In what follows, we will explain the different states of trichomes as well as their characteristics.

  • Clear trichomes : If the majority of the trichomes of your plant are still clear, your buds are not yet ready to be harvested. The levels of THC are still low at this stage, and the effects of cannabis will not be poignant.
  • Milky white trichomes : This is when THC levels are starting to approach their maximum, and the psychoactive effects of the plant will be more pronounced. Wait another two weeks maximum before harvesting.
  • Trichomes Brown Ambré : If part of the trichomes of your plant have become amber, this means that THC levels are very high and that the plant is ready to be harvested. The effects of cannabis will be mainly physical at this stage.

Observe the pistils stigma of your plants

The pistils are structures resembling hair on cannabis buds that develop from the calyx and can be seen without the need for a magnifying glass. Pistils are responsible for the production of seeds in female cannabis plants if they are pollinated by a male. 

As with the Trichomes, the pistils arise with a white color at the start of flowering. As the plant becomes mature and the time of the harvest approaches, these elements become darker (red or brown). 

If the majority of pistils are still white, it is too early to harvest them; Let your plants push a little longer. To guarantee a THC rate close to the maximum, wait for at least 60% of the pistils to become brown. For heavier and poignant effects, wait until 70 to 90% of your pistils change color. 

Yellowing and dying

You cannot miss them, nourishing leaves are in the form of large and large leaves which serve energy generators for your plant. They are largely responsible for the photosynthesis which they capture from solar energy.

The nourishing leaves will start to yellow and die at the end of the life of a self -lurge. This implies that all resources are focused on buds. After that, there are about three weeks left to perish.

During the following three weeks, the buds are in the final development phases and must be rinsed to remove any remaining fertilizer. This is the simplest method to determine the maturity of a plant; It works perfectly with Autoflorissants And, combined with all other signals, it should allow you to harvest exactly at the right time.

Decrease in water consumption

Another sign of harvesting is the decrease in water consumption. When the water needs of your self -foliage cannabis plant decrease, it is time to cut it because growth has reached its peak. Admittedly, this is not always the case, but if the support remains humid for a day or two after watering, your plant is most likely ready to be harvested.

Cannabis Harvest Autofloration

Harvest according to the seasons and the moments of the day

If you cultivate your cannabis seeds outside, the time to harvest your cannabis plants self -luring can depend on the seasons and where you live.

In summer, you can have up to 15 hours of sunshine, but in autumn, there is less light available, which will not cause flowering of your plants since they do not need a cycle of Light to start flowering. Which can affect production.

The most effective approach to avoid this is to prepare a calendar for your seeds before they start to germinate. In some regions, sunlight does not reach more than 9:30 am in winter. Therefore, planning in advance can help you get better yields and determine when you want to collect your plants.

The optimal moment to harvest your plants is early in the morning before sunrise. If you can, harvest your plants in the dark. At the moment of the day, the plant flourishes and produces a large number of trichomes, which will result in a better harvest.

The same rules apply to cannabis cultivated indoors. However, under these conditions, it is not necessary to harvest before sunrise. For this reason, you can also turn off the lights of your culture tent and leave them in darkness for about 2 days, before harvesting.

Late harvest and early harvest: what result to expect?

Late harvest

If you harvest too late, the trichomes deteriorate, will "overcome" and the THC will convert into Cbn. Thus, the effect that your plants will produce will have a bodily effect closer to the Indica plant.

Too ripe trichomes take an increasingly amber color following the decomposition of THC in CBN. Which is not desirable for many people. On the other hand, some users prefer a more physical and narcotic experience, so if you are looking for this type of impact, it is time to harvest your plants. On the other hand, if you are a fan of sativa effects, it is important to harvest your plants at the right time.

Early harvest

If you collect your self -loring plants too early, the Trichomes will not have had time to develop and mature completely. This means that THC levels will be lower and that the plant will not have had the chance to produce so much resin. Therefore, your performance will be low and the general quality of your harvest will be lower.

The cannabinoid content of immature or transparent trichomes is insufficient, which means that you will not obtain a pronounced psychoactive effect. Therefore, it is not yet necessary to harvest. On the other hand, keep the eye open because the trichomes will soon ripen!


Cannabis self -foliage is an excellent choice for cultivators looking for a quick harvest. Plants quickly reach maturity and can be ready to harvest in just eight weeks after planting. 

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