Top 10 des variétés sativa

Top 10 sativa strains

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

The varieties of Sativa cannabis are often used to stimulate creativity, energy and concentration. Sativas are commonly used to increase user appetite and alleviate the symptoms caused by depression and ADHD. Due to the brain effects of sativa, it is best to consume them in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. Do you want to consume Sativa cannabis ? Here is a catalog of the 10 best varieties available.


Silver Haze

If we are talking about the best sativas, we must start with the legendary strains that have given way to the modern genetics of the cannabis. Silver Haze is one of these most influential varieties and is the predecessor of many other famous sativa hybrids, as Super Silver Haze. It's about a Sativa variety Classic that has gone through all the best genetics of the 80s. To date, it is always one of the best sativas available. Producers can expect a relatively easy -to -cultivate strain despite its long flowering period. 


This means that even beginners can enjoy the benefits of this sweet cultivar. Silver Haze has a complex terpenic profile offered by rich myrcene, karyophyllène and lemonène. So expect a mixture of spicy flavors and citrus fruits on the palette. Users report a long -term lighting high, with a feeling of euphoria and increased creativity that will make you browse your list of things to do without interruption by consuming the first quality cannabis seeds of this Sativa variety. 


Super Sour Diesel 

Super Sour Diesel is a very powerful crossing of Sour Diesel with Super Silver Haze. This is a hybrid variety of weed mainly Sativa, well known for its powerful kick! Its powerful and durable effects will certainly be appreciated by experienced users. The percentage of THC Super Sour Diesel generally oscillates between 18% and 20%. Light green buds, a trait common to the strains of the Sour Diesel line, are decorated with milky trichomes. The generous crystalline frost and orange hairs are a feast for the eyes. The taste slightly recalls fuel, as most diesel strains are known. A soft expiration leaves a tangy aftertaste on the tongue. The spicy and terrible aroma of cannabis seeds From Super Sour Diesel is a clear indication of its powerful effects, which leave users with an elevation of mood, an energetic euphoria and stimulation of creativity. 


Durban Poison 

Durban Poison is a pure sativa Landrace de Durban, South Africa, and you may not find a single list of the best sativas which do not include Durban. Durban Poison is a typical sativa with important internodal gaps and slender leaves. This variety of Sativa cannabis With elongated flowers with a dense bud structure and is covered with resin glands. This energizing variety was one of the most popular in the history of sativa lovers. The Durban Poison rightly won multiple awards for its famous energizing buds that have an incredible taste and odor. With around 22% of THC, this variety is a pure sativa, which is rare these days. The most abundant terpenes of Durban Poison are Terpinolène, Myrcene and Ocimène, evident by their terrible, spicy and slightly fruity aroma. Users feel an almost sweet and spicy flavor on the palette during the consumption of this Sativa cannabis. The main reason why people like Durban is for its edifying effects. Durban is one of the best day varieties of all time, and after consuming, you will immediately feel lucid, creative and optimistic. Anyone who is looking for a delicious lighting variety should not seek further than Durban.


White widow

Legendary for its extraordinary resin production, the White widow is a predominantly hybrid sativa to powerful energizing effects. It was produced by the Dutch veterans of Green House Seeds in the 1990s as a cross between Brazilian Landraces Indica and Sativa from southern India. Selected specifically for its high number of trichomes, the White widow is particularly appreciated for the production of hash. This variety has an average composition in THC 20%, with certain phenotypes exceeding this quantity. White Widow buds are bulky and somewhat conical and tapered. The structure of flower buds is more sativa That indicator, with a loose and plush texture which can be broken quite easily despite its sticky character. The leaves are spring green with few visible pistils. 


As if the reputation of the Netherlands in terms of quality cannabis cultivation had not already been established with successful varieties like Big Bud, White widow shows the excellent results of a studied and deliberate culture in the Netherlands. This super sticky variety provides a high cerebral which, although sometimes discouraging in high doses, especially allows users to remain functional and aware of their environment. What is lacking in this variety of Sativa cannabis In terms of taste, it compensates for it by fast -action brain effects. Users can become more attentive to their environment, sounds and models that could have gone unnoticed before. Enthusiates also describe an almost immediate improvement in mood and energy and concentration that can be applied to banal tasks such as cleaning or more complex problems of problem solving. 



Trainwreck is one of the best varieties of Sativa cannabis never known. This variety owes its name to the strength of its blows. Trainwreck cannabis seeds are known to create both a head effect and stimulating body effect. This makes this variety of Sativa cannabis With people who want to feel alert, creative and physically impressive. Do not abuse it, however, or the euphoria could give way to dizziness in no time. THE Sativa cannabis Trainwreck is lemony, powerful and relatively easy to cultivate. This classic sativa variety was selected in northern California from a mixture of local Mexican, Thai and Afghan races. Trainwreck is an easy to cultivate variety and can flourish both inside and out. The idyllic flavors of Collection cannabis seeds France Trainwreck comes from a unique mixture of huulnene, myrcene, karyophyllène, pinene and lemonène. 



OG Kush, sometimes known as "premium og kush" or even simply "Kush", was cultivated for the first time in Florida almost 30 years ago. The original genetic line is not 100%known, but researchers think that the Chemdawg, the Hindu Kush and the Lemon Thai were mixed with an unknown strain of Northern California to give birth to the OG Kush. The OG Kush is the most recognizable and most used variety of the Sativa cannabis in terms of Therapeutic cannabis. With an almost balanced composition (55% Sativa, 45% indica) and levels of THC Moderately high, it is not surprising that this variety is appreciated worldwide. 


The plant itself is resistant and resinous, it grows in bulky, dark green buds and grape-shaped. Its pistils are bright, fine and too long orange. His trichomes are like white gold, tiny, sparkling and covered with brilliant resin. The OG Kush flowers in approximately 8 to 9 weeks and also pushes well outdoors. The main terpenes of First quality cannabis seeds OG Kush are beta-myrcene and beta-caryophyllène, which give this variety its earthy and spicy palette. Flavors of bitter citrus and wood appear in expiration, with notes of pine and other flavors of cannabis seeds Kush. THE high Start fairly quickly, giving you a feeling of sociability, chatter, hunger and giggles. 


Sour diesel

Sour diesel has a high level of THC About 25% and a single puff will produce a powerful head effect that will slowly descend into your body. Not only does it contain 26 % THC, but it also retains 2 % CBD and 4 % CBN during extraction, which is quite new. These added chemical compounds do not alter the basic effects of cannabis seed Sour diesel, but they bring a varied intensity that you cannot really calculate (or control). In addition to a strong physical buzz, this weed is often described as quiet and dreamy, which makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for a strong and lasting high. 


According to his name, this predominantly variety Sativa has a strong diesel spicy. It is famous for its use as Therapeutic cannabis, but many people also use it for recreational reasons. Speaking of aromas, the Sour Diesel continues to deserve its name when you smoke it. A spice cloud of fog twunky (like Diesel Gas but after eating a whole orchard), explodes of this bud in a dense and lemony fog. The smell is sour, spicy and strong. The taste is terrers, herbaceous, gas, and with an undoubted effect of lemon on your tongue. The effects begin as a push of brain energy, which promotes creativity and a feeling of dynamism. THE cannabis seeds Sour Diesel are excellent to start your day.


White Gorilla Haze 

White Gorilla Haze is a three -way cross from Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Grue #4 (GG #4). This is a hybrid 65% sativa, 35% indica with the potential to produce a harvest of cannabis exceptional. Gorilla glue #4 of the line has created large thick flowers covered with coniferous trichomes, which makes White Gorilla Haze a great variety for consumers of consumers beuh. Line Haze is obvious in its high posture, and if you are looking to make a Indoor culture With this variety, it is preferable to initiate flowering at around 30 cm to reach a final height of about 100 cm. The cultivation of white gorilla mist requires an experience of in -depth culture, with various phenotypes and the potential to increase by 200 to 300 % in height during flowering. Once the cannabis leaves From this dried variety, users can expect a mixture of deep notes of coffee and pine with shades of citrus. It is an excellent choice for consumers of cannabis Diurnals stressed, and they will feel a mixture of high energy and gentle relaxation.


Purple Haze

Purple Haze is an 80 % dominance hybrid sativa which has existed since the 1960s, it is one of the varieties that prove that cannabis plants Violet are not always indications. It is a high plant with important internodal gaps and a structure of loose open buds, stereotypical of Sativa strains. The foliage is darker green than most equatorial sativas, and during the last weeks of flowering, producers can expect to see hues dark purple in the buds. With a high level of THC of 26%, the First quality cannabis seeds Purple Haze are one of the strongest strains of haze with immediate high -energy cerebral stimulation characterized by creativity and concentration. You will feel a body buzz that starts from the head and spreads to all parts of the body, washing all your pain, stress, depression and tensions. 



It is a variety of Sativa cannabis Prototypical, and many say that it could be the best ever cultivated. Buy Jack HERER if you want to feel an absolute rush that makes you energetic and excited for a wide variety of activities. This variety is often associated with exhilarating feelings, such as inspiration and creativity. People often choose this strain when they want to wake up and activate before being productive all day. It is also a popular choice before outdoor activities like a long hike or even a race. The Jack HERER is named after the author and activist of the cannabis Jack HERER, which is famous for having written the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It was created by combining a hybrid Haze With a cross between Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5. She has a delicious aroma of pine needles mixed with black pepper spices. This variety is difficult to beat if you are looking for a sativa, so it's an excellent starting point to help you know if the Sativa varieties are for you. 


Flowers from Sativa cannabis seeds Jack HERER would contain between 15 % and 24 % of THC. They are not particularly impressive visually: the cannabis leaves Green pale at medium -sized are formed in densely stacked buds which are more elongated than Arrondis. The number of trichomes is high, making it a plant very difficult to handle. What is missing from the Jack Herer in terms of visual attraction, it compensates for it by its perfume. Well neat, the flowers have a deep floral bouquet with notes of orange and lemon zest. By opening the dense buds, we discover more citrus scent, as well as a peppery touch. Once burned, the flowers give off an surprisingly clean and herbaceous scent, similar to that of sage. Smoke, very soft and easy, has a similar taste of herbs. Because it provides a double relaxation and a buzz for the mind and the body, the cannabis seed Jack HERER generally lets users feel stimulated but in full lucid control of their actions.