Top 10 des variétés CBD féminisées

Top 10 feminized CBD strains

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

The culture of cannabis indoors has gained popularity in recent years among cultivators because of its ability to produce High quality cannabis. Its success is attributed to the fact that cultivators have the possibility of growing their cannabis plants In a controlled environment where plants are carefully monitored for optimal production. 

Working indoors, cannabis growers also have the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home to ensure the safety of their cultures. But although this culture method is essential for good results, this is the type of cannabis seeds to be cultivated which fixes the yields obtained. On this subject, we think that the Feminized cannabis seeds are the best. The argument behind this is that female plants produce more buds and also have higher concentrations of CBD and THC compared to their male counterparts. So for your next culture, what a variety of cannabis seed feminized will you use?

Amnesia Haze

The name of the Amnesia Haze is somewhat misleading: it is a predominantly sativa hybrid which, despite its power, will not leave you with a seriously altered memory. Composed of a crosslieking Haze and several different varieties of land worldwide, notably Thai, Hawaiian and Afghan, theAmnesia Haze can actually promote inspiration rather than forgetting. The Afghan Indica in its genetics allows a well -balanced high, although somewhat cerebral. THE cannabis seeds Amnesia Haze have many characteristic qualities of Indica and Sativa varieties. 

The High of this weed manifests almost immediately, inducing a cerebral thought and a sudden and acute consciousness of the environment. In a positive context, this mental acuity can lead to an euphoric state of mind. Users of Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds can feel mood improvement as well as energy to accomplish tasks. 

Although it is brain, amnesia Haze Also has enough back thorns indica To provide relaxation and contemplation. The combination of strong mental and physical effects makes this variety a good choice for activities that imply both the mind and the body, including, but without limiting itself, exercise and sex. In quality of Therapeutic cannabis, it can also be a powerful stimulant of appetite. Content THC AMNESIA HAZE varies between 20 and 25 %.


Gelato is a crossed hybrid from parents Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the Fruity Snset Sherbert Indica. With a balanced and soft high and a universally attractive flavors profile, it is an excellent variety for social use. The seeds of weed of this variety induce a high of Cannabis Indica and their composition in THC varies from 20 to 25 %. Gelato buds tend to be small, but they have a thick and dense structure characteristic of many Indica varieties. 


It is a variety of cannabis which has an immediate visual attraction: bright orange pistils stand out on forest green leaves, accentuated by deep purple shades. The purple shades appear when high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanas are stimulated by cold in the vegetative stage. Although the buds themselves are sticky, short stems on the trichomes mean that this variety has a less freezing appearance than many others. 


Careful correctly, cannabis leaves of gelato have a predominant smell of spicy citrus fruits, compliments of the Fruity Parente Sunset Sherbert strain. Breast and dough notes can also be detected. It is said that the Gelato is a weed Powerful, even for more experienced cannabis users; Newcomers should moderate their consumption accordingly. That said, due to the absence of intense brain effects, this variety of Cannabis Indica It is not likely to plunge users into a deeply paranoid state of mind.



Skywalker is a 50/50 hybrid variety with a rate of THC going up to 15 %. Many appreciate it for its aroma and its fruity taste, associated with a rather soft high type Indica. A feeling of euphoria settles quickly and, although it does not often lead to a blocking of the sofa, it generally lets the user feel a little lazy, perhaps even asleep. 

This variety of beuh is ideal for relaxation, as other brain effects follow, raising users and making them feel happy. The "body high" that accompanies these effects is light compared to certain pure indications, but always as powerful as that of a cannabis seed OG kush.


Unfortunately, the Skywalker seeds bought from the sellers of France collection cannabis seeds are not devoid of the usual negative effects: dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, paranoia and headache. Although not everyone feels drawn into the depths of sleep by using Skywalker, the first responsible users should reserve this variety of cannabis to evening use or at night. It is often the choice of drugs for those who suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia. Skywalker is not recommended for severe or intense pain, but it can reduce the effects of light pain. On the other hand, it is used to open appetite, fight depression and relieve nausea.


Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a variety of Cannabis Indica which provides powerful relaxation of the whole body and soothing mental effects. Critical Kush is a cross between the Critical Mass of Afghan origin and no one other than The OG Kush. The cannabis analysis laboratory gives this variety of high notes, with rates of THC ranging from 16 % to 29 %. With such power, Beuh seeds Critical Kush are almost sure to put yourself in critical condition. Critical Kush is distinguished by medium to large heads, filled with resin. The heads are dense, as you can expect from a indica pure. 


THE cannabis leaves are of a light shade of spring green and are twisted by pistils of a deep orange. A network of brilliant trichomes covers the interior and exterior surfaces of these large buds, which makes them very difficult to break without the help of a grinder. When they are properly dried, Critical Flowers Kush give off a earthy and humid odor. There are a few touches of citrus to brighten up things, an aroma that becomes even more obvious when you grind this bud, but overall, the impression is wet and kushy

When burned, the cannabis leaf Critical Kush can clear a hard and hard smoke that can prick the eyes and sinuses. Upon expiration, this thick smoke has a pine taste with a slight spicy touch. Finally, in sufficiently high doses, critical Kush can even rock insomniacs in a deep and restful sleep. Because paranoid and brain thoughts are not common with this variety, it is a good choice for those who are inclined to panic or who have low tolerance to THC.



There blueberry is a hybrid indica Popular and tasty, with a solid genetic base. It is a three -way cross between an Indica Afghani parent and sativa Thai and Purple Thai parents. Blueberry is distinguished by its incomparable smell and taste of fresh blueberry which made it a lasting favorite. Blueberry is popular throughout the country. Blueberry has a content THC which varies between 15 % and 24 %. The flowers of this variety are small and dense, as we can expect from a predominant variety indica. The compact green forest leaves are often speckled with traces of purple and red. These last colors develop due to the high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanas in the genetics of this variety. Blueberry leaves are covered with almost transparent trichomes, which can be more difficult to see than the milky or amber glands that cover similar resin stumps. Nevertheless, the buds De Blueberry are very sticky and can be difficult to break by hand without the use of a crusher.


Super skunk 

The Super Skunk is a variety of cannabis predominantly indicated with powerful body effects. His parent, the Skunk #1, is a reliable and legendary variety that has given birth to Shiva Skunk .. The cannabis leaves Super Skunk is green, but some people have noticed nuances of orange and brown. The buds are dense with short trichomes, the hairs, growths or appendages of the plant. 


Some say that the smell of skunky reminds them of ammonia, while others say that the Super Skunk has fruity notes of pomegranate and cranberry. The pleasant effects of cannabis seeds Super skunk are short to medium duration, for about 90 minutes. The heavy body buzz, in Indica style, is good for medical users. You can use it at any time of the day to relieve the pain. 



AK-47 is a dominance hybrid Sativa With a shiny white color. Despite its violent name, the strain gives a very soft feeling and can even leave a person in a state of "couch lock". THE cannabis AK-47 also increases creativity. Most of the time, however, the AK-47 will leave you a feeling of elevation, peace and euphoria. Many people like to use it while listening to music. Apart from the drought of the mouth and eyes, this strain can also cause a feeling of paranoia and sometimes dizziness. 


Some users also feel minor headaches. Many users take advantage of the relaxing effect of this variety to relieve stress and anxiety. THE cannabis plants AK-47 are quite high and wide with large chalices. The buds are dark yellowish green with lots of crystals (trichomes) and fine red hair. Many choose an indoor culture for AK-47. At the same time, an earth or hydro cultivation, or even outdoors in a mild climate is feasible for First quality cannabis seeds AK-47. 


Gorilla glue 

Gorilla Grue (also known as Gorilla Glue #1) quickly became a favorite for users looking for a super powerful and sedative high. Gorilla Grue shares a lot of the attributes of Chocolate Diesel, giving users a smell and a taste that recall notes of coffee and mocha. However, do not be deceived by delicious tones, because this variety of cannabis Also has a sour punch with a diesel flavor that stays in your mouth long after you have finished. THE cannabis seeds Gorilla Grue are recognized for their earthy and pungent attributes that many compare to their sisters. 

Those who want to have them for their money tend to prefer the Gorilla Grue because its levels of THC Super powerful give you an instant, deep and durable high. 

Sometimes measuring almost 28% of THC, new smokers should go slowly with this variety, because it can produce unpleasant side effects. After smoking, consumers of cannabis declare that they feel instantly happy and reassembled, easily forgetting the stress of work. Dark olive green buds tend to be quite frosted, which almost gives it a tranquilizing effect. 


While you are based on the sofa with joy, laughter can arise, and while you experience a full high that numbs the mind and body, all chronic pain will be erased. People who fight against insomnia, depression or anxiety should prefer this variety among France collection cannabis seeds, because it is widely known to be one of the most powerful highs. 


Moby Dick 

Moby Dick is a predominantly sativa variety. Its name reflects its massive yields, which can reach 1,500 grams per square meter. Concentration in THC of a Moby Dick Graine can reach 20 %. The effects of this variety are highly psychoactive, due to a high rate of tetrahydrocannabivarine (THCV). There cannabis seed produces a strong euphoria and gives spatial, happy and slightly psychedelic sensations after only one or two strokes. 


Some users feel creative and concentrated. Strong brain effects are starting to decrease after about an hour, but residual effects can last two hours. These effects are coupled with pleasant feelings of numbness of the body. Strong and tripping, this strain induces an insatiable appetite. This mega-orchard can cause dry eyes and mouth drought and cause paranoia, dizziness and anxiety when consumed in high doses.


Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, is a predominant variety indica which was awarded. This strain is well received by cultivators, medical patients and recreational consumers and could be one of the most popular Indica strains of all time. This variety is easily available in dispensaries where the France collection cannabis seeds. Known by many as a variety "two shots and we stop", the Northern Lights Immerse the body in a wonderfully numb and lazy world. The desire to sit on the sofa and listen to the call of gluttony can be overwhelming for novice users, even at low doses. 


His body high is accompanied by a pleasant feeling of well-being and happiness. Some experienced users would also have increased creativity and concentration. The average negative effects of these seeds of Cannabis France exist: drought of the mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia and anxiety in high doses. Like most of its ancestors and descendants based on Indica, the Northern Lights is highly recommended for evening use and insomnia. This is one of the strains indica The purest that exists (95% Indica, 5% Sativa), making it a very sedative strain.