Les 10 meilleures variétés de cannabis Indica de Silent Seeds

The 10 best strains of indica cannabis of Silent Seeds

03/08/22Lu en 6mn
  • Fortunately, we all have different aspirations concerning a whole set of everyday things. Whether to eat, dress, in our professional activity or to have fun.
  • By refocusing around this dear plant that fascinates us, it is the same, because each person wishes to consume cannabis by having an orientation which corresponds to him personally. Some will seek new creative inspirations there, or a part of euphoria in order to have fun with their friends, as it is possible to do with varieties of cannabis at Dominance Sativa, for example. For other people, it will be the opposite, that is to say that they are more looking for relaxing sensations, as is the case thanks to the Indica cannabis seeds.
  • We are interested in these during this article, because we present below what we think we are the 10 best varieties Indica from our Premium collection.

 Indica strains are identified thanks to easily identifiable characteristics, because an indica cannabis seed produces a contained size plant, with a low distance between the nodes and whose leaflets of its leaves are generally wide. It also has the particularity of having a short flowering period, and whose flowers offer a rather physical, relaxing and powerful effect at the same time.


White widow

 White Widow is a variety of cannabis which is and will remain a historical legend for all those who have had the chance to know the golden age of Dutch coffee shops in the mid -90s. Which is not the result of chance , since by cultivating the feminized cannabis seeds White Widow, we are quickly seduced paraded in its impressive resin production, which is its true added value and gave it its mythical name at the same time.

 It also has other assets that demonstrate great interest, such as its aromatic profile mixing delicious bitter notes, on a floral background, slightly different from its perfume, also with subtle lemony nuances of the most beautiful effect.

 White Widow is also a feminized cannabis seed which has built its reputation thanks to the interior culture and the power of its indica effect, whose THC rate is often close to 20%, and which allows you to enjoy a pleasant long -term relaxation moment. White Widow is a great premium classic in our catalog, which is also distinguished thanks to its high performance (up to 550 g/m2 indoors and up to 900 g/plant outdoors).

L.A. Vanilla Cake

 L.A. Vanilla Cake is a cannabis hybrid that marks the step of the current evolution brought by American genetics to full qualities. When you know that she is the worthy descendant of prestigious cannabis varieties such as Ice Cream Cake and Wedding Cake, you can easily imagine the excellence of the properties contained by each feminized cannabis seed L.A. Vanilla Cake.

 If you are looking to be amazed by a Californian cannabis strain, then don't look for it! By cultivating the feminized cannabis seeds L.A. Vanilla Cake in a legal environment, you will quickly fall in love with its beautiful slightly purple and whitish coloring, thanks to the large amount of trichomes of resin it produces. It also demonstrates a stunning aromatic spectrum, thanks to its rich vanilla, lemonized, meringue, sweet and delicious notes like a straight out of a star restaurant!

 L.A. Vanilla Cake also shows great power during tasting, which is why it is better to consume at the end of the day, when you have nothing important to do. Most phenotypes most often have a THC level close to 25%. At the very least, it belongs to the best strains that can currently be found in the Seeds market. A premium cannabic dessert for the finest connoisseurs ...



 Og Kush is a cannabis cultivar that has become a great classic U. industry in recent years. It is quite logical to give a place of choice to this essential feminized cannabis seed for any collector worthy of the name.

It is certainly the variety of cannabis that has become the most popular American standard in the past decade in Europe. It is in no way the fruit of chance, because during the cultivation of OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds, we quickly realize the nobility of its exceptional genetic line, in particular thanks to its intense and contrasting aromatic profile.

 Og Kush one of these cannabis strains, which marks your mind permanently thanks to the presence of notes of petrol and lime which are contrasting and expressed exhaustively. Its power level is also high, with plants whose THC rate varies between 22 and 26%.

 Og Kush is a cannabis hybrid that has more than one tour in her bag, because if we know how to use an adapted culture method, she ensures an extraordinary production, as illustrated by the "cannabis trees" that we can easily see in outdoor culture in California. That said, it also gives excellent results in indoor culture or greenhouse for many years.


Grape juice

 Grape Juice is a variety of cannabis Who will delight all the lovers of Indica, because it presents its entire standard characteristics: a compact size, a low distance between nodes, large leaves with very wide leaflets and a short flowering period (only 7 at 8 weeks).

 By cultivating the grape juice feminized cannabis seeds, we perceive the real premium facets of this real little gem, with beautiful and dark green leaves, especially in indoor culture. His delicious aroma of fresh grape juice will animate the refined taste buds of cannabic gourmets appreciating the intensely fruity sensations.

 Another great distinctive quality of the Grape Juice feminized cannabis seed, is that it is a first choice option for the realization of different types of extraction, because it produces a breathtaking quantity of trichomes of resin, which is a line Inherited from the famous Purple Punch.

 Grape Juice is a cannabis hybrid which therefore logically demonstrates a powerful effect, since most of the phenotypes are most often close to a THC rate around 23%.


Critical Mango

 Critical Mango is also a iconic feminized cannabis seed within our collection, because all of its characteristics are really very close to the famous Critical+. It clearly belongs to these varieties of cannabis which have deeply marked their history at European and international level during the last two decades.

 It is completely normal in our eyes that a cannabis hybrid as this one knows such a level of popularity, because it really has real qualitative assets in its entirety: it is within the reach of cultivators of all levels, it Demonstrates premium organoleptic properties, its flowering period is very short for the category (only 7 to 8 weeks) and its level of production is just stun!  

During the cultivation of Critical Mango feminized cannabis seeds, all these features are quickly illustrated and make it possible to understand the entire consistency of such a variety of commercial cannabis within a legal environment. Let yourself be surprised by the aromatic profile of Critical Mango, which expresses delicious notes of fresh lemon, sweet ripe mango, pine and spices. She is really a big champion, who is comfortable both in indoor and outdoor culture, for the pleasure of the greatest number!


Starfire OG

 Starfire OG is also one of the varieties of new generation cannabis that will mark the history of industry, thanks to distinctive and very complete qualities. For those who will have the chance to legally cultivate the feminized cannabis seeds Starfire OG, you will have the possibility of obtaining plants expressing all the premium potential of a prestigious genetic line (The White X Starfire OG).

 Starfire OG is a cannabis plant that turns out to be in our eyes, one of the best "Kush" hybrids on the low -word market. During the cultivation of the feminized Graine Starfire OG, it is possible to observe its great vigor during growth, with a very promising structural port in terms of production potential if we use the adequate culture method (SOG, SCROG, FIM, LOLLLYPOPING etc.).

 The major advantage of the variety of Starfire OG cannabis is most certainly the authenticity of its aromatic profile, which reveals fresh notes of lemon, petrol and pinene. This mixture of remarkable genres, offers deliciously contrasting, unique and long sensations in the mouth, to the delight of the most demanding cannabic palaces.

 Starfire OG is definitely one of the most exceptional cannabis plants, in the current cannabic universe. If you are looking for thrills, then it is fully made for you, because the thrills will be there, with an intensely relaxing effect up to 32% of THC. Notice to amateurs, hang on your belt and take your place for takeoff!


B-45 by Booba

 The feminized cannabis seeds B-45 by Booba RSpread the excellence of current Californian cannabis genetics. You will discover a variety of cannabis whose general qualities are colorful and which will give you sensations that will mark your mind forever ...

 B-45 By Booba is a cannabis cultivar that is distinguished by impressive power, thanks to its 32%THC level, you will quickly understand that it is not reserved for sensitive souls. Keep those who will legally cultivate B-45 by Booba, will discover organoleptic sensations of a very high quality and level of quality at all levels. B-45 by Booba belongs to these varieties of unique cannabis, which are intended for the most demanding connoisseurs.

 We are sure that you will appreciate its smell as its flavor, which are deliciously fruity, creamy, silky, intense and all in delicacy at the same time. You will benefit from all the refreshing wealth of lemon caviar and the Valencia orange, with also gourmet notes of French pastry pie. During culture, you will quickly realize the entire potential of the feminized cannabis seed B-45 by Booba.



 Critical+2.0 is a cannabis genetics that no longer deserves to be presented, it has become popular in recent years. By cultivating the Critical feminized cannabis seeds+2.0, it is easy to perceive your Pedigree of large champion. Of course, we are in a world where chance has little room, this variety of cannabis is successful in international thanks to its many great complementary qualities, in indoor culture as outdoor.

 Critical+2.0 is a cannabis cultivar that is capable of offering you a higher return, producing flowers of a large size while being compact At the same time and covered with trichomes of resin. During the cultivation of the critical feminized cannabis seed+2.0, we observe a vigorous, fairly slender plant, whose distance between the nodes is quite important and whose flowering period is one of the shortest in the category.

 Critical+2.0 is an excellent culture option for all legal professionals with a commercial vocation, because it is easy to cultivate, fast, and the premium quality level of its flowers will finish convincing you. Critical+2.0 will be able to seduce cultivators from different horizons, thanks to its level of resistance to humidity which is slightly higher than that of Critical+. Its power level is also up to par, because most plants demonstrate a THC level often above 20%.

The effect is therefore logically typed indica, inviting you to a pleasant moment of physical and mental relaxation. Critical+2.0 belongs to the category of cannabis varieties which are essential for any passionate about this dear plant.


Watermelon Runtz

 Watermelon Runtz is one of these varieties of cannabis that we could classify in the category of the best cultivars intended for tasting, because its aromatic spectrum will remind you more of a delicious dessert during tasting than a cannabis flower. If you are lucky enough to be able to legally cultivate the feminized cannabis seeds Watermelon Runtz, then you will understand all the interest of using elite clones such as Watermelon Zkittlez and Runtz.

 Watermelon Runtz is a cannabis plant that is pleasant and fun during its development, because it has a beautiful aesthetic appearance, it is cultivated in all ease, its perfume will charm you from the first weeks of flowering and its level of yield will largely reward the 'Set of the care provided (up to 550 g/m2 indoors and up to 1400 g/plant outdoors) if an adapted cultivation method is used (SOG, SCROG, FIM, LOLLYPOPPING etc.)

 As we said in the introduction, its true added value is in the richness, diversity and intensity of its exotic aromatic profile. During the cultivation of the feminized cannabis seed Watermelon Runtz, you will dive into an ocean of smells and flavors more reflecting an artisanal pastry workshop, in particular thanks to its rich and refined notes of ripe and juicy watermelon, which are accompanied by Successful shades of petrol, tropical fruits and cream pie.

 Watermelon Runtz is a variety of cannabis whose indica type effect also demonstrates good power, because the vast majority of plants have a THC rate close to 20 to 22%. Another beautiful achievement of the Silent Seeds team, whose artistic signature is perfectly illustrated within this timeless cannabis hybrid!


Gorilla Frost

 Gorilla Frost is a cannabis cultivar Who inherits the entire genetic heritage of now much appreciated Gorilla Grue #4 and Gorilla Grue #5, which are the two most prestigious elite clones of this line. All Indica enthusiasts will obviously appreciate as its complex and intense aromatic profile at the same time, as is its high level of power, with a majority of plants demonstrating a THC rate including most often between 25 and 28%. A little gem for indoor culture ...

 It is in no way the fruit of chance if Gorilla Grue met with immense success in the U.S, because its many qualities are authentic and well above the lot, compared to many other cannabis plants. Gorilla Frost generally has a fairly large size, that is why it is necessary to limit its growth to 3 weeks maximum in indoor culture. Gorilla glue will provide you with an abundant harvest if it receives adequate care, using in particular, an adapted culture method (SOG, SCROG, FIM, LOLLIPOPPING etc.).

 Gorilla Frost will unveil a beautiful part of her magic during tasting, because her scent and taste are literally exceptional, thanks to her notes strongly marked with essence, which are subtly mixed with acid, earthy and citrus shades, that the We owe to the famous Sour Dubb. Gorilla Frost provokes sensations that will easily delight all Fans of Indica, because it provides a very pleasant and deep relaxation, which will give you the impression of disconnecting from our world for a few moments.