Destinations pour amateurs de cannabis

The 10 best destinations for cannabis lovers

04/07/22Lu en 6mn

Are you looking for the ideal destination for a hovering vacation? Unfortunately, smoking cannabis is not legal in all countries. But that does not prevent that some are totally so that you can enjoy your herbs in a legal framework. 

To be more transparent, you can never be sure if the country is planned to visit tolerate the consumption of recreational and/or medicinal grass due to legal changes and legal shadows areas. It is always better not to pass the borders of countries with cannabis in your pocket. But that doesn't prevent you from getting locally getting!

Here, we will see a compilation of the 10 best places in the world to smoke grass. Some will surprise you!

Amesterdam, low countries

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Let's start with the most famous and most famous cannabis destination in the world: Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and the European Capital of Cannabis. To fight against the heroine epidemic that was raging in the 1970s, Coffeeshops were opened to separate cannabis from heroin on the black market. Today, this city offers all the varieties of cannabis that you can desire.

Amsterdam's high -end Coffeehops are still open. This city has more than 200 Coffeeshops, all with their own "green" menu. Without forgetting some excellent places that are only a Utrecht metro journey. The maximum quantity of cannabis that you can buy in coffee is 5 grams. It should be noted that in the street, smoking is prohibited. 

Barcelona, ​​Spain

What do you say to enjoy the Iberic Sun, while flourishing with your cannabis? Barcelona is the ideal place for a cannabis consumer in search of a warm climate, magnificent beaches, relaxation and a wide range of excellent varieties of cannabis. Thanks to its many cannabis clubs, it is one of the biggest destinations for tourists lovers of cannabis.

In public, cannabis is technically prohibited. However, as long as you show common sense and just consume in one of the many cannabis clubs, it is well accepted. The majority of clubs respect the law and welcome foreign members.

Negril or Kingston, Jamaica

How not to include Jamaica in our list! Bob Marley, the most famous of all cannabis lovers, is from this island. For the anecdote, according to the lessons of the Rastafari religion, the Rastas Smoke marijuana as a sacrament to light up and connect with other devotees during "reasoning sessions".

The Jamaican government has just decriminalized the small quantities of marijuana, thus offering tourists lovers of cannabis even more possibilities to hover towards other worlds.


Uruguay was the First Nation on Earth to legalize cannabis for recreational and medical purposes, and authorizes pharmacists to issue a maximum weekly dose of 10 grams to people over the age of 18. This decision to sell marijuana at a lower price was motivated by the desire to limit illegal drug trafficking.

Certain rules and restrictions must be respected to buy cannabis legally. Buyers must be recorded, cannabis must be sold in a box on which potential health risks are clearly mentioned (as on tobacco packaging), cannabis consumption is illegal in public spaces and consumers are not allowed to drive if their reflexes are slowed down.


Ah! The American dream ! The recreational use of cannabis became legal in California on January 1, 2018, making Golden State the main world cannabis market. One in five American can now smoke marijuana without fear of prosecution.

For some Californians, the new year has brought the long -awaited legalization of recreational cannabis. Adults over the age of 21 can now consume cannabis for non -medical purposes, cultivate up to six plants per household and have a maximum of an ounce (30 grams) since Monday January 1, 2018. It remains illegal at the federal level.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Cannabis is illegal in Sri Lanka, and its possession or sale can cause fines and prison terms. However, cannabis has been used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years, and practitioners can provide cannabis -based treatments to their patients if the components are obtained from the Ayurvedic Medicines Society.

Despite Sri Lanka's position on marijuana, the government announced in 2017 that it would legalize cannabis for medicinal use. Cannabis is only used by Ayurvedic practitioners in Sri Lanka, but also, a part can be exported to the United States for medical purposes.

Christiania, Denmark

Christiania, a small Danish town that houses the most perplexed cannabis in Europe, is a very interesting place in the world of cannabis. Christiania is a small town where cannabis can almost be purchased and sold openly.

Cannabis is technically illegal in Denmark, but Christiania, a municipality located in the heart of Copenhagen, declared itself an independent entity, so that the sale and consumption of marijuana are not a problem. The city has a "green district", a market of producers where you can buy herbs, hashish, brownies and other high quality cannabis products.

Czech Republic

Czechs have a positive attitude on the subject. Throughout Europe, the Czech Republic has one of the most vantages in terms of psychoactive products. Almost everything is decriminalized, as long as you don't have too much. Before it becomes a serious crime, you can transport up to 14 grams of cannabis: any lower amount will simply be confiscated.

Even if you cannot go out in the street by smoking your favorite marijuana and the entry of your cannabis can be devastating, the Czech Republic is a relatively safe haven for smokers.

Berlin, Germany

Cannabis is prohibited in Germany under the Federal Acts on Nars. It should be noted that cannabis consumption, on the other hand, is not considered an offense by German law. In other words, it is decriminalized by law. 

You can legally smoke cannabis in Germany, but only if you have a medical prescription with you. 

Brussels, Belgium

Several people believe that smoking cannabis in Belgium is completely legal. It's wrong !

The royal decree of September 6, 2017 specifies that the holding of cannabis for personal use "in a penitentiary establishment, a youth protection institution or a school, on the public highway or in any place accessible to the public" is again a offense (and no longer a ticket). This offense is liable to a fine or a prison sentence.

In the eyes of the law, it is always illegal to own or cultivate cannabis, whatever its age. However, in reality, the police are tolerant. If you have a maximum of 3 grams of cannabis on you, which you consume in your corner, far from schools and others, you are not at risk too expensive. However, your consumption is judged for personal use according to the agent who stops you and the prosecutor who takes care of your case. But the sanctions will be less severe than for other illicit drugs.

However, in the case of cannabis containing less than 0.2% of THC, no psychotropic effect is produced, consumption becomes legal.

Grovely wild cannabis destination

To finish…

If you are looking for a favorable cannabis destination, any of the places on our list will do the trick. But don't forget that smoking in public is always illegal in many of these places, so be sure to find out about local laws before packing your pipe or rolling a joint. And have fun! Cannabic tourism is more and more popular, and for good reason: it is a great way to explore new places while enjoying a moment of relaxation. Have you visited one of these destinations? How did your experience go?