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Indica hybrid seeds

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Indica hybrid seeds are a favourite of GPS fans and cannabis growers around the world. Indica cannabis is a great option for those looking to relax and unwind, and is also particularly popular in the medical community for its pain relieving qualities. Indicas produce tasty, potent and beautiful cannabis flowers that flow absolutely from resinous trichomes. As such, indica hybrid seeds are the perfect specimen for extraction - or just a super-cool session with some buddies.

Notably, indica hybrid seeds include some degree of Sativa genetics. Sativas are known for their uplifting qualities and common tropical flavours, which contribute well to many indica-dominant varieties. In fact, there are many Indica-dominant hybrid seeds, such as Blueberry Muffin, Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies Kush and Strawberry Glue.

What to expect from Indica hybrid seeds

Indica hybrid seeds are a combination of Indica and Sativa cannabis genes. Indica hybrid seeds offer users the best of both worlds, although this varies greatly depending on the strain. Interestingly, some seeds will produce plants dominated by an Indica look and feel, while others may have deeper Sativa properties. However, generally speaking, Indicas are shorter with wider leaves and denser nuggets. They also tend to induce relaxation, making them a common choice for medical use.

In contrast, Sativas are generally taller with narrow leaves and softer, less compact buds. Through creative breeding, consumers can now obtain Indica hybrid seeds with both Indica and Sativa genetics. Often breeders develop hybrid seeds with exceptionally high levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Hemp seed breeders always select varieties with minimal THC levels to maintain compliance with local and national hemp laws. By definition, hemp should not contain more than 0.3% THC. As such, indica-dominant hemp varieties contain high levels of cannabinoids like CBD and CBG with almost zero THC. Therefore, indica hemp will not make a user feel "high", no matter how much they consume or how wet they are.

Indica origins

Indica varieties originate from the Hindu Kush mountain range where the weather tends to be quite variable. As a result, Indica-dominant strains have developed incredible resistance to environmental changes. They can handle temperature variations more easily than many Sativa-dominant strains. They also mature faster to accommodate the shorter average growing season.

Most Indica hybrid cannabis plants also develop denser nuggets than their Sativa counterparts because of the small size of the plant. Indica nuggets are also often bright green in colour as opposed to sativa-dominant strains which have more incidental pigmentation such as purples, reds and blues.

Understanding the sex of cannabis seeds

Silent Seeds offers many types of cannabis seeds, including regular and feminised cannabis seeds. Although regular seeds tend to be more affordable, they don't always turn into the cannabinoid and terpene rich flowers that most cannabis growers are looking for.

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce large, healthy plants that will develop male or female reproductive organs during flowering. The male plants produce pollen, which the female plants use to develop seeds for the next generation of cannabis plants.The ratio of males to females in a bag of regular cannabis seeds is about 50/50, although this can vary slightly.

When it comes to growing cannabis for cannabinoids like CBD and THC, most growers do not need male plants. In fact, those who wish to grow the strongest possible buds should avoid letting the males flower, lest the nearby female plants become pollinated and start producing seeds instead of cannabinoids. To be clear, although cannabis flowers produce both cannabinoids and trichomes, they also produce seeds when pollinated. Female plants that develop seeds produce fewer cannabinoids and heavier seeds, both of which are a sure sign of a poor smoking experience.

The easiest way to determine which indica hybrid seeds produce male plants is to grow them. When seedlings develop at least four to six nodes, growers can take a cutting from the top of the plant and place the cutting in a 12/12 flowering light cycle. In a few weeks the cutting will show signs of its sex. The grower can use this information to determine which plants to remove from their growing environment. Because a cutting will display exactly the same characteristics as its parent, forcing a cutting to flower is a reliable way to determine the sex of the cannabis plant.

Feminised collection cannabis seeds

Like regular collection cannabis seeds,feminised indica hybrid collection seeds produce strong, reliable plants. However, unlike regular seeds, feminised seeds contain only female genes. There is no need to take cuttings prior to sex or to monitor growth areas for rogue male plants. Those who exclusively germinate feminised cannabis seeds will grow only female plants - and all the abundant cannabinoids that come with them.

Of course, female cannabis seeds are a bit more expensive because they require extra effort to produce. Essentially, breeders create female-only cannabis seeds by stressing the female plants just enough to trigger their seed-producing response. There are many ways for breeders to create feminised cannabis seeds, the most common of which is to apply special chemicals to mature female plants. The additive insists on female plants in such a way that they will produce seeds from their own genetics without any male chromosomes to mix with.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are produced by crossing indica hybrid seeds or sativa hybrid seeds with Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis is a unique variety of cannabis that flowers at about five to seven weeks of growth.

To be clear, autoflowering seeds can be regular or feminised and will automatically flower regardless of the season. Unlike other indica hybrid cannabis seeds that only start to flower when their light cycle allows, autoflowering seeds produce plants that grow on their own schedule. Although autoflowering cannabis plants tend to get smaller and produce a smaller crop, they are ideal for those with limited space or control over their light cycle.

Appearance and flavour of Cannabis Indica

Given that Indica plants have a short, bushy appearance with large leaves and Sativa plants have the opposite, you can expect a variety of appearances among the different Indica hybrids. In terms of flavour, many describe Indica hybrids as having a tropical taste. However, the specifics will vary greatly, depending on the terpene profile of the strain. For example, consider Motor Punch , a potent Indica-dom strain that has a citrus and pepper flavour with a hint of grape and herbs. Conversely, Girl Scout Cookies has a touch of herbs, pepper and citrus. In addition, Cookies Kush is deliciously sweet, herbal, earthy and minty. The list could go on and on - the fact is that flavours and appearances vary depending on genetics, growing environment, etc.

Growing and flowering Indica

Indica hybrid seeds take about eight to ten weeks to complete the growth process. The timing of outdoor cultivation usually depends on the season and location, but generally Indica varieties flower between September and October. Once flowering begins, growers should begin to see the development of trichomes and densely formed buds following its characteristic Indian growth pattern.

Most Indica hybrid plants will not grow too tall or too short, given the nature of the combination of Indica and Sativa characteristics. Hybrids generally grow with a medium-sized internodal space between them. They will stretch but not too much after your light times have increased to 12/12 as a day/night ratio. Ideally, these hybrids should have high yields from their Indica-dom traits as well as a relatively short flowering period.

How to grow Indica hybrid seeds

The first step in growing indica hybrid seeds is germination. Some germination methods that growers can choose from include the paper towel method or direct planting in the soil. Whichever method the grower chooses, they must ensure that they use the utmost care when handling the delicate plants.

When the seedlings are at least three or four nodes old, growers can start feeding them a dilute fertilizer mixture. Note that growers should use carefully balanced fertilizers. Ideal nutrition for vegan cannabis should include an equal ratio of nitrogen, sodium and phosphorus during this vegetative growth cycle. Growers should also ensure that their nutrient solution has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 to ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

Indica plants should remain under a vegetative light cycle for two to four weeks. Special training tactics such as Screen of Green (ScroG) can improve light penetration and reduce cooking time by up to two weeks. Essentially this is done by spreading the branches to improve light access to other low branches.

Once the plant reaches about half its size, growers can move it to a 12/12 light cycle to trigger flowering. To be clear, photoperiod-dependent cannabis plants need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness to start flowering. This stage usually takes about four to six weeks and is complete once about half of the milky white trichomes covering the flower surface begin to turn amber. Note that the darker the colour, the drowsier the effect. Growers should harvest early for less sedation.

Cannabis Indica pruning and curing

The last step before consumption is to cut and cure the cannabis flowers. As mentioned, cannabis flowers are ready to be harvested when the trichomes start to turn amber. However, growers can start trimming the fan leaves weeks in advance. This makes the cutting process quicker and easier, improves air circulation and helps the heads to grow more densely.

Growers should cut off the branches at the base, leaving a few nodes from which to hang the crop. Next, cut off the large fan-shaped leaves, then cut off the sugar leaves and shape the buds (wet pruning) or wait until the buds are dry to complete this step (dry pruning). Then hang the branches upside down for a week or two, checking their moisture content daily.

Once the branches break instead of bend and the buds become slightly crisp to the touch, growers should cut the buds from the stems and place them ¾ full in sealable glass jars to begin the drying process .

The buds should remain in jars for a week or two, and growers should "burp" (open) the jars once or twice a day for a few minutes at a time to liberate excess moisture. This process ensures that the buds dry slowly and evenly by drawing moisture from the stems through the flowers. It also preserves the flavour and cannabinoid content and allows for a longer storage life.

Common Effects of Cannabis Indica

Many people associate the phrase "indica = in-da-couch" with indica-dominant hybrids. However, this generalisation does not explain exactly how indica hybrid cannabis will affect someone. This is because there is much more involved in a cannabis experience than simply "top-down".

In fact, the effects that indica cannabis might have on a person depend deeply on the unique terpene profile of the cultivar. To clarify, terpenes refer to the aromatic components of the plant and largely influence the subtleties of each individual experience. For example, myrcene (a musky, earthy terpene) can cause a feeling of lethargy and pain reduction. Conversely, the terpene limonene (with a predominantly citrus aroma) would be more likely to cause heightened creative feelings. Both (and more) terpenes could be present in a single variety. Notably, unique terpene profiles can alter a user's experience accordingly.

As such, when determining the best indica strain for a user's unique goals, consider the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Summary of what we know about Indica hybrid seeds

Indica hybrid seeds produce medium to large plants, dense cannabis flowers and powerful, flavorful buds. We have many indica cannabis variants available to suit the goals and budgets of growers around the world. Check out our extensive list of regular and feminised or auto cannabis seeds [shop/graines-autofloraison]. Also check out our review page to see for yourself why our fans love our indica hybrid collection seeds.

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