Comprendre la valeur des graines de cannabis féminisées

Understanding the value of feminised collection cannabis seeds

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Understanding the value of feminised collection cannabis seeds

Because of the value of female cannabis plants, many growers are now wondering if they can crossbreed feminised cannabis seeds. While both male and female cannabis plants are needed to create cannabis products, only female plants can produce cannabinoid-rich flowers. These cannabinoids are the reason why marijuana and hemp have the effects customers seek.

A 2017 Gallup poll found that 45% of the US population had tried marijuana, up from 4% in 1969. A 2019 Gallup poll found that one in seven Americans regularly use CBD products. As cannabis legalisation continues to grow in more and more US states, these numbers will continue to rise. To meet the demand, scientists have discovered wats to create feminised cannabis seeds. Feminised seeds produce only female plants, helping growers maintain high yields for a growing consumer base and increased return on investment.

Understanding the value of feminised cannabis seeds

As noted, feminised cannabis seeds produce only female plants because they contain only female genes. Both hemp and marijuana growers can benefit from growing female-only plants. To be clear, cannabis flowers are full of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, which many studies have shown to have potential health benefits. THC is also the component of the marijuana plant that makes users feel relaxed and euphoric, otherwise known as "high" or "stoned". These feelings are the reason why so many people find the drug extremely attractive.

Most cannabis plants are dioecious, which means that they need two sexes to reproduce: males and females. Hermaphroditic cannabis plants are monoecious because they develop both male and female sex organs.

Generally speaking, male cannabis plants pollinate the females, which the females use to produce more seeds, male or female. Usually the ratio of male and female seeds is about equal. However, female plants tend to be the most valuable, due to their high levels of cannabinoids. As such, many growers prefer to cultivate exclusively female plants. Thus, scientists have developed some methods to create female-only seeds that grow female-only plants.

Yet the question remains: can you then crossbreed feminised cannabis seeds? More on this in a moment.

Traditional cultivation vs. feminised seeds cultivation

When growing regular seeds, it is impossible to know whether they will produce male or female plants. A grower would simply plant seeds and expect about half of them to be male plants and half to be female. Unfortunately, this strategy can be inefficient, especially considering that the purpose of growing is to produce flowering plants. Furthermore, keeping male and female plants together during growth gives the males the opportunity to pollinate the female plants. Once the male plants pollinate the female plants, their potency potential decreases considerably.

To avoid pollination of cannabis, growers carefully monitor the plants at the beginning of flowering, then separate the male and female plants as soon as the sex is apparent. However, this process requires diligent attention and quick action to be effective. This illustrates yet another reason why feminised seeds are so valuable. As such, it's no wonder people ask: can you cross feminised cannabis seeds?

Feminised seeds help ensure higher yields

The process of sexing cannabis plants requires growers to keep a close eye on the plants as they move into their flowering cycle. To be clear, this occurs when the plants receive an equal amount of light and total darkness per day. Unfortunately, it can be tedious to go through all the plants to check their sex. On the other hand, growers can be sure that all plants are female when they grow feminised seeds.

Because feminised seeds can only produce female plants, the reduced effort allows them to produce higher yields with much less effort. Also, there are not a bunch of male plants taking up energy, resources and space in the garden or grow room without producing any product. Growers with feminised seeds can then expect all their plants to produce flowers rather than half.

How do breeders make feminised collection seeds?

There are several ways to produce feminised seeds. The first is to induce females to produce seeds - an evolutionary mechanism that also works well for genetic development. Essentially, when a female produces her own seeds without any male assistance, the seeds will have only female chromosomes, thus eliminating any chance of males developing. A common way to achieve this is to disrupt her light cycle during her flowering phase. Alternatively, growers can allow the females to age after their peak to achieve the same results.

A more common and controlled method of stressing female plants is to spray the female plants with a solution of colloidal silver thiosulphate or silver. The stress causes the female plant to produce pollen sacs so that it can pollinate itself. This is part of their evolutionary process to maintain their genetic lineage.

The resulting offspring will have only female chromosomes, which ensures that the seeds they produce are female. To explain, the pollen of male plants has two chromosomes, an X and a Y. Female plants have only two X chromosomes. When female plants pollinate other female plants, they will only have X chromosomes, which ensures that all the resulting seeds are female.

Feminised seeds are useful for all growers

Growers seeking to produce high yields find much value in feminised seeds. However, other types of growers also find feminised seeds valuable. Most US states have laws limiting the number of plants an adult can grow for personal use. For anyone considering growing in this way, buying regular seeds will probably mean that half of their plants will eventually become male, thus having no yield and no use. As such, feminised seeds are the best way to make the most of what a person can legally grow for personal use. With feminised seed, the grower will know that all his plants will be flower-producing females.

Of course, feminised seeds are more expensive than regular cannabis seeds because of the extra effort involved in their production. However, individual and commercial growers know that their yields could double with feminised seeds, making it money well spent.

Can you crossbreed feminised cannabis seeds?

Male cannabis plants can pollinate female plants from feminised cannabis seeds, just as they would with regular seed plants. Both X and Y chromosomes will be involved so the resulting plants could then be male or female. However, growers and breeders can also stress plants from feminised seeds so that they self-pollinate or pollinate other female plants and produce more feminised seeds.

Growers can also clone plants from feminised seeds, just as they can clone any cannabis plant. The cloning process involves taking a cutting from the mother plant, placing it in a rooting hormone until it grows roots, and then planting it normally. Tomatoes are also easy to clone, as are many other houseplants

However, there is a small caveat here, whether crossing feminised seeds or cloning them. Some cannabis experts claim that feminised plants have a higher probability of becoming hermaphrodites. In other words, crossing or cloning feminised seeds increases their chances of producing hermaphrodite plants. As such, sealing the females increases the possibility that the female flowers will produce seeds.

This being said, it is impossible to predict whether crossing feminised seeds will produce hermaphrodite plants. Just because plants from crossed feminised seeds are more likely to become hermaphroditic does not mean that they will. Maybe they won't.

Why clone feminised plants?

Cloning feminised plants has the same advantage as using feminised seeds in the first place. The idea is to have a garden full of female plants that produce female flowers rather than pollinating male plants. When you clone a feminised plant, you automatically end up with another female plant with exactly the same characteristics as the mother.

The same applies to crossing feminised seeds. When growers produce plants from feminised seeds, the growers can push the resulting female plants to produce only female seeds. The result is a continuous flow of female plants.

Notably, there is currently no scientific evidence that cloning and crossing feminised seeds leads to weaker plant genetics. This is only a theory at this stage.

Emerging cannabis technology removes the uncertainty of buying cannabis seeds from US seed banks. When a cannabis breeder finds an attractive cultivar, he or she crosses that variety with another or takes a cutting for later use. If a breeder likes a feminised seed variety, cloning or crossing those feminised seeds has the same advantage.

Sometimes breeders find that their feminised cannabis seed flowers induce the exact mix of energy, creativity and calm they were looking for. In these cases, they are likely to cross this feminised strain with another successful cultivar or clone it to produce an identical product.

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Have you crossed feminised collection cannabis seeds? Tell us how it went in the comments section below or let us know on social media. We look forward to learning from your experiences.