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Vaporization of cannabis: a means of consumption with a future

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Vaporization of cannabis: a means of consumption with a future

Many governmental pilot projects oriented towards the evaluation of the benefits of cannabis consumption for a therapeutic use, have decided to introduce the use of a vaporizer to carry out their clinical trials. This is by no means a coincidence, as this device would seem to be the best option for administering cannabis to patients by inhalation. Indeed, it is a way of consuming cannabis that is healthier than smoking and has many other advantages.

Stop smoking

Smoking is bad for public health, which is more than recognized in our current society. Storage of smoking is therefore a very good decision belonging to everyone, in order to preserve their health capital. Which can prevent you from your routine visit and expensive At the district tobacco office, with a package that has lost its colors over time. The appearance of the latter has changed well, because it is now decorated with shock photos and sanitary messages, thus alerting to the negative effects that involves cigarette smoke.

In addition, when you know that the latter's price is made up of more than 80 % taxes, with a unitary package crossing the bar of 10 €, as much to say that it stings the wallet. We will also do without the unpleasant smell of the nicotine,  as well as the yellowing of teeth and fingers, not to mention the breath... Unfortunately, a large majority of cannabis consumers still add a variable amount of tobacco to their cannabis cigarette, in order to facilitate combustion and also to obtain a more homogeneous inhalation. However, this is a practice that is widely rejected by therapeutic users and by many purists, who characterize tobacco as a truly hard drug, very harmful and addictive.

Preserve your precious health

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For the time being, most cannabis consumers using a spray are either users therapeutics either consumers occasional Prudent, having strong fears about the sanitary impact that smoke products can cause. HHowever, things are changing, as it seems that the multiplicity of prevention advertising campaigns, broadcast on different media, has opened a new and beneficial perception with the public opinion.

Many arguments used by cannabis prohibitionists are ignorance or disinformation, but it is still necessary to grant them obviousness: a use excessive, as for alcohol, may harm seriously to health. Any smoke resulting from the combustion of a material which is then inhaled by a living being, is potentially harmful to the respiratory tract. That of cannabis contains, among other things, a large amount of tar and of monoxide of carbon.

It is also important to know that its temperature is higher than that of tobacco smoke, which is usually filtered. Another aspect is that most smokers of "firecrackers" inhale longer and sometimes more intensely than smokers of traditional cigarettes.  The major advantage of vaporization results in one technology more healthy, which preserves the human organism from all these long -term misdeeds. It is no coincidence that countries like the France Where Israel, retained this system for the realization of their testing clinics, within the framework of the respective national approval of the use medical cannabis by the latter.

The beneficial action of vaping does not only concern the good preservation of the respiratory tract, as it also extends to all vital functions as well as to the global balance. It is useful to know, concerning cannabis, that the "heavy head" effect felt the next day after consuming a joint, comes directly from the mode of administration (inhalation of a dense smoke caused by the plant matter), not only from the quality of flowers used. Whereas vaporization has a much lesser impact on this level, with a lighter feeling and a much faster recovery.

Discretion and lighter atmosphere

The smell released by the vapor fumes loaded with cannabinoids is completely different from that resulting from classic combustion. It is a more smell complex, light, subtle and aromatic, which can only be perceived by people located within a nearby perimeter. In addition, it does not fix as easily as classic smoke on fabrics, clothes, hair and other materials containing hair fibers. The discretion is therefore a major added value for people who vaporize, because it is often the element that quickly identifies a cannabis consumer.

Buying a spray portable or table demonstrating a benefit of quality Requires a fairly substantial investment, often between 300 and 500 €. We highly recommend the models " Mighty " for the version nomadic, and " Volcano " for a use more sedentary. They are both manufactured by a German company named Storz & Bickel, which is clearly the reference in the sector. We advise you to take special care when buying your vaporizer, as it is important to choose a top of the range model, otherwise you run the risk of being quickly disappointed. The contrast in quality and performance between the different models on the market is immense, so it's best to pay the price, as this is a device that you should be able to use for several years. In addition, it saves on cannabis, since it uses less herb with each fill. The whole organoleptic qualities are optimized with a vaporizer, it is a fact.

Microdosing and moderate consumption

Vaporizers have a vocation medical since their origin, because they offer the possibility of practicing microdosage and D'Obtain different specific temperature settings.This provides a wide and comfortable range of use for users. Certainly, for therapeutic use, vaporization is also more precise than infusion or ingestion. Another major advantage is that the plant material is only heated during inhalation, which preserves all the qualities of the vapor, and allows not to have loss between the periodic spacing of the catches. In a complementary way, you save battery energy and therefore get more autonomy, an interesting advantage for a portable vaporizer.

One experienced user told me that it took him almost two weeks in total to get the hang of the device. This is the time needed to become familiar with all of the device's features. However, he acknowledges that the experience is really different, deeper to his taste and that it has definitely changed his way of consuming cannabis, as he observes the disappearance of some of the previously mentioned inconveniences.  He strongly recommends using your most beautiful flowers to do this, that is to say those that are large, thick, compact and who have a concentration aromatic high. It is generally the heads located on the upper part of the plant, which have received an abundant amount of light. He also advises to use the flowers with a lower quality level, To make oil Using different methods (RSO, olive oil, coconut oil, alcohol etc.)


"It is necessary to follow the advice of a specialist, in order to benefit from a virtuous experience if you carry your choice on another plant than the cannabis"

Aromatic quality

It is true that it is a debate which opened since the appearance of the first vaporizers, because many people found at the time, that the odor as well as the taste of the vapor reflected rather similar qualities. So much so that the distinction between the different varieties consumed was difficult to realize. It is especially because the vast majority

consumers are used to a thicker, more consistent smoke, but especially much richer in carbon monoxide. Vaping requires a change in consumption habits, it must take new benchmarks, and therefore a certain period of adaptation. But once this one exceeded, you will realize that you will be able to benefit fully from all the richness and the aromatic depth of your cannabis, by noting even Subtle nuances which you did not perceive until then.

A different way of consuming

As we have already pointed out in the previous section, if you are already a regular cannabis consumer, you will have to go through a small conversion period, but it is definitely worth it. Vaporization is a direct descendant of Aromatherapy or phytotherapy.  It is a type of alternative medicine, which allows to soothe certain ailments of the body and mind in a simple and cheap way. Many medicinal plants can be vaporized. On the other hand, it is imperative to follow the advice of a specialist in the matter, in order to benefit from a virtuous experience and not to put its health in danger if you carry your choice on another plant than the cannabis.

Conduction or convection

As for vaporizers with a system of heater by conduction, the cannabis is in direct contact with the heating surface of the device, which has some disadvantages such as the possible combustion or the beginning of combustion of the plant material, or an increased difficulty to adjust the temperature. However, this beach of setting of the temperature is a crucial factor which must be taken into account when buying a vaporizer. Concretely, the temperature beyond which the different cannabinoids present in the plant vaporize is between 157 ° and 220 ° Celsius. It seems that low temperatures promote a more "hovering" effect, while those that are higher offer more toned sensations. It is best to choose a model to convection, certainly more expensive, but whose quality of long -term services, largely compensates for financial investment. In the facts, Cannabis is isolated from the heated element by a filter and is Heated by an extremely hot air flow. This is a major point, which must be kept in mind at the time of purchase.

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