Variétés indica ou sativa : Que choisir ?

Indica or Sativa strains: what to choose?

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Cannabis sativa L. is an important herbaceous species from Central Asia, which is used in popular medicine and as a source of textile fibers since time immemorial. This rapid growth plant recently experienced a renewed interest due to its versatile applications: it is indeed a treasure of phytochemical substances and a rich source of cellulosic and woody fibers. 


The pharmacy and construction sectors are seriously interested in this plant, because its metabolites have powerful bioactivities on human health. If diving into the world of cannabis and all its subtleties can be instructive, there is still a lot to learn from a scientific point of view. Two large varieties of cannabis feed thousands of consumers: Sativa cannabis and Indica cannabis. What variety will you choose?


Cannabis Indica: What is it?

The phenotype of Cannabis Indica Results from the evolutionary processes that the plant has suffered to adapt to its environment. While we thought the Sativa cannabis mainly pushed in the Western hemisphere, the Cannabis Indica was appointed for its propensity to push in the wild in India. More specifically, in the mountainous area between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Indica plant is much more robust than sativa. 


It has a woody rod rather than a more flexible and fibrous rod. The leaf of the Indica is darker green, with slumber -wide -widen -tuning fronds than those of Sativa. At full maturity, an indica plant has more mass than sativa.


The effects of Indica cannabis

If the Sativa cannabis seeds are appreciated for their stimulating effects, the Cannabis Indica is just as much for its relaxing and medicinal properties. Human beings have been interacting with this plant for so long that the salutary uses of the Cannabis Indica are apparently endless. With its Prominent Myrcène profile, cannabis indica is known to be sedative and provide a higher body-high than the Sativa cannabis. It promotes sleep, tranquility and pain relief. 


Remember that it is the Magic Magic Terpene which is most likely responsible for these effects. Myrcene also allows the indicica to promote appetite, or what is commonly called "the cravings". The Indica is widely used to promote sleep. However, when taken in the form of edible product or dyeing, the effects remain in the body longer than when smoked.


Who should use the Indica?

Those who seek to:

  • Increase their appetite;
  • Improve their night's sleep;
  • Help us treat their pain;
  • Relax after a long day of work;
  • Calm their nerves;
  • Disconnect rapid thoughts.


The best activities for an indica effect

Following the taking of a Cannabis Indica, the following activities are appropriate.

  • Yoga;
  • Sleep ;
  • Meditation ;
  • Physiotherapy / pain management;
  • Relaxation;
  • Snacking;
  • Watch television / entertainment.


Sativa cannabis: What is it?

Without knowing anything THC or terpenic of a weed, you can distinguish a sativa from an indica just by looking at it. When we talk about structural characteristics, we actually talk about its phenotype. Sativa are the thin and slender cousins ​​of the Indicas. The leaves of the sativa are long, fine and plumes compared to those of the Indica. 


While the flowers of an indica come together around the knots of the plant (the parts of the plant where the new growth emerges), the flowers of a sativa branch out outside. In addition to the thickness of the plant, sativa plants can reach up to 6 meters, they are slender. At the end of the flowering phase of a Sativa cannabis plant, it will seem much longer and less densely flowery.


The effects of sativa cannabis

People are looking for Beuh seeds Sativa variety to feel invigorated, stimulated, inspired and energized. Known to have a separate "cerebral" effect, First quality cannabis seeds Sativas strains are popular. Many find that sativas stimulate the creative unconscious. For those who take cannabis In the morning, the first puff or the first edible product will most likely come from a reliable sativa variety which encourages them to welcome the day. 


Athletes often like to take a kind of sativa before or during a training session. Many athletes say that high people allows meditative concentration without the sedative effects of many Indicas. On the other hand, some people attribute to sativas strong an increase in anxiety. In addition, concentration, activity, acuity, creativity, socialization and stimulation are fashionable words to describe the Sativa cannabis.


Who should use sativa?

Those who seek to:


  • Wake up and cook;
  • Attack their chores;
  • Get organized ;
  • Exploit their creativity;
  • Think and work more innovatively;
  • Act more socially.


The best activities for a sativa effect 

Following the taking of a Sativa cannabis, the following activities are appropriate.


  • Cleaning / organization;
  • Creative brainstorming;
  • Fight against the list of tasks to be accomplished;
  • Hobbies / personal opportunities;
  • Sure outdoor adventurer;
  • Sweet exercise;
  • Arts / Journaling.


Varieties Indica and Sativa: What are the main differences?

In many ways and beyond their physiognomy, the First quality seeds Sativa and Indica strains are different.


Difference between Sativa and Indica: Profile of Terpenes

The way that the Cannabis You make you feel has nothing to do with its physical characteristics. It is rather determined by the content THC and in terpenes. Although many types of terpenes are present in cannabis, Limonene and Pinène occupy the front of the scene for varieties sativa the most popular. How do you know if your weed will cheer you up? Feel it. The aromas of citrus and pine that emanate from a fresh bud will tell you that you are probably holding a sativa or predominantly sativa variety. 


The way terpenes interact with cannabinoids in your grass is what creates psychological and physical effects. Some say that any variety containing more than 50 % of a fire is a sativa. On the other hand, a predominance of this familiar smell of earth and skunky probably indicates that you hold a indica. This rich and musk fragrance is attributed to myrcene, the terpene most associated with the effect of "couch-lock", this feeling of being so relaxed that you have trouble getting up from the sofa. A variety containing 50 % or more of myrcene is considered to be a indica. These are the simplest and most identifiable means of differentiating the Sativa from the Indica.


THC and CBD content

In addition, people often associate a rate of THC higher and a rate of CBD lower to sativas, while they associate a higher CBD level with indica. Research carried out on allegations according to which sativas has a content of THC higher indicates that it is true, but not to a significant extent. This means that Thc and CBD contents of sativas and indicas can vary, which ultimately means that sativas and indicas cannot be locked in hermetic categories. It is also important to mention that there have been a lot of crosses during the thousands of years of existence of cannabis. Almost every variety, whether it is called "sativa" or "Cannabis Indica", is a form of hybrid.


Sativa and Indica: Climate

The ideal climatic conditions for the culture of the indica in relation to that of sativa are not the same. For the sativas, hot temperatures are optimal; They thrive in places like Mexico, Africa, Brazil or Thailand. Cannabis seeds indica, on the other hand, develop better in fresher climates such as Turkey or Morocco. Another aspect to be taken into account when deciding to cultivate indica or sativa is the possibility of cultivating inside or outside. While Indica plants are ideal for Indoor culture, Sativa are better cultivated outdoors due to their size.


Aspect: Sativa vs Indica

The appearance of sativas And Indicas is also very different when plants mature. Sativa are generally large and slender; Their height can reach twenty or more feet. Most indicicas, on the other hand, are short and bushy; They usually measure only three or four feet. 


The buds also differ; They are generally more dense on Indica plants that on sativas, although sativa buds are generally the most sticky of the two. Regarding the branches of the plant, sativas tend to be longer and more spread out than the Indica. As for the leaves, the Indicas often have cannabis leaves Larger and wider than sativas, and their leaves being darker green than those of sativa plants.


Harvest: Indica or Sativa

Another characteristic difference between the two is the time that the sativa plants Compared to Indica plants to flower before it is time to harvest. Sativa plants take more time to mature or produce buds than indications because they contain less chlorophyll. Indicas generally have a flowering duration of 45 to 60 days, while sativas take 60 to 90 days to complete flowering. However, sativa strains generally need less time in the stage of vegetative growth than indications, so that the global growth time is almost the same.


Nugs: Sativa and Indica

Experienced users of cannabis Can also often make the difference between Sativa and Indica by the smell of the product. By comparing the nugs of cannabis seeds sativa And indica, most people find that the aroma of fresh sativa buds is generally much more spicy than that of the Indicas. Sativas can have a sweet and fruity or floral smell and can even have fuel hints. The Indicas, on the other hand, often feel the earth and the mold; Some users go so far as to describe the aroma as being similar to that of a fuss.


How to choose between Sativa and Indica?

If the difference between the Indica and Sativa effects is important for many recreational marijuana consumers, it is of particular importance for those who need it for salutary purposes. The difference between the indica and sativa effects means that individuals can choose their ideal cannabis variety according to their personal preferences and the ills they would like to relieve by consuming.


  • Depression
  • THE Cannabis varieties Sativa are stimulating, energizing and often contain high quantities of CBD, a cannabinoid that has proven to be effective against depression. In the choice between Sativa and Indica, the strains sativa are often more ideal for depression, because they stimulate the desire to get up, to go out and to be productive.


  • ADHD
  • The main difference between an Indica and Sativa High is that the latter is a stimulant, which affects the brain of people with ADHD in the same way as the drugs prescribed for their condition. The use of strains sativa marijuana as Therapeutic cannabis For ADHD can provide the attention to do things without unwanted pharmaceutical effects.


  • Stimulation of appetite
  • THE France collection cannabis seeds strain sativa Also good at stimulating hunger, which is important for people who suffer from emaciation following cancer or HIV/AIDS treatments. THE THC is also excellent to calm nausea and vomiting, another reason why this is a popular natural treatment for cancer patients.


  • Insomnia
  • Predominantly grass varieties indica Can be extremely sedative and are often taken as an remedy against insomnia. Usually this type of strain is consumed in the evening or just before bedtime.


  • Muscle pain/spasms
  • When choosing a indica Compared to a sativa for pain, it is essential to take into account the "bodily" euphoria which results from the consumption of Indica strains. This makes them particularly effective in relaxing muscles and relieving body pain.


  • Headache
  • There are a whole series of over -the -counter drugs and pharmaceutical products to treat serious headaches such as migraines, but some people do not respond to these treatments or cannot withstand side effects. THE Therapeutic cannabis And in particular Indica strains, can help people with migraines.


    What depends on the choice between Indica and Sativa?

    The structure of the plant makes it possible to determine with certainty if it is about Sativa cannabis or Cannabis Indica. Although these plants weed are generally known to be stimulating or sedative, the truth is that the cannabinoid receivers of each individual are different. This means that a Northern Lights Cannabis Indica Who sleeps your friends can also make you lose your mind. The important thing is to pay attention to the way in which the content of THC, CBD and terpenes of a variety affects your mind and body. 


    The question that is most often asked when we are offered a dose of grass is: "Is it indica or sativa?". Instead, the question you should ask is "what is its profile in THC And in terpenes? ". It does not matter if it seems a little too intelligence for you. The thing to remember is that the experience you draw from your weed depends much more on the entourage effect of cannabinoids and terpenes of your beuh than physical characteristics of the plant itself. You may find that you like Cannabis Indica as much as Sativa cannabis.