Comment sélectionner le meilleur phénotype de votre variété de cannabis favorite ?

How to select the best phenotype of your favorite cannabis variety?

29/07/22Lu en 6mn


  • When choosing high quality cannabis seeds For a potential new culture, this is done according to a series of personal expectations, which most of the time are linked to the sensations that the plant provides (taste, effect, power), or it may concern the level of resistance or production of the latter.
  • Logically, everyone's criteria vary from person to person, this is the reason why the priorities are not the same for everyone and it is better like that, it starts with the choice of cannabis seeds, whether rather sativa or indica is a first step. 
  • During this article, we explain to you how to select the best phenotype of your favorite cannabis variety, using the different necessary criteria. You can therefore quietly choose the one who is important to you. 


Most of the time, cannabis growers want to produce cannabis for personal purposes in order to appreciate its aroma, taste and effects. Whether you are a sativa lover, or more specifically haze or plants with high THC levels, the selection criteria are identical.

 However, depending on the position of each, the priorities are variable, because the level of production can be something not necessarily very important for a domestic cultivator, that for a society which cultivates thousands of cannabis plants per hectare and which must ensure a certain financial viability for their good future.

There are other criteria which also have major importance, such as the size of the plant for example, because particular cultivators can have a space at the limited size at home, and professional cannabis cultivators have the will to Take advantage of the optimization of each CMof their culture.

 This is the reason why the characteristics of the feminized varieties used have a major role to play at this level. Knowing the duration of the growth period as well as flowering, which is calculated in weeks, is another aspect exercising a direct influence on the cycle of rotation of the culture, which makes it possible to possibly consider a possibility of additional production annually.

The resistance potential to deal with fungal and insect diseases also has an important place, because if we start to cultivate a variety in the face of unsuitable climatic conditions, this can cause disastrous economic losses. In terms of genetic stability, it is the same thing, there is no other choice than to ensure the viability of the seeds for the chosen purpose.


The main criteria to select your favorite cannabis phenotype

1- The taste

Some people appreciate the taste of the predominantly indica variety called Gorilla Grue, while others will prefer more sativa varieties containing a part of Haze genetics, like our Original amnesia. You will therefore understand through these examples, that this is completely subjective and specific to each.

The most important thing is your personal feeling, which means that if you find that the flowers of a particular variety gives you some pleasure like no other, then it is useless to ask more questions, you need everything Simply keep a few cuttings from the plant from which they come. This will allow you to be able to cultivate plants of this strain of cannabis again, in order to obtain delicious heads to delight your taste buds later.

 You may meet a funny situation, that is to say that one of your loved ones or your friends disputes your decision, telling you that the latter is strange and that it does not share your opinion. Our best advice is to ignore everything we can tell you, quite simply because this choice belongs only to you, only your pleasure counts in this case. 

2- The aroma

The particular aroma of a variety of cannabis can move the human being positively as he can conversely, be repellant. We all have smells that easily seduce our olfactory system, and simply make us want to feel or even just consume the product that attracts us at that time.

It happens exactly the same with the cannabis plant, a person can strongly appreciate the aroma produced by a predominant variety indica as purple punch or even White widow, whose aromatic profile is clearly dominated by an identical terpene called Myrcene.

The latter is the one that is most commonly encountered in the majority of cannabis varieties, its aroma is fairly earthy, with shades of marked humus that we find in the undergrowth.

 Another subject will prefer more that of skunk flowers, which is more spicy, with notes of spices, ripe fruit and pinene, or a kush which has a more radically contrasting terpenic profile, with shades of gasoline , lemon and also dominated by Pinène, which gives a certain intensity and consistency to the whole. Again, this is something completely personal, only you can judge the emotions you can feel.

There are so many genetics on the market these days, you will only be spoiled for choice to find the variety that best suits you. However, in general, it must be admitted that a car normally has a complexity as a lower intensity concerning this point, and it is the same for the flavor, this is due to the Ruderalis genetics which is more tasteless and tends to weaken this part. However, it is important to say that this trend may evolve positively in the future, thanks to the stabilization carried out over several generations during a defined Breeding program. 

3- The effect

The effect like the set of characteristics found within a phenotype of a specific variety, can be completely different or even unique, even for a genetic line whose THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) rate, as the dominant Sativa or Indica of a variety of cannabis which are completely identified, and even when the terpenic profile (terpenes and flavonoids) is known with the greatest precision.

These are the natural vagaries of all genetic developments, because we evaluate this in a statistical way concerning a population of subjects (%). But even if we sometimes think we know all the possible variations, many surprises are possible, in good and bad ways.

We identify two types of very distinct effects so far, which are classified into two categories: Sativa and Indica. Although these terms are not only used to designate the effects of cannabis, as they also serve to characterize the structural physiognomy of any cannabis plant. But for the subject which interests us at the heart of this specific theme, we generally judge a sativa effect as being energizing, providing a certain stimulating cerebral elevation, with a part of euphoria.

Conversely, it is said that the effect of a genetics is rather typed indica, when we consume cannabis flowers and that we feel relaxing sensations, inviting us to physical and mental rest. They are completely opposed and yet the Americans who have the most important legal market in the world, say that these terms will be used more in a very close future, because current polyhybrides offer much more balanced and nuanced effects than in the past , and therefore the distinction is no longer as clear. It is possible to realize it quite easily by consuming different hybrids containing partly of The OG Kush.

With modern genetics, the THC level is no longer the only referent indicator concerning the effect or power, it is also necessary to be attentive to "the entourage effect", which is orchestrated by the presence of a large set of Cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids. The singular consideration of the THC will mislead you, because the feeling of the sensations is also related to your physical and mental state of the period (cumulative fatigue, personal problems etc.). 

All of this also depends on your own biochemical composition, because the latter is also responsible for the sensations encountered by each individual. In any case, once again, you will have to listen to your personal instinct and simply trust the well-being brought by a variety of concrete cannabis. What is certain is that if you have a real crush on cannabis plants, then do not hesitate to keep some quality cuttings for your next culture.

4- The size

We have therefore discerned now the organoleptic criteria of cannabis, because it is the major elements that interest us during tasting, and which will hold your greatest attention when selecting the best phenotype of your favorite cannabis variety.

However, it is also important to mention other criteria to ensure perfect viability of culture, such as the size of the plants that you will cultivate. This will have a direct impact on the structural possibilities offered to you in your culture space. Cultivators having only an indoor space whose height is moderate, even drastically limited, will more choose their predominantly Indica plants or a car seed, due to their compact size and the intermediaries which are not very spaced. 

This is why once again varieties like Purple Punch, Dutch Ryder Auto, have their place for an indoor culture worthy of the name. Although this is a predominantly sativa hybrid, the original feminized seeds Amnesia will offer you fabulous indoor results like all Kush genetics, if an adapted method is used (size and different pinchs). While plants that contain a large share of Haze, could prove to be a real nightmare for cultivators, because size would be a ordeal to control and they could be disappointed so much by the quantity and general quality of the harvest.

It is necessary to grant a certain credit to all the characteristics of your plants, because it must be kept in mind that they will have to ensure their development for whole weeks, which may seem long if we are in difficulty in cause of a bad choice of seeds. It is true that realizing your order from Seeds a few weeks before starting the festivities is a fun and pleasant thing, because there are a lot of varieties whose harvest and all the qualities make any passionate about this dear millennial plant dream.

For professionals this can be a crucial aspect, especially because the optimization of their infrastructure has a direct impact on their profitability and therefore on what is produced within their exploitation. Nowadays, there are so many different possibilities concerning the development of a site, indoors the vertical culture that we see more and more and the methods also evolve outside. Even if the latter loves his job very much as the finished product, economic viability remains his main leitmotif, which is purely logical because this is what makes him live and his family. The approach is therefore not the same ...

5- Production

Whether it is the passionate or the professional, their ideas often meet during this part, because they both seek an option that produces a very abundant harvest, even if their finality is diametrically different. The interest of a passionate amateur is to obtain the best harvest possible at all levels in a limited space, because it takes care of it daily for weeks and that this also generates associated costs. It is therefore logical that we have our choice on a hybrid that we like for different reasons, but it is important that the harvest obtained allows us to ensure our personal consumption until the end of the following cycle. 

This is also the reason why by using varieties such as Critical Mango, L.A. Vanilla Cake, Moby Dick, Gorilla Frost, Original Amnesia, Purple Punch, Gorilla Glue or Critical+ 2.0 Auto And Moby Dick Auto, you will be filled in this direction.

For the professional, the reasons are different but the purpose is similar, the production capacity is certainly what interests him most because it is what influences the economic results of his business. Like what the choice of optimal genetics or SEEDS is the very good stone to the building, and that it is preferable to grant the most precious considerations in this regard.

6- Duration of the growth and flowering period

This part will also interest the two profiles mentioned above, because the duration of the growth and flowering period allows us to know how many annual production cycles we will be able to obtain. For the professional, it is clear that an additional harvest in the year will significantly improve his financial record. For the enthusiast, this will allow him to be more comfortable in his daily consumption and less to restrict himself, or to be able to share this with his closest friends, for his greatest pleasure, because conviviality, humanity and Generosity are intrinsic values ​​that agree with cannabis.

This is why the seeds of Gorilla Frost, White Widow, Gorilla Glue, or varieties like Purple Punch, Skunk or certain Kush, are wonderful options in order to master this criterion well. Original Amnesia offers a superb compromise here, because its flowering is short for a Haze Sativa hybrid, it is similar to the duration of an indica, just like its final yield. Again, it depends on the compromises you choose to do or know what your main priorities are.

 Obviousness is that if you the time factor is important for you, then it will be better to choose varieties with dominant Indica. However, even an enlightened professional aware of this, will have no other alternative than to choose predominantly sativa plants in the event that he exercises his activity under difficult climatic conditions. There is also an ultimate solution for the latter, which would be to opt for a quality car, whose real added value is speed.

7- Resistance capacity for mold and insects

This subject goes to the order of priority for the informed professional, behind production, because the significant losses of hundreds or even thousands of plants could be a disastrous thing to it and destroy all the efforts made upstream. The direct consequence would be the jewel of its financial muscle. It is therefore fundamental in the case of a selection process, to exclusively keep the plants most resistant to the different plagues.

Regarding passionate cannabulteur, the issues are not the same, but it is also more interesting to preserve varieties that are capable of facing these harmful natural elements, because otherwise it will relatively lose plants that captivate and delight the 'Set of his senses.

For all these reasons, it is of major importance to only keep plants or phenotype demonstrating complete and qualitative characteristics, the immune system of which is solid, and corresponding above all to the climate where you are, because otherwise the problems will come to You quickly. Please note, we must apply the same rules indoors, because although we can have the hand on the climate, that will not be enough and the complications will appear after a more or less long period. You can never be told enough, grant the greatest vigilance when you order your seeds. 

8- Watch out for genetic damage

When we talk about genetics, we speak of living beings, who as we are not all equal in their biological conception. You can find a phenotype with interstellar performance and therefore of extraordinary quality, in the middle of a selection of thousands of plants. However, the future of your elite clone could be compromised if the elected representative of your heart demonstrates certain abnormal deformations or genetic mutations.

This is exactly the same thing, if you decide to keep hermaphrodite feminized varieties from seeds, it is better to get rid of it from the start because you will gradually encounter recurring problems, which could even get worse according to the different stress generated At one time or another at the heart of your space. Do not hesitate and believe that in the interior you will be spared within a controlled environment, it is an illusion. If you want to select plants from feminized cannabis seeds, put the bar of your highly high requirements, in order to avoid arriving during a potential flowering period and you attend a real chaos.

If you always work from quality seeds, you will avoid a plethora of problems of this type and you will avoid spending money, energy and time for nothing. There is a basic rule, if you observe signs of genetic degeneration from the start, you should not procrastinate long, even if the quality of the heads seems appetizing and delicious. We cannot preserve or enrich our collection of elite clones, with individuals with important anomalies, which could degenerate even more time passing, because it is clearly what is happening most of the time.