Comment reconnaitre des graines de cannabis de qualité supérieure ?

How to recognize superior quality cannabis seeds?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

To grow superb cannabis plants, you need cannabis seeds quality. If you start a culture with poor quality seeds, the chances of obtaining a good yield are tiny. Although you may not know it, the cannabis seeds high quality have specific characteristics that often distinguish them from unhealthy seeds. 

Knowing how to differentiate between good seeds and worthless seeds is therefore of capital importance. This will not only save your money to save but especially not to invest your efforts in vain. If it is true that having the characteristics of a good seed in mind will help you, the place where you buy it is still important. 


The importance of the origin of your seeds 

Before starting to check the quality of the seeds to buy, it is important to tackle the speech on the place to get them. By buying cannabis seeds In renowned culture workshops and headshops, you considerably increase the chances that your cannabis seeds are of good quality. In addition, you will know how it is, it is its characteristics, its flowering time, etc. It is always wise to choose in the assortment of a deemed seed bank and having a physical location. In addition to the fact that their seeds always burst, these stores will offer you a multitude of information on the variety you have in mind. However, all the cultivators of cannabis as grass do not have access to seeds with such a star status. 


Sometimes, as a smoker, you can come across a Moby Dick Graine Or Graine Og Kush (or more) of a doubtful seller in your recently purchased grass bag. First of all, the presence of seeds in the grass you bought indicates quality and culture problems. The weed plants were probably fertilized by a wandering male, otherwise they do not contain seeds. In addition, these seeds often do not germinate at all, because they are underdeveloped or of poor quality. A seed cannabis Low, therefore bad genes, means that the weight of your plant and harvest will be disappointing. No matter how green your fingers are. And unlike the seeds from a renowned seed bank, you have no idea what you grow. 


Thus, a very effective tip for knowing if your seller serves quality is to buy bad grass from him and see if it contains seeds. In addition, the good banks of cannabis seeds Always guarantee a percentage of germination of 90 % or more. On the other hand, with seeds from doubtful sellers, you are in the most total ignorance.


How does harvest affect the quality of cannabis?

Some producers pay particular attention to harvest to obtain cannabis The best possible quality. After years of experience, many have a preference for their harvest season. If a cannabis Strong and sedative is desired, so planning the harvest until the trichomes become milky white is the best way to get there. Under pressure to produce more than Cannabis Indica Or Sativa cannabis And start another culture cycle as soon as possible, most commercial producers harm when trichomes are still transparent. This leads to obtaining poor quality seeds. Washing the plant also affects the quality of the seeds. 


Many cannabis sellers prefer to use this procedure to "eliminate" excess nutrients and minerals that have accumulated in the plant and the growth environment. If it is one of the options used, it is reported that smoke is significantly more pleasant and less irritating. It will make them cannabis seeds more pleasant and of better quality. In countries where the consumption of cannabis is legal, a common question is whether the plant has been washed properly. This is why it is so important to use sellers renowned to be sure that all stages of cannabis cultivation have been respected.


What are the characteristics of high quality cannabis seeds?

Whether you command seeds or find them somewhere, their quality can be assessed by examining the following characteristics.


Color: a determining factor 

A simple glance at your cannabis seeds will give you a good idea of ​​their quality. Color is a good indicator, healthy seeds often having slightly darker skin. THE First quality cannabis seeds, healthy and viable present a brown color which varies from a clear shade to a much darker shade. Some seeds are more uniform, while others have multiple nuances and patterns of tiger or turtle shells. THE France collection cannabis seeds may also present a pattern of scratches or tiger points. 


Any seed that belongs to this range of colors is promising. Color changes within this spectrum are mainly due to genetic factors, but environmental variables also play a role. Some seeds take a darker tone after being packed for several months. Humidity, lighting and oxidation also lead to a slight change in appearance. On the other hand, marijuana seeds begin to become doubtful when they have a green color. Green colors are a sign that the producer has collected cannabis seeds too early. This vegetative aspect means that the seeds have not had the time they need to develop properly, which exposes them to a higher risk of not germinating. Sometimes these grains can be pale white. 


If the Dinafem seed, Mobydick Graine, Booba seed, Seed B-45 Or Critical seed+ 2.0 Purchased looks like this, she will probably not germinate. And even if you manage to germinate immature seeds, it takes a lot of time and the cannabis plant that you will get will inevitably disappointing.


Optimal size and shape

THE First quality cannabis seeds are of all shapes and all sizes. Some cultivars produce small and compact seeds with very little space between the external shell and the immature leaves of Cotyledon nestled inside. Despite their small size, these seeds are completely viable when they have other good health indicators, such as color and age. Others France collection cannabis seeds Take a wide and swollen appearance. Sometimes this results from their genetic constitution, in other circumstances, high levels of calcium and magnesium can strengthen the circumference of the seeds. Despite size differences, the cannabis seeds healthy share a similar shape. 


They have a tear -shaped body, round at one end and tapered to the other. The seeds that depart from this coherent form can have a genetic defect. Seeds that are exceptionally flat or misshapen can undergo germination problems and produce mediocre plants. The size is relative, but generally First quality cannabis seeds are larger. You have to keep in mind that the stumps of Cannabis Indica tend to produce seeds larger than those of Sativa cannabis.


The physiognomy of the seed 

The quality of their shell also helps to report the performance of future plants. THE cannabis seeds healthy presents a slight sparkle on their shells, as if the producers had polished them with a little wax. They generally also have shiny skin. You can see it clearly under a lamp. If your cannabis seeds are rough or have a dull appearance, you can deduce that the quality is bad. If you have the choice, opt for waxy seeds with a shine to improve your results. Moreover, the First quality cannabis seeds should be elastic and seem solid when you enter them. It is easy to test it yourself. Put a cannabis seed Between your fingers and press it. Viable seeds should not crumble, break or give in. If the envelope is not firm to the touch, but breaks easily or seems lifeless, it is an old seed. These seeds do not germinate often. Likewise, if the envelope is not shiny and smooth, but full of cracks and holes, these are probably bad seeds.


Other factors: cost, age and weight 

Cheap, is expensive, and a cannabis seed is not exempt from this maxim. Quality seeds are not cheap (at least compared to other agricultural seeds). This does not mean that the weakest seeds cannot be too expensive, but if you find cannabis seeds Who proclaim excellent genetics at a price that seems too good to be true, it is best to avoid them. Another helpful factor. 


It is a difficult aspect to know, if it is not you who produce the seeds. Quality seeds are collected at their full maturity. If a Seed Amnesia Was harvested before the plant can transport as much stored energy as possible, so this seed will start its life with a deficit. The color, as mentioned above, can be an indicator showing whether a seed has been harvested or not at the right time. Finally, the weight often goes hand in hand with the waist, but the heaviest seeds are generally of better quality than lighter seeds. The older a seed, the larger the potential loss of humidity and nutrients, which reduces its total weight.


What are the tests to test to test the quality of cannabis seeds?

If you still don't know if cannabis seeds purchased inadvertently or harvested with a new culture are like the First quality cannabis seeds Or not, it is always possible to raise doubt about it. The inspection of their appearance is very useful, but the following tests will allow you to know if they are of good quality.


The float test

A classic ! The float test is only a popular wisdom, and yet it works. How is it going ?


  • Fill a glass or a jar of fresh water.
  • Put your cannabis seeds in water. Now the issues are high. Will they float or will they flow? The seeds that plunge at the bottom are probably of good quality. Floating seeds probably do not break and are therefore not very good.


However, such a conclusion is not completely free from errors. Give your seeds for two hours before determining their quality. Sometimes the Superior quality seeds It is difficult to absorb water due to their hard skin. This can float them at first. So don't be too in a hurry when you submit to this test. It would be a shame to throw healthy seeds in a hurry!


Advice: Do not perform the floors only when you have the entire culture in the starting blocks. Once the cannabis seeds have been wet, it is not possible to put them back in the packaging. You should let them germinate immediately. So, if you have a stock of seeds, test as much as you want to have them germinate and push.


The ultimate test: germination 

Perhaps you do not like the idea of ​​a test and want to ignore all the well-intentioned advice, hoping that your cannabis seeds throbbing vigorously? Do not hesitate to do it and plant them in the floor while waiting for a small green rod to emerge. THE First quality cannabis seeds often germinate after 2 or 3 days using this method. There are also varieties of cannabis, like some sativas, who take their time. Depending on the strain, it can sometimes take up to 7 days. The important thing here is that only the quality seeds germinate. If you let these seeds germinate and the heads appear, you will have instant confirmation that these are quality seeds.


What about the lifespan of cannabis seeds?

It often happens to amateur cultivators to have more than cannabis seeds that they cannot produce it at that time. In this case, you need to do something to extend the shelf life. But how long do the seeds last? THE cannabis seeds Are they perishable? Appropriate storage methods considerably extend the viability of seeds. However, it happens that your seeds are prey to humidity, light and hot temperatures. 


And that does not help their lifespan. Renowned seed banks often sell their seeds in a tube with a lid containing a humidity extractor. This allows you to keep fresh seeds for a long time. The seeds are better preserved in a cool and dark place, like a cupboard of the kitchen. It is a place where the Cannabis seeds with self -foliage, THE Feminized cannabis seeds (Female) or Outdoor cannabis seeds can be maintained viable for years.