Comment conserver les graines de cannabis ?

How to keep cannabis seeds?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

THE cannabis seeds have recently experienced favorable legislation in many countries. While the judgments on these seeds went from Charybde to Scylla, a plethora of countries has now made possible the marketing of these products. People can therefore buy these seeds and use them for various ends. But if we don't want to use the cannabis seeds Immediately, they should be kept. 


Keep them cannabis seeds Under the right conditions allows you to preserve your favorite genetics for a long time. However, doing it incorrectly can cause a series of problems that lead to the same result: the seeds do not germinate. Although popular belief praise a rather easy conservation of cannabis seeds, it is better to wear a picky eye. How can we keep cannabis seeds?


What are the main storage conditions?

All harvest and successful hatch begin with a cannabis seed healthy, which is only possible with good storage and conservation practices. A cannabis seed Can present itself as a small rustic thing with a resistant exterior envelope. 


Despite their robust nature, the Cannabis seeds with self -foliage, THE Feminized cannabis seeds (Female) or even Outdoor cannabis seeds are living organisms which must be treated with care, in order to guarantee the vitality of the embryo they contain. Environmental conditions are very important for the health and vitality of your cannabis seeds, because these factors inhibit the end result of their growth phase. Find out how you can optimize the preservation of your cannabis seeds in order to obtain fruitful harvests and cannabis leaves Perfect.


Exposure to light

THE cannabis seeds have never been designed to withstand light and it is better to keep them in darkness, away from brightness. THE cannabis seeds should be kept away from light as long as possible, ideally in a dark and waterproof container. The seed shell helps protect the embryonic tissue from light, which promotes the dormancy of the seeds. 


In the wild, the seeds of Cannabis France Generally fall from the plant in autumn and remain under a slight layer of soil until they germinate the following spring. Therefore, the seeds of cannabis have not evolved to deal with intense levels of light, which can trigger chemical germination processes. Storage of cannabis seeds in an opaque and dark container is a good way to maintain maximum germination rates in the future.


Humidity level

Humidity is the enemy of your cannabis seeds and, as such, it must be controlled in an expert manner. That you have bought France collection cannabis seeds Or not, avoid high humidity levels to reduce the risk of mold on your seeds. Seeds germinate at high humidity levels.


  • 80 % humidity and more: ideal conditions for the germination of your seeds.
  • 40% - 80%: problematic area for fungi.
  • 20% - 30%: ideal conditions for short -term seed storage.
  • 18% - 20%: Ideal conditions for medium -term storage.
  • 8% - 14%: Best conditions for long -term storage.


Even if you get your First quality cannabis seeds Fresh of the plant, it may be necessary to store them properly before germination. Follow the humidity guidelines described above to measure best practices for your situation. Very high levels of relative humidity are used to germinate cannabis seeds ; Therefore, it is logical to use low humidity conditions for their conservation. 


A good way to make sure that the seeds remain dry is to include a dehydrating in the container where you keep the seeds, these small packets of silica gel which are often included with different products. They also absorb any excess ethylene produces as the seeds age, which can stimulate their germination later. You can even use rice grains if necessary.


Temperature fluctuations

When it comes to keeping cannabis seeds, the more fresh, the better. But only to a certain extent. At low temperature, the life of a Critical seed+ 2.0 Or Critical seed Mango or Graine Og Kush is considerably prolonged. Indeed, the delicate living tissues of the plant can survive for much longer periods, as cold temperatures slow down cellular biochemistry. 


Another option is to freeze seeds cannabis To store them in the long term, but if the process is not carried out correctly, it can damage them instead of protecting them. The ideal storage temperature is between 4 ° and 8 ° C. Without a doubt, you can keep the seeds at higher temperatures, but their shelf life will be reduced. Many producers use temperatures of around 4 ° C, but it is not an exhaustive figure either.


Oxygen limit

Although this is not such a decisive factor, if a seed of Cannabis Indica Or Sativa cannabis Receives a constant supply of fresh oxygen, premature germination can also be caused. To avoid this, keep your Cannabis seeds best genetics in a bag or airtight container. Inside a vacuum covering, it is ideal, but any container or sealed place is enough.


What are the best ways to keep cannabis seeds?

There are different options depending on the duration during which you intend to keep the seeds.


A refrigerator 

Depending on the conditions described above, it is preferable to keep the seeds of CBD cannabis In a cool, dry and dark place. This essentially describes a refrigerator, ideally "freezing", which can protect the seeds from the damage caused by frost. But with a warning: you cannot open the door all the time. This is why it is preferable that you have a refrigerator specifically dedicated to storage of seeds cannabis. Or at least a second refrigerator that rarely opens, because each time the interior is exposed, it undergoes fairly large temperature fluctuations. The humidity level also changes.


Glass jars

Buyers who want to store their cannabis seeds For long -term purposes can use glass jars because they do not allow any amount of water to enter. The pots are available in large sizes, which makes them suitable for storing Outdoor cannabis seeds in large quantities. You can place a drying package inside the pot to regulate moisture. In addition, you can also use cotton balls to separate the packet from the seeds and absorb excess humidity that can damage the seeds. You should seal the pot with a tight cap or wrap the pot with an opaque cloth. This method allows you to keep your France collection cannabis seeds for many years.


Paper envelopes

If you want to keep your cannabis seeds For a short period, you can place them in envelopes. You can use a standard postal envelope. However, you should make sure the envelope is thick to protect the seeds from light. You can keep the seeds in a dark place where there is no light that is a germination agent, so that First quality cannabis seeds remain dormant and do not germinate. In addition, you can label the envelope with the stump name, the storage date and the number of days during which you store the seeds. If you want to make sure your seeds Therapeutic cannabis Are incredibly safe in the envelope, you can sprinkle rice grains or obtain dehydrating packaging to regulate humidity. You should make sure you keep the envelope inside to prevent bad weather from affecting it.


Mylar bags

If you don't want to use glass, you can use mylar bags to store your seeds for a long time. However, you should make sure that the bags are thick and get dehydrating packaging to make sure the seeds CBD cannabis are in good humidity and that no light can penetrate inside. The bags are resistant to poor temperatures, which makes your seeds safe.


Vacuum sealed bags

Alternately, you can keep your cannabis seeds in vacuum sealed bags. They are completely sealed and prevent any oxygen from contacting the seeds. Vacuum sealed bags are suitable for storing many seeds. You can decide to use the vacuum sealed bag alone, or you can place it in a small container. The two methods are effective and your seeds remain dormant for the fixed period.


How long can marijuana seeds be preserved?

In general, always look for proven quality seeds. If the ideal conditions described above are provided, they can be kept up to 5 years after their production and remain viable. If you give them decent storage conditions and you maintain these conditions (that is to say without large fluctuations in environmental parameters), we can expect that a Dinafem seed, Mobydick seed, Booba seed or Seed B-45 Stay good after a year or two without problem. 


Naturally, the longer you keep marijuana seeds, the lower the chances of germination. Incorrectly store them also reduced these possibilities. So keep them properly as we have described and use them as quickly as you can, to ensure the highest possible germination rate.


How to keep your seeds depending on the duration?

Once you have understood the parameters according to which you must keep your seeds, it's time to take action. Different options are available depending on the desired shelf life.


  • Short term
  • If you only need short -term storage, a drawer or a dark wardrobe is sufficient. The most important thing, whatever the duration of the storage, is to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Quick temperature variations, in particular, can destroy your cannabis seeds. If you live in a place where daytime temperatures are hot and cold nights, avoid storage outside. For short -term conservation, place the seeds in a container containing a dehydrating product. Close it and place it in a cool and dark place.


  • Middle term
  • When you enter the medium -term storage (a few months), it's time to use an airtight container. You will then place this airtight container in the refrigerator. Remember that opening the refrigerator can cause significant temperature variations. Therefore, the ideal is to have a second refrigerator that you rarely use. You should also know that modern refrigerators have a low humidity. If the humidity is too low, your France collection cannabis seeds Or First quality cannabis seeds will start consuming nutrients.


  • Long term
  • If you want to keep your seeds CBD cannabis For at least six months, use a vacuum container. You can get this effect by removing the whole air from a Ziploc bag. There are also special vacuum containers available online. Place the sealed bag in a dark container and put it in the refrigerator. You also have the possibility of placing cannabis seeds in the freezer. Do not forget, however, that you should have them germinate immediately after having removed them.


    Some tips for keeping the seeds 

    In addition to applying the guidelines indicated above, you will have to follow some tips for a delightful end result.


  • Keep the container closed and label the different varieties 
  • This may seem obvious, no doubt, but you should not neglect the moment to label the different varieties you have. Once the seeds have been stored in their containers, you can only open them to get out and grow them. It is not advisable to open and close the container, because, in this short period of time, all the seeds that you will not use will no longer be in the adequate conditions where they were. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can be harmful to them. 


    The labeling of the strains you have is even more essential if you cannot see them. In this case, it will be enough to affix a small label and write in pencil the name of the variety contained in each pot: Sativa cannabis Or Cannabis Indica. This pot should in turn be kept inside a cup, in order to avoid being mistaken by wanting to choose them.


  • Hold the clean storage environment
  • To keep them well cannabis seeds, you must also ensure the cleanliness of the storage environment. If you are not careful, pests can quickly destroy your seeds from cannabis France If they have access to the storage container and its content. A clean environment also prevents other contaminants, such as microbes, to compromise the quality of your seeds. After all, you will end up planting these seeds and you don't want to consume cannabis cultivated from contaminated seeds. 


  • Dry the seeds correctly 
  • Whether you choose to store seeds in a refrigerator or in another dark house in the house, you must pay attention to the other risks that exist. It is for this reason that, as many experienced cultivators warn, you must dry the cannabis seeds And leave them at a correct humidity level if you don't want mold to appear inside the containers. To avoid this, in addition to drying the seeds correctly, it is always advisable to use silica gel for their preservation.