Comment faire pousser des graines de cannabis ?

How to grow cannabis seeds?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

After many controversies on its production, consumption and sale, the cannabis Finally experiences favorable legislation in many countries. Thus, the culture of cannabis seeds has become an activity to which a panoply of people indulges. Start production of cannabis From seeds can be an interesting adventure. 

Not only can you make your plants live a complete growth cycle, but they can also be personalized so that they meet specific needs. If cannabis is legal in your condition, you can buy seeds in a local or online dispensary from various seed banks to make them germinate. But how to cultivate cannabis seeds?

What to know about cannabis seeds 

THE cannabis seeds are obviously the seeds of cannabis grass. To successfully cultivate cannabis, it is important to cultivate only female plants. The female plants will provide you with quality flowers to smoke. However, these same female plants must be devoid of seeds. 

So where do cannabis seeds come from?

THE cannabis seeds Obseement of the fertilization of a female plant by a male plant. This cannot happen if you cultivate females to obtain smoky flowers, because the buds would then be congested with seeds. This is why cultivators isolate their female plants as soon as they identify sex, and you should do the same.

Of course, if the seeds are desirable for reproduction orcannabis oil, this process is authorized. However, when it comes to creating cannabis seeds To produce a new generation of plants, there are other techniques than experienced cultivators will use.

Do all cannabis plants produce seeds?

THE cannabis is cultivated from one of the following two sources: a seed or a clone. THE cannabis plants do not produce seeds that when a male plant pollinates a female plant. It is rare to find seeds in a dispensary quality bud, and it is also unlikely that your plants will develop seeds if you cultivate them from a clone. When you smoke or vapor the marijuana, you usually consume the non -pollinated and seedless female flower. This part of the plant is called Sinsemilla, which means "seedless".

What is the importance of female plants?

Female plants produce much more resin than male plants, which is why the buds of female flowers are those that are cultivated for harvest. Marijuana resin, in the form of trichomes, plays a crucial role in the reproduction cycle of the plant. The bud of cannabis female, rich in trichomes, is designed to capture male pollen spores in order to develop seeds and reproduce. 

When the females are kept away from males, not only do you create sensimillies, but you also relaunch the production of trichomes. Only the female marijuana plants produce buds of THC very powerful. You should therefore make sure that your cannabis plants are all female. If you have a male plant, it can fertilize other female plants, and they will work to produce seeds instead of flowers and nugs.

How to choose your seeds?

Faced with an expanding market and seeds whose typology is wide, you must take into account certain characteristics to make an adequate choice. We will expose the most used clues for you. 

  • The colour
  • Look for a cannabis seed having a dark brown appearance in the shape of a drop of water. Some cannabis seeds On the other hand, have dark stripes or coloring of various variants of brown, black or fire. They are also good. But do not buy pale or green seeds.

  • The size
  • Here, it all depends on your preferences. The two main varieties of cannabis are the indica and the sativas. If you want larger seeds with scratches, opt for indica. On the other hand, if you prefer smaller and more uniform seeds, the seeds of Sativa cannabis are your convenience.

  • Hardness 
  • A good cannabis seed is characterized by a hard exterior shell. Do not buy the seeds that are soft or damaged.

  • The variety 
  • Thanks to all innovative selectors, the marijuana modern has become a very diverse plant. You can find fast growing varieties, Cannabis seeds with self -foliage, of the feminized cannabis seeds (female), of the Outdoor cannabis seeds And varieties selected to push well indoors. Depending on your preferences and goals, you will choose the variety you need.

    By combining these factors, the choice of your cannabis seed will be a fun experience. Now you will have them germinate. Germination simply designates the process of germinating your cannabis seed until obtaining Plant cannabis. If you have the skills necessary to germinate your seeds safely, there is a plethora of ways to get there.

    The germination by the preremptation method

    To put it simply, the pre -pairing means that you soak your cannabis seeds In lukewarm water (not too hot!) until they flow at the bottom of your glass or container. The idea is that the soaking of seeds accelerates the germination process By ensuring that the seeds are completely damp before planting them. 

    Some people soak their seeds for up to seven days, or until a root appears. However, the main problem is that pre -pairing increases the risk of rot and mold even before the full start of the plant.

    What are the advantages of this method?

    The advantages of the pre -pace of cannabis seeds are the subject of debates among the cultivators. Some swear by that. Others, on the other hand, think that you may expose your seeds to rot if they are too advanced in the germination process before being removed. 

    Pre -drawing accelerates things a little by ensuring that the cannabis seed is completely damp before being put in. It also allows you to test the viability of the seed before planting it, a seed that will germate will absorb the water and become soft. You can also notice that a root begins to emerge after removing the seed from the water.

    How to proceed ?

    The pre -drawing method can take place in a steps section, it all depends on the person. Without pretending to be exhaustive, here is a step by step guide for a successful germination.

  • Fill a shot glass or half a small cup with purified or bottled water
  • Avoid using tap water, as it is often treated with chlorine or other substances that can harm the growth of cannabis seeds. Most of the time, tap water is suitable, but if you really want to give your seeds the best chances of producing a higher quality product, it is worth demanding.

  • Add your seeds
  • Avoid overcrowding. You want the seeds to float above the flotation line, so do not put it as long as they are completely overwhelmed from the start.

  • Place the seeds in a slightly burning, dark and stable temperature place
  • THE cannabis seeds During germination do not like light, but they need a certain amount of heat to start. The top of the water heater is usually a good place. The ideal temperature is around 75-80 degrees F or 22 degrees C.

  • Wait until the seeds flow
  • Many cultivators suggest letting the seeds dip up to 24 hours. However, the goal is to wait for the seeds to flow at the bottom of the glass. When they flow, you know that the water has entered the outer envelope and your cannabis seeds are perfectly damp. Do not let them immersed for too long, as they could drown or increase the risk of rot.

  • Gently remove the glass seeds
  • As the seeds are soft and may already have roots, avoid damaging them. One way to easily remove the glass seeds is to gently pour them over another glass or a large colander covered with a paper towel. You can then pick them up more easily from there.

    You just have to transport your cannabis seeds Under the ground and after a few days, you will observe the expected result.

    Germination by the wipers method

    One of the most popular germination methods of germination methods. It takes a little more time than the pre -drawing method, but the risk of rot is less if you are attentive. Just moisten a paper towel, fold it, place the seeds inside the fold, then place the damp towel in a plastic bag. Keep the plastic bag in a dark and warm place, but watch it so that it does not mold. After a few days, a root will appear. You can then transfer the seed to germination to the earth.

    How to proceed ?

  • Mamp the paper towel with purified water
  • Make sure that the paper towel is not too wet, as it increases the Risks of rot. By spraying the paper towels with a vaporizer rather than plunging them into the water, you make sure they are not too wet. Wet cotton rings can also be used instead of paper towels.

  • Place your seeds in the middle of the damp towel and fold it
  • Make sure your cannabis seeds are well spaced with each other and that they are entirely covered by the paper towel. Keeping the paper towel horizontally, slide the damp fabric in a plastic bag. Partially close the bag and make sure it remains horizontal.

  • Blow a little air in the plastic bag
  • Once the bag is slightly inflated, close the air inside. You must understand that cannabis seeds need a little air to germinate. So keep the sachet in a warm and dark place.

  • Watch your seeds 
  • Check your seeds daily to see if they started germinating. As soon as a swivel root begins to appear, it is a sign that they are ready to be put underground.

    As with the pre -pairing method, be sure to handle your cannabis seeds With care so as not to damage them.

    The germination by the direct soil method

    You can plant your seeds directly in the earth, whether you have pre-humidified or not. This is a popular alternative by most people.

    How to proceed ?

  • Prepare your container 
  • Fill a small container with prepared soil, a peat or rock wool. If you use earth, use your finger or gum for a pencil to create a hollow about 5 cm deep. Aim a well of about twice the height of the cannabis seed that you are going to put it.

  • Place your seed in the hole
  • If you have pre-tensioned the cannabis seed, place the end of its root down. If you germinate the seed in the earth itself, place the tip of the seed down. Gently place a little soil on the seed, but do not pile up it. You just want a slight sprinkling that will help keep the cannabis seed Damp and dark.

  • Humidify
  • Use a sprayer or fogger bottle to moisten the soil. Humidify the earth sparingly so as not to harm the cannabis seeds. If your seeds did not germinate before planting, cover your container with a plastic film. The plastic film creates a greenhouse effect and retains the moisture from the soil by capturing evaporated water and condensing it in sweat. If you use peat dumplings or small buckets, you can also buy a greenhouse box with a plastic cover in a local gardening store. Ideal humidity is between 70 and 90 %.

  • Wait until your cannabis plant grows 
  • After a period of approximately 4 or 5 days, you will find that your cannabis seeds begin to germinate. At this point, you must make sure that your plants are well ventilated and have access to light. 

    Remove any plastic packaging or remove the greenhouse cover. Place the seeds in front of a window facing south so that they have access to the sun. Otherwise, place them under a plant lamp. 18 hours under the light and 6 hours in the full darkness generally give the best results. At this early stage of sowing, plants are still fragile. So they need a hot environment. In addition, the soil should be wet, but not excessively.

  • The transplant stage 
  • Once your sowing has well -established roots, you can transplant them into a larger container. They usually reach this stage after 2 to 6 weeks. The revealing sign that they are ready to be moved is the appearance of a sudden peak of growth of cannabis leaves, indicating that plants are now in the vegetative growth phase. The leaves will be recognizable as marijuana leaves.

    If you have enough cannabis seeds, you can try each of the methods described in this article to see which one gives the best results.