Comment cultiver du cannabis ?

How to grow cannabis?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

Growing cannabis is not as difficult as you might think. Anyone can grow cannabis, provided you have the right information and resources. The lack of reliable information is generally the main difficulty of newcomers in the cultivation of cannabis. Fortunately, this content explains everything you need to know about the cultivation of cannabis, from seed to harvest. Growing cannabis can seem intimidating at first, but when you understand the basic principles, it becomes much simpler. In fact, growing your own cannabis is rewarding and fun. We raise a veil corner on this practice that arouses a lot of interest. 

An overview of the basic principles of cannabis cultivation

The best way to get a good performance and quality cannabis is to cultivate healthy and above all strong plants. Here is a little tour de table of the main things to know about the cultivation of cannabis.

  • Cannabis is an annual hot seasonal plant. It generally flourishes in temperate climates. Each year, she pushes and dies before being replanted the following year. 
  • To grow a cannabis plant, it takes about 10 to 32 weeks. Of course, this time varies according to the method chosen and according to the size you want to give to plants. 
  • It is important to make a choice between inner culture and external culture before starting your production. Indeed, you have the possibility of growing cannabis almost anywhere. It all depends on the space, resources and equipment you have.
  • The marijuana plants begin either with a clone or with a seed. The clone is a cutting taken from a marijuana plant. You have the possibility of growing it in another plant, which will have the same genetic constitution. Regarding the seeds, they germinate to become seedlings.
  • After having passed the stadium of the seedling, the plant enters the vegetative stage. In general, this stage is the longest in his life. It then developed a main rod, branches and leaves in a fan, but no buds yet. 
  • Everything changes during the flowering phase, when cannabis plants start to produce buds. This phase comes about two months before harvesting. 
  • During the harvest, the plants must be cut, cut, dried and macerated. They are then ready to be smoked.

Cannabis cultivation indoors or outdoors

As explained above, it is important from the start, to choose between indoor culture and external culture.

Interior culture

Interior culture at many advantages. To start, it guarantees a very good quality grass. This is, in fact, due to the possibility that it offers to control all important aspects of the culture environment. Interior culture also offers greater flexibility. Unlike the outdoor culture, the process does not depend on weather conditions or seasons. You provide your plants, the whole culture environment they need to grow. In this same logic, indoor culture makes it possible to make several harvests. Since you control your culture medium, you have the possibility of controlling the time of flowering and therefore the time of harvest. You also decide the perfect time to revive a new culture, whether winter or summer.

The last advantage of indoor culture is security. Despite the legal aspect of cannabis cultivation, you may decide to hide it for reasons that are clean to you.

However, indoor culture requires significant expenses. Indeed, the list of equipment necessary for this type of culture is long. Compared to outdoor culture, you will need a bigger investment.

Outdoor culture

Regarding the outdoor culture, the first advantage is clearly linked to low operating costs. Indeed, cultivating your cannabis outdoors makes you benefit from natural resources (sun, wind, rain, etc.). You will therefore not have to spend large sums in electricity for lamps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. 

Outdoor culture also allows you to get very interesting yields. Indeed, you have the possibility of letting your plants reach the height that suits you. Of course, provided that they are always manageable.

However, the cultivation of outdoor cannabis has a few requirements. You need land that receives sufficient sunlight throughout the growth period. In addition, the outdoor culture is not very flexible with regard to production cycles.

Cannabis cultivation on earth or on water

This is a very common debate in the rank of cannabis producers. Note that you can use both soil and water for the cultivation of your cannabis. In real life, you have the possibility of using any culture environment from the moment you bring the necessary to plants. It is generally the good amount of water, light and nutrients.

If you have trouble making a choice, the factor to consider becomes the time necessary for plant growth. For example, the cultivation of cannabis in hydro is faster than the cultivation in the ground. Hydro is generally recommended for new cannabis growers. It is indeed easier for them to manage the culture environment and nutrients. Regarding the cultivation of cannabis in land, it is recommended for older cultivators.

The choice of marijuana seed to cultivate

If you want to grow high quality cannabis, it is important to start with good quality seeds. In fact, some specialists think that selection of seeds is the most important aspect of cannabis cultivation. 

If you want to cultivate seeds that produce powerful and tasty heads, you need to opt for high quality strains. Not all seeds are equal, and some are of better quality than others. 

For this purpose, there are some factors to be taken into consideration when selecting cannabis seeds. 

  • Genetics: This is the most important factor in the choice of seeds. Good seeds have strong genetics and produce buds similar to original parental plants. Bad seeds produce plants that have no resemblance to the original parental strain. 
  • Availability: Some seeds are easier to find than others. At the same time, some seeds are more difficult to find, because they are very popular with producers.
  • The price: of the above, the seeds are not all equal. Some are more precious than others because they are more sought after or more efficient.

Where to buy cannabis seeds?

As with other aspects of cannabis cultivation, many options are available to you to get the seeds. 

You can have them online with distributors or in physical stores. It is also possible to find seeds in old sachets which have been used to keep the buds. Although this last option is rare, it is not completely impossible. If this happens, you can use them for cultivating your cannabis. 

Before making your seed purchases online, it is recommended to check the quality of the product. Make sure it comes from a renowned bank of seeds. It is also important to make sure that the seeds come from an original mother plant. 

If you are shopping in a physical shop, you can ask the seller a seed suitable for a beginner cultivator. He can recommend a few not very demanding varieties and therefore perfect for having your first experience.

What are the stages of cannabis growth?

Cannabis growth stages can be broken down into four main steps:

  • Germination (3-10 days)
  • Sowing (2-3 weeks)
  • Vegetation (3-16 weeks)
  • Flowering (8 to 11 weeks)

The germination of cannabis seeds

The germination duration of seeds is 3 to 10 days. The cannabis light cycle is 18 hours a day inside and 6 hours a day outside.

At this stage, the cannabis seed should be hard and dry to the touch. She must also have a brown, clear color with dark brown. An undeveloped seed will generally be soft and green or white. In this case, she will probably not germinate.

After the germination of the seed, she is ready to be placed in her culture medium. The swivel root will sink down while the plant stem will extend upwards. As the roots are widening, the stem is rising. It is then that you will start to see the first iconic leaves in a fan.

The stadium of seedling in cannabis plants

The duration of the stadium in cannabis is 2 to 3 weeks. At this stage, the plant begins to develop the traditional leaves of fan cannabis. It is recommended not to water cannabis too much at the stadium of seedlings. Its roots are still very small to have a large water requirement.

At this stage, the plant is also vulnerable to diseases and mold. It is therefore important to keep your environment clean and pay attention to excess humidity. She also needs a lot of light. Even if you plan an outdoor culture, it is recommended to start with the seeds inside under artificial light. This allows them to successfully pass the stadium of Plantle which is very delicate for their growth.

Note that the purchase of clone from a farmer allows you to skip the seed phase of the seeds.

The vegetative stage of cannabis plants

The duration of the vegetative stage is 3 to 16 weeks. This is the stage where the growth of the plant is really noticed. Plants are transplanted into larger pots. The roots and the foliage develop quickly. 

At this stage, it is recommended to increase watering as the plant development progresses. When young, watering must be done near the stem. As it grows, the roots develop outwards. As a result, watering must be done further from the stem in the ground. This allows roots to absorb water more effectively. At the vegetative stage, cannabis plants appreciate a healthy soil rich in nutrients. So do not hesitate to make a high nitrogen contribution.

The vegetative stage is also the perfect time to know the sex of your plants. The latter begin to let their sexual organs see a few weeks after the vegetative stage. So be sure to separate them according to sex to avoid pollination of females by males.

The flowering stage of the cannabis plant

The duration of the flowering stadium is 8 to 11 weeks. This is the final stage of the growth of a cannabis plant. It is at this stage that the development of the coniferous buds begins and that your hard work will be made. 

Outside, this period corresponds to the transition from summer to fall. The plant therefore receives less light and flowering occurs naturally. For interior cultivators, flowering is triggered by lowering the amount of light that plants receive. Generally, it is recommended to go from 18 to 12 hours of light per day.

When plants go from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, certain changes must be taken into account.

  • In order not to disturb their hormones, it is not recommended to prune the plants that flourish;
  • To support buds during their development, plants must be palished;
  • To promote flowering, it is advisable to make a phosphorus.

In summary

Cannabis is a wonderful plant that can be cultivated indoors or outdoors in almost all climates. The best way to start cultivating cannabis is to choose a culture mode and buy good quality seeds. Once you have done this, you will be on the right track to appreciate a good quality herb.