Comment se procurer des graines de cannabis ?

How to get cannabis seeds?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

In recent years in France, cannabis seeds have been increasingly popular. They are even considered to be great foods because of their impact on consumer health. Cannabis seeds are very crunchy and above all have a unique flavor. Apart from their appeal for nutrition, cannabis seeds are also very popular for the cultivation of cannabis. France being the biggest consumer of cannabis in Europe, the best qualities of these seeds are not easy to find. In addition, some poor seed qualities circulate and can easily blend into the mass. It is therefore important to be able to differentiate them to hope to produce good quality cannabis. Discover some tips in this content to get cannabis seeds.

What are the different types of cannabis seeds.

There are generally 3 three types of cannabis seeds. You have regular seeds, feminized seeds and self -foliage seeds. In general, almost all seed banks and seed sellers will allow you to choose by these types of seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds

They come from the natural reproduction between a male plant and a female plant. They generally come from manual pollination. A professional pollinsises by hand a female plant using pollen taken from a male plant. Regular seeds are almost identical to seeds from the wild population of cannabis.

Regular cannabis seeds are inexpensive and available. Experts also recommend using them for your beginnings in cannabis production. Indeed, when you are beginners, you are likely to make many mistakes. Taking into account the relatively low cost of this type of seed, you can easily replace them.

However, it is difficult to differentiate regular male seeds from females. So you are likely to end up in a greenhouse with male seeds. Unfortunately, these seeds are usually unwanted unless you want to collect them.

Feminized seeds 

THE feminized cannabis seeds Can be put underground directly to obtain buds. Their use saves you from separating cannabis plants depending on sex to eliminate males. They therefore reduce the risk of inserting males into your culture. Note that a single male seed can pollute a large part of your culture. Your female plants will then be busy producing seeds rather than producing buds.

The feminized seeds are produced by stimulating the monoic condition of a female cannabis plant. They are almost identical to self -pollinated female parent seeds.

Autofloration seeds

THE Cannabis seeds with self -foliage are characterized by a short growth period and a rapid flowering period. Unlike other seeds, they go from vegetative state to flowering state with age. They can be harvested in just 3 months after their terrain. In addition, they are smaller than other types of seeds. This is mainly due to their harsh inheritance.

Does cheap cannabis seeds are really worth it?

It does not matter that the seeds were produced after years of selection or by an amateur, they all look alike. This is one of the major problems encountered by beginners in the choice of cannabis seeds. Cannabulters are therefore obliged to do in -depth research on seeds to guarantee good purchases. 

In fact, the best varieties of cannabis require years of work. This makes it possible to stabilize and optimize their characteristics. They are put on the market when their selectors are guaranteed their performance. For the most part, the best seeds are developed to offer cannabulters greater flexibility in culture. They are therefore easier to cultivate and adapt to many culture modes. Ultimately, all cannabis growers will agree that cheap cannabis seeds are really not worth it.

How to ensure the genetic quality of seeds during supply?

When a seed is of unknown origin, professionals speak of "unstable genetics". In order not to buy an unstable genetics seed, ask questions when buying. Make sure the coach indicates the origin of the seed and its crossing process. In other words, be sure to know the history of the seed. If necessary, you may be in front of a bad seed that will have bad performance.

An amateur coach can make a cross between a female seed and a male seed then sell it like a hybrid strain. But professionals take by many cycles of retrocurement. This allows them to stabilize the seed and guarantee the production of strong cannabis plants.

How to get cannabis seeds?

There are many options available to you to get cannabis seeds. 

Recover cannabis seeds from friends

This is one of the simplest options available to you to have cannabis seeds. Indeed, if you have relatives who also produce cannabis, you can contact them. You can also ask your loved ones for cannabis cuttings. This will allow you to grow some plants and produce your own cannabis seeds. However, it is important to be careful when transferring and cutting the plants. Among the most reliable methods to do so, the simplest remains the pollination of females through male pollen.

If cannabis seeds are intended for culture, it is important to know the place of culture in advance. Indeed, the choice of seed depends on the place of culture. So there are outdoor cannabis seeds and indoor seeds.

Profit with seed banks

As specified above, the sale of cannabis seeds is a legal activity in France. Therefore, there are many seed banks that distribute various quality seeds. However, if you have the means, it is recommended to supply yourself with a seed bank in a neighboring country. It is in this case Spain or the Netherlands. Indeed, these banks have many varieties of seeds for various uses. They also provide customers, the information necessary to make a suitable choice.

There are banks known by the name "Breeders" which sell their own varieties of seeds. To decide, you can just base yourself on the opinions of their customers or those of Internet users. The goal is to have an idea of ​​the reputation of the bank and the quality of the seeds it offers.

To guide you, here are some seeds that have the reputation of producing good weed heads:

  • There Graine Og Kush ;
  • The seed B45;
  • There Critical seed+ 2.0 ;
  • The Amnesia seed;
  • There Critical seed Mango ;
  • The Moby Dick seed.

Also note that professional breeders are the most recommended to supply you with quality seeds. Before putting their seeds on sale, they submit to many quality tests. 

Get online

This is a perfect alternative if you cannot move to a store or if you want to be discreet. However, before embarking on an online purchase, you must ensure the reliability of the seller.

Many criteria may allow you to have an idea of ​​the reliability of your seller. First, start paying particular attention to its sales site. Rather, he looks like an amateur site or a professional site. Take time to browse the different sections of the site, and even the Question fairs. Does your seller offer the possibility of making secure payments from his site? Finally, check the guarantees given by the seller. 

Online supply gives you the advantage of having a practical and fast delivery service. You also have the possibility of having much more attractive prices than in physical stores. To find the best online suppliers, it is recommended to make comparisons with proposals from other countries. Indeed, countries like Spain and the Netherlands often have better products. In addition, legislation allows you to make your seed purchases in these countries.

Applivate via social networks

The method of supplying social networks is not very popular, but it can give more than satisfactory results. To implement it, you just have to be subscribed to the social networks of Breeders and seed sales shops. At times, these sellers organize contests to offer free seeds. You just have to fulfill the conditions of the game to have a chance to win free seeds.

Another possibility is to become an influencer in the field. Indeed, seed sellers seek to build partnerships with influencers to have more visibility. However, you will have to pay attention to your publications, at the risk of being censored.


If you have a specialized store not far from you, you may prefer this option. Far from being simple places of sale of seeds, these stores are also perfect for informing you about the varieties of seeds. The sellers could give you some proposals taking into account your culture objectives.

To find a store for your supply, you can do some research online or ask your loved ones. Word of mouth will quickly find a specialized store not far from you.

What variety should you grow?

As you know, there are many varieties of cannabis. Just make sure you cultivate the one you like the most. You can take note of the varieties you like when you take Da cannabis oil in stores. You can also note the varieties you like when you smoke with your friends. Then you just have to get the seeds of these varieties to grow them.

It is nevertheless important to emphasize that certain varieties are easier to cultivate than others. These varieties are better resistant to molds and parasites. They are therefore more suitable for novices.

Some varieties of cannabis also take more time than others to germinate. Depending on your culture environment and climate, you might want to opt for a faster variety. For example, the Cannabis Indica to a shorter flowering time than that of Sativa cannabis.

How many seeds do you have to buy?

When you put seeds underground to grow them, keep in mind that they will not all germinate. Even if these seeds come from the best coach in the country, they will not all germinate. In order not to be surprised, you can consider a percentage of germination of 75 %. So it is possible that an average of ¼ of seeds does not germinate when they are put underground.

When you have to do to ordinary seeds, some will not be used because they will be males. Among the remaining female seeds, others will not germinate and will be thrown. However, the proportion that will turn into flower plants will always be high.

To get an idea of ​​the amount of seeds to be expected, you must start from your production goals. If you want to harvest 10 cannabis plants cultivated from ordinary seeds, plan about 40 seeds (4 times more seeds). Among these 40 seeds, some will not germinate, others will be males that you will get rid of. However, at the end of sorting, you will have enough plants to achieve your production goals.

Regarding feminized seeds, you will probably need 20 seeds to get 40 cannabis plants. At this level, you will only get rid of those who could not germinate.