Collaboration exclusive SHERBINSKIS X Silent Seeds

Exclusive collaboration SHERBINSKIS X Silent Seeds

22/11/22Lu en 6mn

The rapid evolution of Mr Sherbinski



It is with great pleasure that we reveal today our collaborative project with Mario Guzman, better known as Mr. Sherbinski, who is also the founder of the Californian brand of cannabis products SHERBINSKIS. Surely you know much more about Mario than you imagine, or at least about his prestigious varietal creations, since he is one of the breeders of the now very famous variety known all over the world as GELATO, but also Sunset Sherbet, Açai Berry Gelato, Pink Panties and many more. . Mr. Sherbinski is also a former member of the Cookies Family, along with rapper Berner and breeders Jigga and Marshall who are truly iconic figures in the US cannabis market today.



Mario was born and has always lived in California, he took his first steps in working life first as a real estate agent, then he started to set up a small "indoor" cultivation to fully live his passion, but also and above all because he was struggling to make ends meet. Since Mr Sherbinski had a green thumb, thanks to some privileged contacts with talented and well-connected growers and to some selected clones kindly offered by them, he quickly obtained brilliant results from the first harvests. It should be noted that at that time the situation was much more "underground" than today, it was the beginning of the medical cannabis movement in California. Mario then began to explore the various dispensaries in the city of San Francisco, where he lived.


The owner of a dispensary known for the quality of its cannabis products, the Vapor Room, therefore begins to trust him and thus begins a collaboration. Thus it was that Mario began his career, in a still very gray sector, well before the period of progressive US legalization that we have known for some years now. His address book then begins to grow gradually. A short time later Mario has the chance to meet up with Jigga and Marshall (breeders of Cookies). Thus was born a stratospheric collaboration that culminates with the creation of jewels such as Gelato, Sunset Sherbert and Pink Panties.

In a nutshell, these iconic genetics have represented a veritable cannabis revolution throughout California. Subsequently, Mario created the cannabis products brand SHERBINSKIS and his former partners continued their own path. The quality of the genetics created was so high, that most of the seed banks all over the world started creating hybrids containing Gelato and its variants (#25, #33, #41, #45, # 59) as well as to massively use the Sunset Sherbert strain in their crossings. This clearly illustrates the popularity of the fruits of the breeder's labor on the global cannabis scene.


Concerning us, we've known Mario for a few years now, because we actually met him when he was already collaborating with us in 2019, with another brand from the group of companies we've worked for in the past. Subsequently, a certain period of total dark silence occurred, caused by the abrupt interruption of Dinafem Seeds' activities in September 2020.


What strongly motivated us to carry on this new collaboration with Silent Seeds,is that Mario "Mr Sherbinski" is certainly a talented and passionate breeder, but he is also and above all a very nice, friendly, positive, simple and helpful person who loves the human side of business, people, sharing, cordiality and humility, simply introducing oneself with a capital "S"; in this case it is not just a matter of well thought out marketing: for those who already know it, it is a great certainty. It is therefore this combination of factors that are important to us, which has energetically motivated our desire to create with him new and unique varieties of the highest quality, because we simply share the same values: the taste for a job well done in team, respect, altruism, sharing and benevolence of our mutual human relationships as a whole, because we must not lose sight of the fact that behind the success or functioning of companies there are always human beings. Unfortunately, this is what too many people overlook these days…




5 new exotic strains by Sherbinskis X Silent Seeds

Polar Gelato

Polar Gelato: is a high quality feminized cannabis seed that comes from the cross between Bacio Gelato and Sunset Sherbert. In the future, Polar Gelato will become a real first choice reference on the world cannabis scene, thanks in particular to its exceptional and unique aromatic profile, inherited from the Original Gelato, similar to a delicious ice cream and cookie dessert with explosive intensity. Polar Gelato also induces extraordinary sensations in terms of effects, giving a state of harmonious happiness, with a hint of stimulating and very pleasant euphoria. Polar Gelato will also surprise you with its very abundant production capacity for an exotic US cannabis variety.


Pink Sunset

Pink Sunset: is an exceptional quality feminized cannabis seed that comes from the cross between one of the best "OG Kush" cannabis hybrids called Florida OG, and the very famous Pink Panties strain, which is none other than one of the two parents of the iconic Sunset Sherbert. Pink Sunset is undoubtedly destined to become a legendary strain, as it superbly blends the "Gassy" aromatic fuel trend of Florida OG, with the uniquely delicious, complex and intensely floral fragrance of Pink Panties. It's easy to identify Sunset Sherbert's noble genetic signature. Pink Sunset was created to offer you a delicious moment of relaxation, thanks to its effects. The mix of expertly balanced mental and physical sensations will make you feel on a real cloud of happiness. Pink Sunset is also an excellent growing option due to her high yield.

Açai Jelly

Açai Jelly: is a very high quality feminized cannabis seed, deriving from the cross between Açai Berry Gelato and Bacio Gelato. It is quite easy to imagine what is obtained by crossing such prestigious parents: Açai Jelly offers fabulous aromatic qualities, subtly mixing the intense notes of the gourmet biscuity ice cream dessert of Gelato Originale, with the jammy side of Açai Berry Gelato, which at an aromatic level expresses clear notes of red fruits and cocoa. An avant-garde cosmic organoleptic blend. Açai Jelly induces effects that are in line with other feminized cannabis strains resulting from this exclusive collaboration with SHERBINSKIS, a unique harmonious bliss feeling, all in balance, making you have a real premium cannabis experience in all respects . Açai Jelly will also be a wonderful ally to obtain generous crops of incredible quality

Polar Gelato Auto

Polar Gelato Auto: is an autoflowering feminized cannabis seed with high potential, born from the union between Polar Gelato and Bacio Gelato Auto. Polar Gelato Auto is a superb autoflowering cannabis variety, which retains the prestigious aromatic imprint of its photoperiod predecessor which gives it all its organoleptic authenticity. Polar Gelato Auto does the same, giving you a real piece of heaven on earth. Polar Gelato Auto has a high yield for the autoflowering cannabis seed category, giving it an undeniable added value.

Pink Sunset Auto

Pink Sunset Auto: is an autoflowering feminized cannabis seed of the highest level, benefiting from the noble parental heritage of Pink Sunset and Bacio Gelato Auto. Pink Sunset Auto is an exceptional autoflowering cannabis hybrid whose unimaginable genetic stability allows it to retain all the richness and aromatic intensity of the original photoperiod version. Pink Sunset Auto will allow you to obtain high yielding quality crops all over the world, for your greatest pleasure.