Guide complet de la germination des graines de cannabis

Complete guide to cannabis seed germination

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Complete guide to cannabis seed germination

You may be sitting in your room one day enjoying a good roll of OG Kush When you realize that cultivate your own cannabis would be a great idea. However, like most people, you could put this idea aside thinking that the process is difficult and that it is better to leave it to the experts. Well, the good news is that you are wrong, cultivate cannabis is quite easy. 


If your condition allows a Legalization of cannabis, you can cultivate cannabis seeds Not only to live a new experience, but above all to test different methods of germination. Germination is the first step in the growth of your cannabis plantation. The absence of perfect conditions for germination can lead to the failure of the process. What are the best methods of germination of cannabis seeds?


Germination in a glass of water

Germinate First quality cannabis seeds In a glass of water may seem impossible. However, it is possible. The process is sometimes called pre -order, as the cannabis seeds will first be soaked in water, especially if they are old seeds.



The germination of your seed CBD cannabis In a glass of water only requires lukewarm water and a glass. Although this does not seem to represent many machines or considerable efforts for the germination of seeds, the success rates of the process are not as attractive. Indeed, you can easily damage your France collection cannabis seeds newly sprouted by manipulating them.


How to proceed ?

When you choose a glass of water for germination, the best seed options are hard and old seeds. So you can get a Dinafem seed, Mobydick Graine, Booba seed, seed B-45, Moby Dick seed, critical seed+ 2.0 or Critical seed Mango. The main thing is that it is hard. To start, soak your cannabis seeds In clean water, lukewarm and without chlorine overnight, and not more than 32 hours. This softens their envelope lasts and, at the right temperature, triggers chemical changes inside the seeds CBD cannabis To activate a young plant. In most cases, you will notice that some seeds float after soaking while others will remain at the bottom of your glass of water. Those who float first have a good chance of survival, but they will flow later, as they are immersed in water. You will see a small white/green root coming out of the seeds. It is an indication of germination. The root puts an average of 1 to 3 days to go out. 


In order for this change to be obvious, it is best to use a glass of transparent water for the germination process. Finally, you must remove the cannabis seeds Freshly sprouted in the glass and use a kitchen tea towel to dry them. There is a 50 % chance of success with this germination method. If it does not work for you, place your France collection cannabis seeds In a warm place, then try the germination method using a paper towel.


Germination using a damp towel

It may seem absurd to use a damp towel to germinate your cannabis seeds, but this is one of the options that work when you want to establish your plantation. Like the water glass method, the wet towel technique uses a pre -engagement method. Like the first, this method does not require any expensive equipment and is easy. 


These qualities make it a perfect choice for novice farmers and for seeds declared dormant or become old. In addition to being inexpensive, the germination of your seeds of cannabis Using a wet towel unfortunately has the risk of damaging the roots of your plants when you move them from the towel. In addition, you must be careful because the paper towel may lose the humidity necessary for the growth of cannabis seeds. This will lead to the death of the seeds.



The main thing you will need with the germination technique using a damp towel is a paper towel. As such, it is considered one of the easiest methods of germination of seeds Cannabis Indica Or Sativa cannabis. There is no need to buy the most expensive paper towels on the market for germination; Even the cheapest brand will work as well as the most expensive. In addition to the paper towel, you will need the following elements:


  • Clean water without chlorine.
  • Two plates.
  • A fluorescent tube that will help maintain the germination temperature at 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


How to proceed ?

You will start by wetting your paper towel, if possible with distilled water. Ideally, you will have to wet the towel until it is completely wet, but not to the point of tasting it. Then fold them cannabis seeds Inside the damp paper towel so as to firmly drive them into the paper towel. Now space your seeds so that they are not too close to each other. 


Without sufficient space between them, you do not give the seeds the place to develop. You will now place your damp towel with the cannabis seeds Inside on a cardboard plate. The other cardboard plate should be used to cover the one on which the seeds are placed. This ensures that the humidity of the towel is preserved to promote the germination of seeds. 


How to guarantee the success of this method?

Although this method is relatively simple, you will have to leave the plates in a hot environment that maintains an optimal temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use fluorescent lamps to preserve this temperature range in the paper plates environment, but you should also make sure that the environment is sufficiently lit. It is best to light the fluorescent lamps for a few hours a day so as not to burn the seeds during germination with the heat of the lamps. 


Also check periodically if the Cannabis seeds with self -foliage, THE Feminized cannabis seeds (Female) or Outdoor cannabis seeds that you will have used, dry up by controlling the humidity of the towels. If you notice that the towels are too dry, you can add a little water to maintain the germination process in favorable conditions. Patience is crucial when using the germination process by wet towels. However, if your Weed seeds Show no signs of germination for three days after being placed on the plates, there is probably something that did not work.


End of the process: what to do?

Once the process is finished, you can choose to carefully transfer the seeds of beuh Wet napkins in a small pot filled with soil or make a hole in the ground and plant cannabis seeds. To avoid damaging your Dinafem seeds Germinated during the transfer, remember to use tweezers for the process. In any case, be extremely careful during the transfer, because the seeds CBD cannabis newly sprouted are very fragile. If you choose to plant the seeds in the ground, make sure that the roots are oriented towards the hole to guarantee an abundant harvest.


Germination in a germination station

It is the best alternative for novice cultivators and culture enthusiasts. The germination station used in this technique is a tool that is exclusively built with the optimal germination conditions in place for a hassle -free company. Fortunately, the construction of a germination station is not so complex, and everyone can do it. Nevertheless, for amateurs, it is best to be satisfied with a station built by professionals.


The only thing you will have to buy for this technique is a germination station. After buying the station, you will need the soil or the environment in which you plan to have your First quality cannabis seeds. Once these elements in place, it is time to prepare the germination station for the process. The germination station is delivered with a sowing cube in which you will germinate your seeds. To prepare it for germination, fill this cube with the environment in which you want to germinate your seeds. You will then transplant the sowing you have obtained in the cube. For amateurs, this alternative is very practical since you just have to transport the plant to the cube and then plant it at the place you want.


How does the process go?

The process of germinating cannabis seeds in a germination station is easy. You can start as soon as you have set up all the necessary elements. Be sure to place your germination station in a warm place. Most starting kits for germinating Booba seeds are delivered with everything you need for the process. One of the things you will receive is a small package containing bacteria. Dissolve this sachet in a liter of water. Use the water in which you have dissolved the bacteria to water the cubes pots in your germination station. Empty all excess water from cubes pots, because you don't want your pots to drip water. 


The germination environment of your cannabis seeds should be wet, but not soggy. You can now start the seed planting process. Make sure that each seed of Therapeutic cannabis is buried at a depth of at least 20 inches in the culture pot that you have prepared. As your germination station has been placed in a warm place, it has already reached an optimal germination temperature. Hold this temperature between 69.8 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 


End of the process: what to do?

After the above steps, you cannot do much other than wait 3 to 7 days for your seeds of Sativa cannabis germinate. At the end of this period, you will notice that a small green or white root comes out of the seeds of weed To indicate the end of the germination process. After the germination process, you can simply transplant your cube with the Seed B45 that it contains directly in the pot of the germination station to start the sowing phase. Make sure that the cube is placed in the same way as in its culture medium, because the roots of your seeds will exceed the lowest part of the cube.


Direct germination of seeds in the soil

The mother earth, that is to say the soil, is one of the most natural alternatives for the germination of your Feminized cannabis seeds (Female), Outdoor cannabis seeds and many others. With this option, you do not need to take the lead with the pre -grip phase involved in the three previous alternatives. The direct germination technique has existed for a long time. In this technique, the seeds are sown in the ground and emerge when their roots begin to push down. With the cannabis sheet from this technique, you will produce cannabis oil with exquisite qualities. 



When you use this very natural technique, everything you need is a floor with a perfect texture and the right amount of nutrients. The soil must have the right amount of humidity, and weather conditions must have temperatures of 69.8-77 degrees Fahrenheit for your cannabis seeds Are growing. With these elements, you are now ready for the germination process.


The process

  1. Take a 10 to 15 cm deep pot and fill it with earth. Make a hole in the center of the earth in the pot of about 0.20 inch. It is the approximate size of a nail. Gently place your seed OG KUSH in the hole. It is essential to place the cannabis seed Correctly in the ground if you want to have an abundant harvest.


  1. Use chlorine -free water to make sure the floor around your France collection cannabis seeds is sufficiently damp. Be sure not to saturate the ground too much, because it could kill your seeds. The recommended option to obtain the right amount of water for your floor is to use a sprayer bottle for watering. 

  1. After watering, place the germination jar in a warm place to allow cannabis seeds that it contains to rest. It is essential to find the optimal temperature for the environment of seeds at this stage, because excess of cold will prevent seeds from germinating, while too high temperatures will dry them out. You can consider using fluorescent light to warm the pot environment if you live in a cold place. The ideal room temperature is 69.8 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


How to succeed in this method?

Pay attention to the humidity of your culture place. Be sure to maintain a humidity rate of 50 to 70 % to maximize the success rate of your germination process. After the above steps, you will wait 3 to 7 days for the germination process to be complete. When this process is over, you will see a small green or white root come out of Dinafem seeds. Once the germination process is completed, it is not necessary to transfer the seed of beuh newly germinated, because she is already in the ground where she will continue to push from that moment.


Now that the above information has exhaustively addressed the techniques of germination of cannabis seeds, you are in a good position to choose the technique that suits you best.