Variétés CBD féminisées vs Variétés auto florissantes : Nous faisons le point

CBD strains feminized vs autoflowering strains: what you need to know

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

The work of the cannabis Since the 1990s has made it possible to maximize the yield of marijuana cultures both inside and outside. In this task, the feminized seeds occupy a transcendental place, due to what they offer. For beginners and more experienced producers, feminized varieties are distinguished by their ease of culture. 


They allow maximum peace of mind when it comes to detecting male specimens that can destroy the production of buds. Just by their side are the autofleurizing varieties, which despite the many controversies, remain very popular. Like a controversy THC Or CBD, we are now witnessing a discussion on the choice of a variety of feminized or autofleurizing cannabis. Discover here the characteristics of these two varieties in order to make a choice during your next cannabis culture.


What are the autofleurizing cannabis seeds?

THE Autofleurizing cannabis seeds are a popular choice for beginners because they flourish automatically, are easier to cultivate, smaller in size and faster to harvest than feminized seeds. They also require a simple lighting program and are more resistant to temperature fluctuations, parasites and fungi, which is an ideal way for beginners to get into the culture of the culture of cannabis


Nowadays, just like the Feminized cannabis seeds, THE Autoflorizing seeds Develop female plants that give smoking cannabis that most cultivators seek. These plants develop quickly and easily, with a pleasant and simple culture. Since their origins, autoflorizing plants have had to survive difficult environments, which makes them strong and very resistant plants, which flourish very quickly for fear of dying at any time. 


What are the advantages of self -firing cannabis seeds?

The characteristics of Cannabis seeds with self -foliage are already important advantages, but you will find other advantages if you compare them to Feminized cannabis seeds (female). Autofleurizing cannabis seeds are more resistant to cold climates. They grow better in cold climates than feminized seeds. They have faster development. These plants have complete life cycles ranging from 60 to 90 days. The cultivation of autofleurizing cannabis seeds is also easy. Auto seeds are ideal for starting to cultivate weed. You don't need to be aware of light changes. 


However, it is important to observe them and pay attention to the first signs of flowering. As their cycle is so short, the cannabis plant Must be in good condition to reach a good size. They are also more discreet. These plants are generally smaller than others that last longer. They are therefore perfect for small visible spaces, such as balconies, terraces or other parts of the house bathed in light.


What are feminized cannabis seeds?

While the First quality cannabis seeds at self -luriara require less attention and allow faster harvests, feminized cannabis seeds have their own advantages. It goes without saying that with the seeds of weed feminized, you don't have to worry about producing male plants (which will not give you smoking cannabis rich in THC and in CBD). You can expect larger plants and better yield with feminized seeds, smoking cannabis being often more powerful than cannabis cultivated from self -tacking seeds. 


Given the higher yield and the fact that feminized plants can be cloned (auto flowers cannot be), most serious cultivators choose to cultivate with feminized seeds. Although they require more space, more care and attention and a more demanding lighting program, feminized cannabis seeds continue to be under the spotlight.


What are the advantages of the cultivation of feminized seeds?

There are many advantages that characterize the culture of feminized cannabis seeds, having become the most marketed, the most requested and the most used by the vast majority of cannabis producers. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the ease of culture, because it is not necessary to do a job of highlighting males to guarantee female hegemony in culture. 


In addition, due to this marked domination of the market over the past three decades, the catalog of feminized seeds, also known as Marijuana without seeds, is much more extensive and varied than that of ordinary seeds. These First quality cannabis seeds are characterized by a stable and homogeneous development, allowing you to take advantage of all the space of culture, whether in tents, rooms, greenhouses or outside. It should also be noted that they can be found in different formats, depending on their genetic code, their chemical composition and their morphology, highlighting the varieties rich in CBD, ideal for Therapeutic cannabis.


What are the differences in cultivation between feminized and self -owners varieties?

Regarding the cultivation of these types of seeds, there are many differences that can tip the scales of each horticulturist according to their preferences and possibilities. 

  • Passage to flowering 
  • The main dissimilarity lies in the transition to flowering. While the Cannabis seeds with self -foliage do it automatically, Feminized cannabis seeds (Female) require manual work inside, from 18 to 12 hours of light. Outside, they are characterized by the fact that they depend on a fixed calendar. 


    In addition, due to its speed and short life cycle, it is not advisable to perform a size technique during the vegetative period on Autoflorizing cannabis plants, because they will not have enough time to recover, as is the case for feminized plants. Likewise, automatic varieties are generally not transplanted either, which makes it possible to perform photoperodes.


  • Culture production 
  • The second big difference is the ability to produce several cultures outside during the same year. If the seeds of weed feminized under the direct light of the sun have only one season, those which go back to the self-foliage can give up to 3-4 harvests, depending on the variety and climatology of the region. In addition, since photoperiodic varieties have a longer life cycle, they require a higher level of basic experience and knowledge, as it is important to know the exact plantation time in order to avoid damage future and unforeseen events during culture.


  • Yield 
  • Due to these differences in culture methods, the strains of cannabis feminized are able to generate greater final production of weed in Indoor culture and in external cultivation as automatic seeds. It is also necessary to emphasize that Beuh seed seeds are more tolerant to possible surfertilization to the detriment of feminized seeds, which require greater precision when it comes to bringing the nutrients that plants need. Since autoflooons are the result of the crossing of genes indica Or sativa with harsh, their growth is characterized by remarkable hybrid vigor compared to feminized genes.


    What are the morphological differences between these two varieties of cannabis?

    Beyond cultivation methods and the main characteristics of feminized seeds compared to self-foliating seeds, it is also important to highlight the differences that exist at the morphological level. All are easily appreciable, it is therefore extremely necessary to know them to choose the perfect variety.


  • The size
  • Thanks to the brief growth phase of automatic photoperodes, their size is generally much smaller than that of feminized, since the vast majority do not exceed a meter in height. This compact aspect can be a drawback for certain producers. Conversely, for others (especially less experienced), this could be an excellent solution, because they are easier to work in smaller spaces. This aspect also gives self -foliating seeds A greater discretion, which makes them ideal for balconies and terraces, as well as for guerrilla cultures.


  • The Calice/Leaf ratio
  • Regarding the Calice/Leaf ratio, feminized are essential, because the self -owners generally form more leaves, which makes flowers difficult during harvest. Likewise, the leaves of the photoperodes generally impact their appearance according to genetics: cannabis indica Or Sativa cannabis. But the seed cannabis leaves from cannabis to autofloration Generally resemble the strains of Ruderalis strains, with 5 or 7 moderately wide leaflets.


  • The appearance of the buds
  • Regarding buds, feminized buds mainly indica have higher density than cars, in addition to generating more resin around flowers, which results in more intense flavors and aromas. In addition, due to their harsh genetics, autofleurissants generally contain less THC than feminized.


    How to succeed in the cultivation of self -foliating seeds?

    Although these plants are easy to cultivate, to get a good harvest, you have to know them and know what they need at any time.


    Take advantage of the months when the days are the longest of the year

    Although these cannabis seeds Do not depend on the seasons, their results will be better if they are sown when the weather is good and the days are long. The most conducive period is that of June, July and August or December, January and February in the southern hemisphere.


    Regulate exposure to light 

    Ideally, Autofleurizing cannabis seeds should be exposed to light cycles of at least 18 hours per day in Indoor culture. When you cultivate with lamps, these must operate 18 to 20 hours a day. The more light they receive, the more these plants grow and the good the harvest.


    Avoid transplants

    Plants of Cannabis seeds with self -foliage Have a short life cycle, so it is preferable not to subject them to too much stress. They will probably not have time to recover and follow a normal cycle later.


    Does Marijuana Autofloration need fertilizer?

    It's true, your automatic plants will also need a good amount of fertilizer. The difference is that they will need less products than cannabis plants feminized. The reason is that these plants tend to be compact due to their short life cycle. 

    And in the end, a small plant needs fewer nutrients than greater. On the other hand, the plants obtained from the seeds of cannabis Autofleurissants have rudimentary genetics. They are therefore prepared to survive and flourish in difficult conditions, as well as to push in poor soils. It should not be forgotten that not all marijuanas with self -foliage are the same or do not have the same needs.


    How to succeed in cultivating feminized cannabis seeds?

    Practically, any variety of beuh feminized can be planted outside and inside. Although, depending on the place chosen, culture will have a characteristic or another.


    Indoor culture

    Cultivating inside means personally adjusting the hours of light and darkness of culture. In general, during the growth phase, the marijuana feminized will need a larger amount of sun, so the spotlights must provide them 18 hours of light. Going to the flowering phase means changing the lighting at 12/12, simulating an autumn schedule. However, there will be plants which, with small variations in this rule, will obtain higher yields. Although it is to experience little by little. Under basic care and good hours of light, it is easy to get a good production.


    Outdoor culture

    The outdoor culture of feminized marijuana means being in an optimal climate zone for the chosen variety. If it is not cultivated in an adequate climate, with the necessary hours of light and darkness, it will be impossible to obtain the best results. In addition, it is very important to cultivate feminized cannabis seeds At the right time to be able to harvest before freezing and not expose plants to unfavorable temperatures. 


    Of course, both in the culture of marijuana feminized inside and outside, cannabis plants will have to be accompanied. This includes the supply of necessary nutrients under a pH controlled by the good type of fertilizer for marijuana, but thus temperatures around 21 ° C and a humidity of 40-50% due to flowering.