Culture du cannabis : Apprendre à distinguer le SOG du Scrog

Cannabis growing : learn to distinguish the SOG from Scrog

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When it comes to cultivating your own grass, you want to make sure that the methods you use are as effective as possible. This is especially true if you cultivate indoors, where space is limited, but it is also the case if you have a lot of space to extend to a greenhouse or a garden. 


That said, one of the greatest challenges to which cultivators of cannabis are confronted is how to maximize the space they use to grow their cultures, in optimal conditions. Whether you are an experienced cultivator or just start, if you are looking for a way to maximize your performance, SOG and Scrog methods are available to you. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about these two cannabis cultivation methods.


What is the SOG method: the green sea method?

When the Indoor culture of cannabis emerged in the 1980s and 1990s, cultivators faced limited culture spaces. As the proverb says, "necessity is the mother of invention", and as such, the pioneers of the Indoor culture have found an ideal solution. This is the SOG method known as the "sea of ​​greenery" method. The Sea of ​​Green method (tactical or strategy would also be appropriate terms to describe it), commonly called "Sog"In the culture community of cannabis, is a stress -free and concern technique which consists in growing a large number of plants of marijuana Small in a single and compact space, rather than a handful of larger plants. 


The principle of this strategy is only if the cannabis plants of a small area (like a closet or a basement for example) are pushed in their flowering phase earlier than they would normally, they will only have to grow half their normal size for support a complete development. In other words, the method Sog Accelerates the development of buds, allowing the cultivator to maximize the size of its harvests in a short time.


How does the SOG method work?

Concretely, the SOG method is to grow more plants weed, but smaller, per square meter, and to accelerate the vegetative phase. The reduced size of beuh means that they take less time to flower and, of course, as they are more compact, they do not need so much space, a 360 degree gain. The strategy of the sea of ​​greenery consists in bringing together a large number of plants in a small space under a series of culture lamps. The plants grow together, and gradually, they develop a lush canopy of cannabis leaves And buds, which, when you take a step back and look at the space, literally resembles a "sea of ​​green", hence the name. When plants receive appropriate water, nutrition/fertilizer, light and ventilation and under the supervision of your vigilant eye, they transform very quickly into an abundance of cannabis plants healthy and robust.


What are the advantages of the SOG method?

This unique method of culture of weed plants Offers several advantages, the most notable of which will be addressed.


  • High efficiency for reduced size (ideal for residential or amateur crops);
  • Growth and faster harvests (you have it for your money);
  • Optimization of the culture space (no loss of space, no loss of light, no loss of nutrients);
  • Very effective use of resources.


With the SOG method, you don't need to "cultivate" the cannabis plants, which means that you will get buds of buds at a much faster rate. The more the buds of your weed plants are formed quickly, the faster you can harvest and the more you can cultivate. If you want to get harvests that regularly produce large yields of weed For your personal use, with the technique of the green sea, you will be able to do so.


Culture of cannabis: how do we realize the SOG technique?

Putting the SOG method into practice is quite simple. However, before you start, you have to take into account the following points.


  • This culture technique works better with the varieties of Sativa cannabis Or Cannabis Indica more compact, such as autofleurs, because you will have to group the plants. 


  • Plants must also be of equivalent height, in order to establish a uniform canopy; Hence the need to use cannabis plants from tissue or cutting techniques.


Once you have determined the plants you want to grow, you can start creating your little green garden by following these simple tips.


How to proceed ?

When your cannabis plants are ready, pass them to the vegetative stage for about 2 to 3 weeks instead of the 2 to 6 weeks used with other culture techniques. Once the 2 to 3 weeks have passed, change the lighting and the environment to promote the flowering phase. Once the canopy begins to close, to allow better air circulation and higher growth, cut the lower branches of the plants. When you are satisfied with your buds, you can start harvesting!


What are the challenges to be met during the SOG method?

In general, the SOG method is easy, but it has some difficulties. The main difficulty occurs when you have to change environmental conditions in order to increase the yield of buds, which can be quite delicate. To help you simplify the process, here are some tips you can use to adjust your lighting appropriately.


  • When the clones of cannabis Barely start, use a light from 150 to 200 micromoles, and delicately increase it up to 550 micromoles to take into account the vegetative stage of growth.


  • During the vegetative cycle of growth, adjust the lighting so that it provides the appropriate amount of lighting during this stage for the entire duration of the cycle: 18 hours of walking and 12 hours of stopping.


  • To facilitate the transition of your cannabis plants From the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, gently increase the lighting up to 550 to 800 or more micromoles. In general, the more your cannabis plants Receive in light, the more your SOG garden will produce yield by square foot. In general, 1 % of light is equivalent to 1 % yield.


  • Change the lighting so that it is on for 12 hours and extinguishes for 12 hours to promote the flowering phase of the weed. If the constant lighting adjustment seems to you to be a difficult, long and painful task, do a favor and invest in a software or a programmer of the culture lamps in order to be able to adjust the lighting automatically during the appropriate growth cycles .


What is the Scrog method?

SCROGGING is a method of increasing performance that many cultivators use to form their plants. Unlike the popular SOG (SEA of Green) method, this technique derives the best party from a small installation using every centimeter of the available surface. 

This technique consists in installing a light net or screen, such as a trellis, to encourage your plants cannabis to develop horizontally. The cultivators pass the branches through the interstices, taking care not to damage the leaves and the nodes. When plants make a path through the holes, the cultivators bring them down and under the stitches again. They repeat the process many times to obtain the desired effect.


How does the Scrog work?

When cultures get used to developing horizontally, the upper canopy becomes thick and blocks almost all the light of the lower levels. This environment allows better air circulation between the stems of cannabis, and all the energy of the plant focuses on the canopy loaded with buds. 


If you do it well with the method Scrog, your cultures produce high yields. The idea is to produce a harvest as important as that of several plants, but instead, you obtained it from one. Using the Indoor culture, you can potentially get three times more grass without compromising quality with the Scrog.


Why use the Scrog method for your marijuana plants?

The method Scrog has many advantages, including:


  • Excellent air circulation through stems and branches. This factor helps reduce the risk of mold and parasites that damage your crops cannabis.
  • A structural support for large buds. Without the trellis, the large buds can weigh on the branches and make them crack.
  • More exposure to light for more branches. The horizontal configuration of the Scrog means that all your buds will be more exposed to light, which will increase their size and juicy character.
  • Ease of maintenance. Maintenance of your cannabis plant is simple with this technique, because the branches are spread out and you can take care of it easily.
  • Improved yields up to three times more heads! Your plants grow laterally and will produce more seeds.


Culture of cannabis: how to succeed in the Scrog method?

Enormous yields are the dream of any gardener of cannabis. If you know how to make the Scrog Correctly, you will get that exactly. Fortunately, the implementation of your trellis is quite easy, as long as you have prepared everything. Gather the following elements for your SCRO DIY kit:


  • Mesh or screen with holes about 10 to 15 cm in diameter. (Cotton is ideal for that);
  • Plant fasteners or string to keep your crops in place;
  • Young weed plants that no longer need to be transplanted;
  • Your culture space;


Once you are ready to assemble everything, use this Scrog tutorial step by step to get the best results.


  • Place your net about 20 cm above your young cannabis plants And fix it in place. Make sure that it is close to the light source, but there is also enough space for the seeds later.
  • Take place to leave room for 12 square inches per culture.
  • When your grass begins to push and pierce the net, put it back in place.
  • You can use string or fasteners to keep the branches in place if necessary.


Continue with the SCROG technique and training until it covers most of the screen. If you cultivate a sativa variety, target 60%coverage. With some cannabis indica, your goal is 80 %. Once you have reached the desired level of coverage, you need to change the light cycle to trigger flowering. 


Your plant will grow more slowly now, but continue to fill the remaining spaces. Stay at the top of the maintenance and often cut the lower levels. Thus, all the energy of your culture will focus on the production of fatty and juicy buds.


How to maintain the Scrog method?

Installation of your SCRO cannabis Do not stop when you enter the branches under and through the net. Maintenance of the cultivation area and plants is essential to obtain the best possible yields. Follow the methods below so that your cultures remain happy.



When you scroll marijuana, pruning techniques are vital. Once your plants reach a height of 30 cm, you should start to stretch them. Cut the top of the main rod to encourage your cannabis plant to develop better. This method allows your culture to become bushy and prevents it from becoming too high, which is ideal for the scrogging.



THE scrogging consists in obtaining as much grass as possible for your small installation. When you cut the nodes, you encourage culture to concentrate all its energy on the formation of big heads instead of many small popcorn heads.



For any interior installation, humidity and air circulation play an important role. When you do Scrog, you create a tight set of plants with thick bushes. Milthity and mildew are much more likely to attack in this environment. To prevent problems, install a dehumidifier and keep your culture room as well ventilated as possible. Place air conditioning and fans to maintain a slight breeze that circulates the green canopy.



Excessive watering can also promote the appearance of molds and parasites in your SCROG installation. However, insufficient watering can also lead to problems, such as the withering of plants and general bad health. Do your crop only when the soil is almost dry, not completely.


You can know that it is time to add moisture by pushing your finger a few centimeters in the ground. If the soil is still wet at this level, do not go. Try again after 24 hours. Keep the pH of your soil around 6.3.


SOG or SCROG: What method to choose for the cultivation of cannabis?

THE SOG and SCROG techniques Allow both to achieve high yields. The tactics of culture cannabis With Sea of ​​Green are deployed worldwide, wherever cultivators have tight budgets and/or space restrictions that do not allow the spread (and relative ineffectiveness) of industrial culture operations. Without forgetting that the Sog Allows you to optimize the consumption of massive quantities of water, light and nutrients. If you have a limited space, for example in a city where real estate is expensive, or if you are on the side of a mountain, again with a limited space, then Sea of ​​Green seems to be obvious for reasons of efficiency.


On the other hand, the Scrog culture is ideal for those who can only cultivate a few cannabis plants. Some states only authorize you to cultivate five plants or less at the same time. Although you only have two or three cultures, you could get the same quantity as nine. The Scrog is also perfect for maximizing yields. With scrogning, you have it for your money. With a single plant, you can get huge yields. Finally, use the Scrog method if you cultivate indoors.