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Booba joins forces with Silent-Seeds: B-45 will strike hard!

20/05/22Lu en 6mn

Cannabis lovers will have the opportunity to experience a new journey in an iconic American bomber, starting today! Legendary rapper Booba has teamed up with Silent-Seeds to create a brand new cannabis genetic, The B-45.

This hybrid is marketed in the form of collector's seeds and will surely get you high. It will be available starting Friday, May 20th and it promises to hit hard! 

It is the first time that a big French rapper associates with a company of cannabis and develops a variety to his likeness.

We hope that this collaboration will contribute to popularise the use of cannabis. Let's be honest, who wouldn't fancy a good high?

Silent-Seeds .. What is it?

B-45 by Booba Silent Seeds Astronaut

Silent-Seeds is a premium, cutting-edge collectible cannabis seed bank.

If you are looking for high quality cannabis seeds, then look no further, Silent-Seeds is the perfect place to start in this vast, sideral universe. We've been marketing and rigorously selecting the best strains from around the world as collector cannabis seeds for over 20 years, so you can be sure you'll get the best genetics around!

With us, it's a good morrayyy hit

Our unique Cannabis crosses have reached record levels of cannabinoid percentage, making us the ideal choice for those looking for an unforgettable journey into the new cannabic spheres of the 21st century.

There's a reason why "the Duke" himself chose us to launch his cannabic B-45 Bomber. 

What makes the B-45 special?


Recently, in an Instagram story, Booba shows himself smoking a joint of B-45. In a few seconds, he comes out with a " It starts to get high! There's too much THC" .

Booba doesn't do anything by halves. When he releases a product, it has to be a hit. And who better to help him in this quest than Alexandre Lacarré aka 'the King of Swiss Cannabis', CEO of the Phytocann group, which now includes in its ranks the company Silent-Seeds.

Together, they have concocted a powerful genetic that can deliver up to 30, even 32% THC when grown in a legal environment and with the right optimal conditions. It is not a coincidence that it bears the name of  B-45because it clearly displays its reference to the first jet bomber put in service by the American air force at the beginning of the 50s. Moreover, the number 45 has a special place for the rapper: his first label 45 saw the birth of the Duke's first album in 2002.

Is B-45 CBD-based?

Seed B-45

Absolutely not.

In its raw state, therefore presented in the form of seed, B-45 by Booba contains no THC, or only a very small amount, never exceeding the 0.2% tolerated by the European legislation in force. However, as mentioned above, we are talking about a THC rate of around 30% when grown in regions of the world that legally allow this practice.

Booba asks that the grass is qualitative and powerful. For him, it is out of question that the B-45 is a soft grass of hay. The "Duc de Boulogne" has a strong taste for efficiency and for things with high standards.

So what exactly is B-45?

It is simply cannabis seeds of collection of ultra premium quality , answering the expectations of the legendary rapper of the 92. You will be able to enjoy their effects by making them germinate and grow in good conditions, exclusively where it is legal. Moreover, Alexandre Lacarré specifies that in some countries, this product will be sold exclusively as a collector's item.
Thanks to the recent integration of several pillar members of the famous DINAFEM seed bank, demonstrating an experience of more than two decades in this market, and who are now present in the heart of the Silent-Seeds team, B2O naturally knew who to turn to in order to carry out his flagship cannabic creation project of the moment.

Booba always strikes first!

Booba in Concert

B2O is a pioneer in many areas. When he says "At the school of the street, I went to Harvard", they are not only words, because the famous Artist of 92 prefers by far actions and real things.
Since his debut Booba is a successful entrepreneur. It is a fact, everything he touches becomes gold. He spends his time and money developing new concepts, through brands of trendy streetwear, perfumes and whiskey reflecting luxury in all its splendor and web radios, such as with OKLM Radio and OKLM TV. He also promotes young independent artists through OKLM radio, Booba is also that, to give a hand to young talents in the neighborhoods, as he was himself at his youngest age. The Duke of 92 does not forget where he comes from...

From an independent label to a pirate empire

Booba, in 9 albums, has accumulated several prestigious certifications within the music industry, including several gold, platinum and even double platinum records. Booba's album "Trône", released about 4 years ago, has just been certified as a diamond record, exceeding 500,000 sales.

His tenth and latest album "Ultra" has already gone platinum.

His label Scientifique 45 is the second independent label to get a gold record. In addition, our rapper still holds digital sales records.

The Duke of Boulogne is a pioneer in the world of NFT

Our rapper recently passed the milestone of the 50th gold single. To reward his fans, he decides to make An exclusive clip in the form of NFT (non -fungible tokens).

An NFT is a non-fungible token, which means that it is a digital asset that cannot be replicated. NFTs are stored on a blockchain, and each one is unique.

They can represent anything from art to digital collectibles. So every pirate who bought the NFT in question, owns an original and unique version of Booba's video.

It's a stroke of genius, because this idea came at the height of the NFT hype. Booba made 160,000 Dollars in 1 hour! In all, the project brought in more than 600,000 dollars, or 25,000 NFTs sold.

Piracy is never over”Even in business!

More than a punchline, La Piraterie is a clothing brand created by Booba, of which he is very proud. The company has grown from a small business to a thriving enterprise that frequently launches new collections.

This is not his first experience in the textile world. Booba owned with other collaborators, a clothing brand called "Ünkut" launched by the Duke in 2004.

During 2019, booba chose to abandon the project. He parted ways with his team of collaborators who had differing views with him on Ünkut.

So the Duke created D.U.C: A brand of high-end whiskey. 

B2O continues to expand his empire by tackling a very competitive market, that of whiskey. He does not hesitate to ally himself with the best to make his place in the game.

It is now Booba's turn to launch his elixir, a French whisky that he created with Maison Daucourt. This cognac producer was one of the first distilleries in France to start producing French whisky, about 20 years ago.

D.U.C is a whisky that is both smooth and powerful because Booba did not want his whisky to "rip the mouth off".

The King of Clash

It is no secret that Booba does not hesitate to clash and respond to clashes when necessary. Managing controversies is a child's play for him.

People certainly remember the provocations between the Duke and rappers like Rohff, La Fouine, Kaaris, and the list is still long.

But the most talked about clash (especially between 2018 and 2019) is Booba vs Kaaris. The two rappers wanted to settle their scores with a "no rules octagon" match in front of thousands of spectators. But the latter did not succeed.

You understood it, Booba had a very atypical course. And we clearly think that his famous punchlines and his master strokes in the business, are not ready to be finished.

See you on another planet!

B-45 by Booba Silent Seeds

Collaborations between artists and cannabis brands are hardly new, but the partnership between Silent-Seeds and Booba is sure to create an atomic bomb within this very dynamic industry.

With his keen business sense, Booba has teamed up with the best in everything.

At Silent-Seeds, we promise an unforgettable journey with B-45, the perfect strain to conquer the galaxy. So join us with Booba on another planet!

Get your own ticket aboard the B-45 by clicking here