Graines De Cannabis Auto fleurissantes : L’essentiel à savoir

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds : What you need to know ?

17/08/22Lu en 6mn

Thanks to the progress of genetic study, more and more cannabis seeds Powerful with better organoleptic properties are obtained. Following this constant progress, self -exploring varieties emerge as they are called today. These varieties can be found on the market cannabis And are much appreciated because of their multiple advantages. But what are self -inflowered cannabis seeds or Cannabis seeds with self -foliage ? How are they different from other types of marijuana seeds? Why have they become so popular? Find out here, the answers to all these questions.


Autofleurizing cannabis seeds: what is it?

THE Cannabis seeds with self -foliage (also called automatic or cars) are distinguished by their ability to flower, regardless of the light of light. In other words, their flowering does not depend on the natural change of the seasons, but plants flourish according to their age. Although they do not reach the same quality or do not have the same production capacity as Feminized cannabis seeds, self -loring seeds have become a viable option for less experienced cultivators and those looking for a faster execution time. They are not dependent on the photoperiod, but will flourish when they have finished their cycle: 60-70 days. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about light pollution if you plant outdoors, which could be a problem with a feminized, because it needs 12 hours of absolute darkness. Due to their shorter lifespan, automatic flowering plants have less risk of infestation by parasites, and the latter have less time to spread, so that the probability that this is a problem is reduced. In addition, they are generally smaller or more adjustable in size, because their final size will be determined by the size of the pot in which they are planted. As they produce more leaves in buds, their taste may not be as good as that of a feminized cannabis seed, and their Ruderalis type genetics means that they generally have a lower THC level.


History of autofleurizing cannabis seeds 

If you wonder who to thank for this wonder, the answer is Ruderalis cannabis ! It is a wild cannabis subspecies, which is normally found in Siberia and other similar regions of the world. Although the strains of Cannabis Indica And Sativa cannabis Or the best known, this third member of the unknown group, due to its compact size and lower harvests, is also prized. What he offers is a genetics that allows him to grow quickly and regardless of the light cycle. The producers, wishing all these characters in their photoperiodic strains, began to experiment with harsh genetics in the early 1970s. To their great pleasure, they discovered that the conventional strains crossed with harshness could maintain most of their THC And their productivity, while acquiring self -exploring properties and pushing faster than ever. Although this was a long and arduous path to reach the correct genetic formula, today, Self -soffs modern can easily compete with photoperiodic strains. Therefore, it is not surprising that Cannabis seeds with self -foliage have become very popular in farms around the world.


What are the characteristics of autoflowering cannabis seeds?

THE Cannabis seeds with self -foliage are real survivors. They develop very easily and quickly, are not at all demanding and are very easy to cultivate. For what ? Because their origins in difficult environments have made it a strong and resistant race and made them flourish at the speed of lightning for fear of dying. In general, its main characteristics are as follows:


  • Speed: their full life cycle is generally between 60 and 90 days.
  • Ease of culture: they are not subject to light changes for flowering.
  • Resistance: their harsh heritage gives them genes more resistant to external factors than other varieties.


Why opt for autofleurizing cannabis seeds?

Autofleurizing seeds are much popular due to the multiple advantages they offer.


  • Easy for culture 
  • Contrary to Feminized cannabis seeds (Female) and Outdoor cannabis seeds, THE Cannabis seeds with self -foliage are more suitable for growth in difficult conditions. Many strains are resistant to cold and temperature fluctuations. They are often resistant to mold, and therefore excellent to push outside although their yield in Indoor culture be interesting.


  • Reliability for flowering 
  • Its flowering and culture times are very reliable. The cars grow for 3-4 weeks, before starting to flower automatically. This facilitates culture planning, since you will know how to plant and harvest.


  • Satisfactory harvest duration 
  • His life cycle is shorter than that of photoperiodic plants, so you can harvest earlier. In addition, with Cannabis seeds with self -foliage, you can get several cultures in a single growth season, if you plant them several weeks apart.


  • Less harassment 
  • Small plants are integrated into small spaces (small culture cupboards, balconies, terraces, etc.) and are perfect for microcultures. THE Cannabis seeds with self -foliage are also ideal for cultivating outside with discretion. Also, these France collection cannabis seeds Do not need so many fertilizers that large feminized photoperiod plants, so you will save a little money. Finally, they do not require changes in the light cycle, and are therefore ideal for beginner cultivators.


    What should be taken into account when cultivating self-furring seeds?

    Due to their distinctive characteristics, Cannabis seeds with self -foliage have cultivation needs different from those of photoperiodic plants. You will need to take into account certain factors by wanting to cultivate self -taught cannabis seeds.


  • Make an adequate choice of seeds 
  • Choose a variety with a vegetative and flowering phase that corresponds to the time you want for your culture. After all, the Cannabis seeds with self -foliage Flower automatically and you cannot control how long they stay in the vegetative phase. In other words, once you have sown the seed, the variety will be ready to harvest exactly when it is supposed to be (generally in 70 days, more or less). Keep this in mind when planning your harvest.


  • Ferment in moderation 
  • Autoflorizing plants need much fewer nutrients than large photoperiodic strains. Therefore, you should not follow exactly the usual doses of fertilizer. Perhaps apply 50%or even 25%of the recommended dose.


  • Do not transplant your autoflooons
  • Transplants stresses cannabis plants and can delay or stop their development. Autofleurissants do not have time to recover stress, so plant them directly in their final pot. It is recommended to cultivate them in 10 -liter fabric jars. These pots keep the roots healthy to ensure optimal growth and make practically impossible to water them excessively.


  • Have a suitable space 
  • Make sure your cultivation space is sufficient for the final height of your plants, as you will not be able to train the branches. Check the descriptions of the varieties, to find out their final size possible.


  • Watch the light cycle 
  • Although you can grow your cars in almost any light cycle, and some producers keep the lights on 24 hours a day, the most common thing is to use a 20/4 light cycle (20 hours walking, 4 hours of rest). This will allow you to obtain optimal harvests, and these four hours of rest reduce your electricity bill.


    How to increase your self -flower cannabis harvest?

    Your harvests of Autofloration seeds Are they not as important as you expected? Here are some tips that can help you promote the production of buds.


    Do not submit plants to surfertilization

    Contrary to what you might think, more fertilizer does not mean larger buds or larger crops. Your France collection cannabis seeds have the smallest roots, so that they can easily be overloaded due to an excess fertilizer. If you spread the fertilizer, your cannabis plants will suffer and even fall sick.


    Watch the pH and electricity 

    If you cultivate on earth, make sure that the pH of the water/fertilizer mixture has a value between 6.0 and 7.0. Adjust it according to your needs. Also make sure that plants receive between 19 and 20 hours of light per day. You should reduce the distance between plants and the cultivation lamp to increase the intensity of the light. You could also consider using a more powerful light in the culture area. 


    Use a ventilated substrate

    THE Autoflorizing plants want an even lighter and more ventilated culture than plants from Feminized cannabis seeds (Female). If the culture medium is too compact, the roots will not be able to push. In addition, if the substrate is not drained properly, the resulting stagnant humidity can cause all kinds of problems. If necessary, improve your substrate by adding a little perlite (10-15%), for optimal conditions.


    Cultivate with the SOG (Sea of ​​Green) method 

    This method makes it possible to make the most of your growth space. Thanks to their compact size, Self -soffs are ideal for the SOG method. This consists in placing many small plants in a given culture space, in order to obtain a maximum of harvests. Use square jars to maximize the available space in your cupboard/Culture room. This method compensates for the lower productivity of each factory.


    What are the best autofleurizing cannabis seeds?

    Since people have given such growing interest to it, the culture of Autofleurizing cannabis seeds has gained popularity. But what are the best varieties available?


    White widow 

    Car White widow is one of the predominantly varieties indica The best known in the world, and for a good reason: it is extremely powerful. It is a slightly heavier hybrid strain on the side sativa, with only 8 weeks from the seed to the harvest. This variety will give you equal blows of euphoria and energy, making the car White widow An excellent choice for all those who don't like to feel sleepy when they smoke. It is also known to stimulate creativity, giving a powerful mental buzz to artists and accountants. It is remarkably easy for cultivators of cannabis Beginners, and you don't need to be a pro to bloom your flowers. It also has a complex and attractive aroma, so you will not have to worry about the persistent smell. 



    If you want something to relax, then the Auto seeds Blueberry with strong dominance indica are the perfect choice. This 80 % option indica is fantastic to relax after a long stressful day. It is a resistant and indulgent variety, so even if you make some mistakes along the way, it is unlikely that it drops you. It develops particularly with a indoor culture, And its compact size allows you to cultivate it anywhere, even in smaller places. It is also very scented with blueberry, which puts off more than one.


    Gorilla glue

    The Gorilla Grue contains up to 26% of THC, which makes it one of the most busy strains in the world today. It is perfect for people with pain, or for anyone looking to get a big buzz. Like any variety of cannabis highly THC, it can however cause paranoia. It is resistant to mold and does not require manipulation of light to produce buds. This variety autofleurizing is stimulating while producing a powerful sedative effect, helping you to relax while feeling fantastic. 


    Northern Lights 

    There Northern Lights is one of the best self -foliage seeds because it is simple, it has a high yield and it flowers quickly. If you are impatient, this variety of car seeds will not make you wait long. Buds with high content indica are absolutely covered with resin and create a dream state when they are smoked. She is excellent for relieving pain, and she relaxes the body as well as the mind. If you have a stressful and physical job, the Northern Lights just like a OG KUSH, will make you forget all this at the end of the day. This Self -locking seed is very resistant to diseases, so you should not have problems during the growth process.