10 bonnes raisons de cultiver du cannabis féminisé

10 good reasons to cultivate feminized cannabis

28/07/22Lu en 6mn

High -quality feminized cannabis seeds appeared in the mid -90s, the latter quickly had great success with a large majority of cultivators from around the world. When we observe the thousands of varieties offered by the current market, you quickly perceive their democratization within the community.

This is why we explain to you through this article, what are the 10 good reasons to cultivate feminized cannabis. All those who think that a self -foliage plant was the best alternative so far, will certainly change your mind, so follow the guide ...

Today there is a great availability of first choice genetics, in format of feminized seeds, which logically offer multiple possibilities to different cultivators from around the world. Previously, the latter had to be satisfied with regular cannabis seeds with random results, because it was necessary to sort males and females at the start of the flowering period (sexing). The feminized seeds have offered us the possibility of resolving this part and finally being able to obtain a ratio of 99% female plants.


What are the assets of feminized cannabis seeds?

 Whether you are rather Sativa or Indica, tonic or relaxed, with a preference for flowers is more elongated or compact, what is certain is that each cultivator will surely find the option that best corresponds to it in order to produce female plants. What makes us so amazed by these feminized varieties within our interior or outdoor culture? What is the real added value of these seeds?

We explain to you below 10 good reasons to cultivate feminized seeds.

1- Feminized seeds help save substrate, fertilizer and insecticides

One thing completely logical is that the more we cultivate plants, and the more the culture of cannabis is an expensive affair. If we make use of regular cannabis seeds in cultivation, it is obviously necessary to buy substrate, fertilizer, but also phytosanitary products against diseases and insects, for all of our plants until The appearance of the first pistils, which ultimately sorts males and females.

 If you think about it, it is true that all the elements of the soil, pots like all the fertilizers used is a completely useless thing, because they will be lost forever and will only serve to produce male plants.

Even if the unit price of a pot is quite low and varies depending on the size, it is therefore preferable to save these precious resources, only to cultivate female plants whose harvest is the one that interests us. The choice of a seed, a variety is therefore not the result of chance ...

2- only germinate the seeds you use

Before the early 2000s, cannabis cultivators had the obligation to germinate the double of the number of seeds they wanted to plant, because they knew in advance that they would have 50% probability of obtaining males.

As it is necessary to wait a few weeks for the sex of a plant to be clearly identified, it must be understood that it leads to many unnecessary efforts, a loss of time enormous and especially the waste of many seeds. You can use regular seeds and male plants for different phases of "Breeding", but most people are looking for more attractive beautiful flowers to consume.

 The solution to this phenomenon is clearly the use of feminized seeds. Cannabis seed is the starting point for a culture. As we said before, you will have 99% probability of obtaining a female plant, and therefore, the cultivators will be reassured knowing that all the sprouted seeds will make it possible to obtain high quality flowers. Purpose ? Optimal management of your space as well as the chronology of the different stages of culture.

3- Savings at all levels thanks to feminized seeds

If we dismiss the possibility of obtaining these male plants and therefore taking care of these plants, then we are witnessing a sharp reduction in all of the daily work, and we can more devote our attention to the cultivation of cannabis plants feminized. The direct result is that we will grant much less energy and time to tasks that will not bring any added value to the quality as to the quantity of our harvest.

The good side of things, is that you can use your time at better escient, in order to improve the care of all of your plants in order to obtain the best results. Time is a precious element of our existence, which you have to know how to manage with a certain agility, whether it concerns the cultivation of cannabis or simply our daily life.

In addition, the price of equipment and consumables is increasing these days, even for fairly basic things like water, indoor light, crop jars, earth, or nutrients that are necessary during many weeks that your plants require during culture. 

4- Perfect management of the culture space

Most people do not have a place with ideal climatic conditions for cultivating cannabis. However, this does not mean that you do not have the possibility of having perfect management of the culture space which is within your reach.

Using a good culture guide during a first phase, but also your ingenuity and the involvement that you will put in the realization of the latter, but also of the chosen feminized seeds, you can develop a number of plants at your convenience. It must be recognized that this requires personal research for a certain period, but the game is worth the candle and passion is priceless. 

In addition, feminized seeds make it possible to obtain results of high quality, also in spaces with the size contained. The choice of the Sativa or Indica variety, or simply the seed corresponding to your main objective is essential for the future evolution of things.

Once this part is well thought out and made, you can therefore consider the best expectations for your indoor culture, which will offer you an abundant harvest whether in a wardrobe, under a staircase, under a roof or any discreet available space.

It is fundamental to build an indoor culture space that is well organized and structured, so that there is good quality and air circulation, to ensure good breathing on the plant leaves as an optimal oxygenation of the site , in order to also avoid the risks of appearance of fungal diseases and harmful.

In addition, it is also important to choose the proper model and size of your pots, depending on the selected variety, as this will have a direct impact on the final size of the plant as on the yield of your harvest.

 It is a set of channel reactions that we anticipate here. We recommend that you be vigilant also as to the quality of the water that you will use during culture (pH), but also to the specific light spectrum which is necessary both during the growth phase as during flowering. According to the cultures present around the globe, there are very different techniques for practicing this activity in a fun way.

 5- The power of feminized seeds

It is true that the self -foliage seeds prove to be more and more powerful than in the past, but it must be obvious as well that the feminized seeds of cannabis with photoperiod are those presenting the highest THC levels for the 'hour. It is not uncommon to see more and more latest generation feminized varieties reaching a 30%THC rate, such a power was not available a few years ago.

 The varieties of current feminized cannabis benefit from research and development work making these genetics incredibly attractive for different reasons, with among others, always more power, but it is important to keep in mind that the farmer has a role Crucial to highlight it in light. For a plant to be generally optimized, it must receive the amount of nutrients required.

6- Flowers are richer in resin

It is for the moment a fact, feminized plants contain a quantity of resin as a larger size than any self -lurge, even if it will certainly evolve in the near future. With therefore an implacable logic, it is obvious that the cultivators will obtain a plant for more important yields, but this will also and above all affect the final quality of flowers as different types of extractions (hash, oil etc.).

It is important to give great consideration to the cannabis seeds that you will choose, because they are not all equal to the level of resin production. Again, the quality and number of nutrients present in the soil have an essential role to play. This whole set will have an impact on the intensity of the effect and taste produced by each plant as for the THC rate of each of them.

7- Avoid sexing problems with your cannabis plant

As we have already said previously, feminized seeds promote the chances of obtaining a female cannabis plant. The major advantage for novices is to achieve a stress -free culture, in all ease. Which is quite the opposite with regular seeds, because you have to be vigilant and spread the males before they pollinate and undermine the flowers of your harvest.

Sexing is carried out at the end of the growth phase, or even at the start of the flowering phase (generally between 10 to 15 days after the passage at 12 hours of light for the flowering phase, depending on the variety) and this requires extreme Please note, if not the performance of your harvest could be reduced to nothing.

8- A bigger yield of your cannabis plants

The feminized seed has easily found its place on the market, because it is able to offer you a bigger yield of your cannabis plants, which has nothing to do with Any autoflowering variety. As photoperiod varieties require a growth phase as a longer flowering phase, they reach a much larger size and logically offer a much higher yield.

Once again, it is fundamental to carry out the right research concerning the cannabis seed which will best suit your goals.

 There is enormous availability in terms of varieties these days. It is also important to ensure a sufficient contribution of all resources, such as water, light and at ground level, as the weeks spend. It is important to know how to invest a little money in elements constituting the soil, good jars for example.

 It is important to ensure good oxygenation of your soil and your roots, because these are the lungs of your plants. It is also important that the leaves are sprayed with clear water during growth, in order to cleanse the stomates and optimize their breathing. It is a global synergy, the smallest detail of which is important. Take pleasure in cultivating, using good material things are done more easily. 

9- A market offer to lose your head

The seeds or cannabis seed market is incredibly wide in our time, we are spoiled for choice concerning the varieties of feminized cannabis. To the delight of the greatest number and as we have all of the very different personal desires, there are thousands of cannabis varieties available on the market today. It is therefore easy today, to select the cannabis varieties (s) that suit you the most.

You can therefore make your choice using one or more criteria associated at the same time, whether it is depending on the length of the growth phase or the flowering phase, taste, effect, yields, or the THC level of this or that variety, or if it is better to cultivate certain seeds rather in the ground inside or then outdoors, what type of light or nutrients will be necessary in the coming weeks to maintain some healthy roots etc.

It is important to find out well on the characteristics of each plant, in order to also know if sometimes it may be better to cultivate more in outdoor pots, in order to limit the size of the subjects, in order to maintain a certain confidentiality with The neighbors, for example, even if the culture is legal in the country concerned.

10- Knowing how to anticipate the overhauling phase

It is important to know how to anticipate this step which is fundamental for certain cannabis plants, especially for the seeds represented by American varieties. Mastering certain methods of size or culture, such as the greenery screen (Screen of Green/Scrog), the sea of ​​greenery (Sea of ​​Green/Sog), slim I forgot (fuck i missed/fim) or lollypopping (floral development in the form of a lollipop) is essential For some cannabis hybrids U.S. If you despise this aspect, you may be disappointed with the low production of plants in your harvest.

Even if you make mistakes at the beginning, it does not matter, it is by doing that we learn. The cannabis plant has an excellent regeneration capacity, so do not hesitate to train yourself using either a culture guide or tutorials on the Internet, it is not what is missing today. Do not lose sight of the fact that it is the management of all the details that will allow you to obtain a cannabis culture worthy of the name.